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I think the mid meta is going to change drastically after 9.6 because of 2 changes Riot made this patch.

LeagueofLegends13 - I think the mid meta is going to change drastically after 9.6 because of 2 changes Riot made this patch.

The first is obviously the minion dematerializer change.

Dematerializer, as we all know, was a favorite because it allowed you to constantly take out your opponent's cannons and establish priority. However, Riot has doubled down on the idea that it's meant for champions that want to consistently clear creeps (or just the casters).

A lot of champions that are no longer viable in mid, or at least not at a competitive level, stayed so for that reason. These champions fell behind and couldn't roam easily because their waveclear spells couldn't clear out casters at rank 5, or struggled in solo queue games because if they didn't get at least 8-9 cs a minute, they couldn't clear out casters.

Now, you can reach 12% bonus damage on casters, or a 6%/9% split, which is still equivalent to using all 6 9.5 demats on a caster. This is big for a number of champions.

Ahri – the biggest weakness with the Augment build is that you're not a strong laner, and if you fall behind in damage you do so exponentially. The demat changes will make her extremely reliable and eliminate one of the core weaknesses of this build. Also, if you're on par in terms of cs and you use all three on casters, I believe you can begin clearing out waves at level 7. That's huge for her. If you've ever wanted to play Ahri now is probably the safest time to do so.

Lux – Lux has always struggled in high elo because if you're not at perfect cs and maybe 1-2 kills, you need a Luden's proc to clear casters. Old demat got the minions extremely close to dying but I don't ever remember it being enough any of the times I've played her.

Twisted Fate – it's fair to say demat is a core rune on TF. Dopa has run a keystone from every tree, but he always keeps inspiration as one of the trees because the ability to continuously shove is TF's identity. This rune will ensure that TF always gets that Wild Card one shot on casters, and I think that he's an excellent counterpick right now.


LeBlanc – I strongly think LeBlanc got a net buff this patch. If fewer people run demats, she can use them freely on casters. LeBlanc specifically got a -5 damage nerf on her W ages ago to prevent her from one shotting them but this change means she can delete waves now.

Fizz – I hate this champion. I don't think he provides anything useful to his team except for a level 4-9 powerspike, after which he fades into irrelevance. His waveclear tends to suck too as it's easy to get him to fall behind. These demat changes might make him capable of waveclear now, which will definitely set him up to rise at least to mid-high A tier.

Finally, Viktor received a buff this patch and you might've missed it as it was tucked away pretty quietly under a list of spell-coding changes.

"Miscellaneous Changes VIKTOR'S Q – SIPHON POWER Empowered attack portion now activates on-ability-hit procs"

In other words, Viktor can proc Rylai's or Luden's with his Q AND the auto. Both of these are huge buffs to the champion's reliability, and I think Rylai's especially is going to be super powerful on him. For the first time in I don't know how long, he's boasting ~49% winrate in the midlane (which is decently high for a difficult champion), and he will likely solidify his spot in the professional meta.

Overall, a lot of changes, and after the Dark Seal/Lissandra nerfs I'm predicting a decent meta shift in the upcoming week.

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