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I was banned for criticizing another player. [Facetious]

LeagueofLegends5 - I was banned for criticizing another player. [Facetious]

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Hello all,

I regret to inform you that I was BANNED from playing the game League of Legends because I had the gall to comment on another player's performance.

What did I say? Well, this other player, let's call him Worthless, had decided to die two times in my game. All I said was:

"You're honestly not worth the time your parents spent on you. Everything you've ever done is garbage and you are made of filthy garbage, filthy old food in a compost bin left in the rain too long, you deprecated piece of human travesty."

There are several reasons that my ban represents Riot's desire to CRUSH my right to free speech. Allow me to list them.


Criticism is a transaction. I told Worthless he sucks, which helpfully informs him he needs to make all the necessary, complicated steps to improve. In return, I feel better about myself without too much effort. You wouldnt ban a user for trading ten gold for a ten gold item, would you?


When a player on a football team doesn't play well, tens of thousands of fans boo at him. The behavior of football fans is extremely healthy to me and I always admire their ability to lobby such a large volume of honest criticism towards one player.



Criticism is an outlet for my dissatisfaction. What am I supposed to do, just bottle in all of my anger? Whenever a business displeases me, the way I express my disappointment is through a complaint. Their complaint forms always confuse me, however, because they have a bunch of questions on how they can improve. Fuck you. I am criticizing you, Target. Your betterment is not my responsibility. Just do whatever you need or something… usually I just write an expletive on the back and shove it into the complaint box.


Slippery slope. Ban my form of critique, then you'll need to ban stat sites, as these can be inherently critical of a player if their stats are bad. I would say my personal experience as a silver 3 provides as informative a review as a dumb website using API data to provide a visualized breakdown of summary user performance.


I owned championship Riven on my account this is so unfair.

As you can see, freedom is literally dead as long as Riot keeps me personally responsible for my words. Criticism is beautiful because it can be 1,500 words or ten words, and I dont need to ever feel personally liable for which length I choose (I prefer the latter as wasting my time on a waste of time player is stupid).

I'm a gamer. It's my right to complain about stuff I dont like. Anyone with me?

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