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I want my gorilla champion, so I desinged it.

LeagueofLegends9 - I want my gorilla champion, so I desinged it.

22 days ago I read a post Posted by u/Major-Walrus saying that league of legends needs a Gorilla champion, and I think it's totally true. He mentioned 3 posible options: Wise gorilla, gorilla who eats banana and throws peal on the ground (trap gorilla?) and a gorilla who slams.

However, I think wise gorillas have already seen enough in the videogames comunity and we already got teemo, so I think a slam gorilla is in order and I tried to make it simple, but also as 2020 as possible.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind Im a filthy gold player and I do not have a great knowledge into balance stuff, my desingn can be modified to make it sighly worse or better if it's required and I don't have any problem with that.

That being said, let's begin with the Gorilla champion desing.

Pasive -Gorilla tactics: Attacking on a stunned/grounded enemy will always deal critical damage.

Q – Wild Slap / Wild strength : (resets AA) If the champion is in melee range, the next autoattack will deal bonus damage and apply on hit effects.

If the champion is not in melee range, the next autoattack will gain a range of 600 throwing a very heavy object into the enemy. When this happens, the cooldown is doubled, however, if an enemy champion is killed with it, the cooldown will reset.

W – Brutal swing: Grabs an enemy and slams it into the ground into the opposite direction, stunning the target for 1,5 s.

E – The real king of the jungle:

Pasive: Basic attacks (on-hit) grant +(attack 20 / range 10) flat movement speed for 2 seconds. Killing a unit grants +**(attack 60 /** range 30) flat movement speed instead. Also, he gains points of fury with every attack. If the fury is not used, Gorilla will be sighly healed instead.


Active: Leaps to a target location and loses all his fury points, receiving in the proces resistances and tenacity equal to the points of fury wasted for 2 seconds.

R – Magnum gorilla super grounded SLAM!: Gorilla slams the ground (3/4/5 based on level) times with his bare hands, dealing (200 / 300 / 400(+ 250% bonus AD) for every hit) with such force that the whole area becomes grounded and slowed for 2 seconds.

This skill can be casted while using "The real king of the jungle" for a smoother engage.

Animation design:

Q – Wild Slap / Wild strength :

Wild Slap is a double slap in the head. I thought it was funny.

Wild strenght however, it would have more detail design:

-if its used in a lane/base, it will throw a tower plate.

-if its used in the jungle, it will throw a krug.

-if its used in the river, it will throw a trunk.

R – Magnum gorilla super grounded SLAM!:

The skill itself would be just slamming the ground, however, if it's used with the E – The real king of the jungle, the beginning of the animation could be a spin jump instead of a normal hop, similar to how donkey kong spins in super smash bross.

And that's pretty much it. I hope you like my design and I hope it's 2020 enough.

and sorry for my possible english mistakes im not native blabla you get it

*edited to correct some mistakes I made and add some info to the skills*

*Aparently I have the title wrong it's designed roger that*

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