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I translated an Interview of VIT Duke and Cabochard for those who are interested

LeagueofLegends2 - I translated an Interview of VIT Duke and Cabochard for those who are interested

Someone asked me if I could translate him this interview https://www.twitch.tv/videos/667040828 . Considering it took me some time, I thought maybe some other people might be interested in reading it too 🙂 .

There might be some approximation, I did shortened some answers sometime :

Q: how do you judge Vitality's performances so far ?

Cabo : I'm pretty satisfied, except one game ( MAD ), we could learn a lot from our losses where we more or less managed to execute or game plan, although the Misfits one did hurt a bit. I ofc expected the team to be a bit higher in the standings, but we have a lot of room to improve

Duke : Being in 3-4 is ok, we are still play-off contenders. We really lack consistency though, whether its on stage or in scrims we can beat all the team but also lose against all of them

Q : do you think your issue are more of a team issue or player based issues ?

Duke : we definitely need to improve the way the team play, but this is a thing that need to be worked on an individual basis : our players lack of rigor and discipline ( I can guess it's in-game otherwise it would be weird ). Every player has to work on himself in order to make the team better.

Q : Cabo, do you follow the academy scene ( LFL ), as you had the oppurtunity to play with some player coming from there ?

Cabo : Yes right now I mostly follow VITB, for instance I just watch their match against Gamer Origin in the Underdogs tournament. ( 3-0 for VITB, Skeanz op )

Q : as a veteran, do you put yourself in a Leadership position when playing with rookies and give them some advices or do you let them have some freedom in the way they play ?

Cabo : I'm not trying to force myself as a Leader, it's more something that comes after some time by itself within the team.

Q : the Covid impacted the whole league, are you guys excited about going back to the studio in order to have some public and not having to live with all the player one on top of the other ?

Cabo : Well I'm really happy with our new offices there is a lot of space so we don't feel to close from each other, and I don't really miss the studio's public, there aren't a lot of seats to welcome the fans there and only UOL fans used to make some decent noise. However I definitely miss the big stadium for the playoff matches.

Q : Do you think you can easily reach World ?

Duke : Easily ? Definitely not, however in EU if you aim for playoff, you will also aim for Worlds, as once you get to playoff you just need to win one or two game to be qualified for worlds.

Q : What do you think about MAD, are you guys surprised about their standings ?

Duke : I know them well as it was my last team, I even helped them choosing their players. I expected them to be on the higher end of the ladder, although probably not 1st. I think G2 and FNC underperforming help quite a bit though. Humanoid has grown a lot in maturity, they have a very good synergy together. I speak a lot with Mac as he is a close friend of mine, he also think that the players perform much better when together than if you would pick them separately.


Q : In summer you had 3 new players joining the team. How do you manage as a coach and as a player, do you need to start everything from the beginning ?

Duke : that's our biggest issue, we learnt almost nothing from our spring split and had to restart from the basics. Even last week we had a discussion about our fundamentals, and although it helped us a lot, it's something we should have done 6 month ago.

Cabo : as a player, I would say that every roster change is unique because every player is unique in the way he behaves, and I think a team can really click together at any point of the split. I don't think we really had to start from 0%, but it's pretty close from it.

Q : Duke, do you think a good atmosphere within a team can help them find their synergy sooner ?

Duke : of course, it definitely can, that's what happened with MAD or last year with G2. Although usually this good atmosphere comes with victories during the split, which ties it with the team performances in the first place. It also depends on the affinities between players.

Q : Do you watch other major leagues to get inspiration for new strategies or to study the pro view of a player ?

Duke : I only watch NA

Cabo : yeah me too, highlights from NA games. More seriously we try to keep up with the matches from the top team of KR or LPL. Especially China where their 4 worlds team will all be contenders for the title, so why not study them now already.

Q : and you Duke for your new strategies, from which team do you get your inspiration ?

Cabo : From IG right ?

Duke : haha not at all, IG is typically all I want to avoid. Right now I study more the Chinese play style rather than the Korean one, but to name a team I would say FPX, which seems to be the case for G2, FNC and MAD too. Basically it's about playing around 2 lanes in a fast paced way. Last year I was already trying to make Splyce play this way, although it definitely did not look like it.

Q : Cabo, how do you manage after so many year to always innovate in the way you play, how you read the game ?

Cabo : as I said earlier, each experience is unique, so the strengths I bring into the team always changes depending on the roster, and riot always release new champions, new mechanics that helps you keep a fresh mind about the game.

Q : Duke, how can you teach your team in-game decision and adaptation ?

( this one i made it a lot shorter lol )

Duke : You establish with your team clear rules about different game states and how to individually adapt to them. You need to review and practice typical scenarios in order to help your players, with some simple question when they are in-game, develop the best game plan for the current situation during the match.

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