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I tried to make a simple and pleasing League of Legends discord bot

LeagueofLegends8 - I tried to make a simple and pleasing League of Legends discord bot

Hello I'm currently a high-schooler with too much time! A few months ago I made a similar post about a bot I was working on and I released it to the public. Well today I'd like to make a follow-up post because a few things have changed since then and the bot has become a lot more user-friendly.

Ahri Bot

Ahri, the name of the bot, is a simple to use League of Legends bot based entirely in python. My goal with the bot was to be as user-friendly as possible and to serve data in an ascetically pleasing way. Below are the MAIN features the bot has and some examples of them in action. Ahri utilizes Discord reactions as a means to change the page you're viewing, condensing all information into a one single embed.

Summoner Profiles

This is Ahri's flagship feature, Ahri (by default) looks through a summoner's last 50 games and gathers statistics from those games. The command supports a few different arguments, all of which can be abbreviated to just one character. Examples:

Champion Profiles

Ahri also uses U.GG to give statistics about a champion, runes, match-up data, skill order, and of course a core build along with items after the core build + their winrate. You can look up nearly and champion in any role and it'll return something. Examples:


I wanted to set Ahri apart from most other bots, I've always found it a pain to share my League highlights with my friends and so I build both a website and an on-board command to allow for easier highlight sharing. As of right now you are able to upload League highlights (max 40MB) to my website (using a generated link from the bot) and Ahri will compress the video and store it allowing for quick and easy re-posting. The upload system works flawless but it's not entirely what I want it to be yet, in the near-future you should expect a search system (to find cool highlights) + a like system where the most-liked highlight(s) win a monthly giveaway. Below shows the posting of a highlight. Examples:



Gives a tierlist of the top 15 champions from every role. The tierlist is again, completely from U.GG and the role can be changed by clicking the icons at the bottom of the tierlist. Examples:

The Future

(Same as my previous post) I have very high hopes for the outcome of Ahri, there's a plethora of features I have planned but haven't had the time to implement. I understand if I get criticized for the early-posting of my bot with limited features, but I wanted to at least get what I have out there and add to it as I go. Before I make my closing statement below are a list of features I intend on adding in the near-future:

  • A friends list that allows you to closely follow your friends' activity.
  • A match-making command to assist with finding people to play with.
  • A command to show a player's match history and then being able to access a specific game from there.
  • The ability to store matches for future analysis (and/or) comparison with a newer-match.
  • A simple spectate command that provides users with a way to spectate live games.
  • Charm-rewards (charms are in a sense like reddit gold, gotten from highlights)
  • Other simple commands: (item-lookup, ability-lookup, ect)
  • The option to add live twitch-updates
  • Esports stats

Closing Statement

I am working on Ahri solo so I apologize in advanced for any hiccups along the way. This is an adventure for me and I'll try my hardest to provide the best product I can to the community. Ahri takes a lot of time to develop and runs completely on my own software using up my storage space, while I'm happy to provide Ahri completely for free I will mention that I do have a patreon for donations. I'm not asking for money, and I'll always keep all features of Ahri free, but if you do want to support my work, or help me develop Ahri I really do appreciate donations and they'll go a long way to helping me upgrade my hardware. You can also expect patreon tiers with useful perks in the VERY NEAR future, but once again, every command on Ahri will always be free.

At the end of the day, I hope that Ahri can be at least a little bit inspiring for programmers. I'm still only in highschool and never did I imagine I'd be posting something quite like this. Anyways, I appreciate your time. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Last Thank You

Also I want to thank the people currently using my bot, it means a lot to me that something I developed is constantly being used. Thank you all! 😀

Add the bot to your server:

Join the support server (useful for posting bugs):

Visit the website: https://imamapletree.github.io/Ahri-Bot/

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