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I wish Sett’s Grit mechanic was more prevalent throughout his kit for both balance and lore purposes

LeagueofLegends3 - I wish Sett’s Grit mechanic was more prevalent throughout his kit for both balance and lore purposes

I’m not going to call Sett OP, but he is certainly very strong. However, I feel as though his Grit mechanic was the most interesting part of his kit and it is kind of wasted in its current iteration. That being said, I believe I have some ideas that are both thematically correct and would create a healthier Sett for gameplay purposes.

Currently, all Sett’s Grit does is provide him a burst of true damage and greater shield capacity on his W. It serves no other function than to be a resource for a singular ability and I think that’s a bit of a waste since it is an interesting mechanic that could serve to really make Sett a more unique character while also giving him distinct highs and lows.

I obviously don’t have all the numbers right on these abilities since this is a mock-up of a mini rework isolated entirely on The Internet so just bear with me on this.

New Grit: Sett stores 100% of post-mitigation damage taken as Grit on his secondary resource bar, up to 50% of his maximum health. Each instance of stored Grit decays by 30% every second after 4 seconds. Upon reaching 90% Grit, Sett’s next ability becomes empowered.

Q: % max hp changed to % current HP for non-empowered uses. Deals % max hp physical damage with empowered Q. % max damage increased from 1/2/3/4/5 to 2/4/6/8/10 for empowered Q and Sett gains an additional 15% movement speed bonus. Costs 50% of total Grit.

W: Non-empowered has the range shortened. By how much, I’m not sure, but something close to Kassadin’s E might work. Empowered W is the same as live

E: Only stuns when empowered. Stun length increased to either 1.25 or 1.5 seconds. Costs 50% of total Grit.

R: Empowered R now also adds 20/30/40% of Sett’s maximum HP to the impact area. Possible range increase as well.


Obviously these are not properly balanced in any way, but this should demonstrate the basic idea that I am aiming towards. I’m not saying these should be his numbers, so please do not try and debate me on why a certain ratio or ability is now gutted or broken due to the above changes as they are purely for demonstration purposes.

Basically it makes Sett better when he’s in the middle of a fight, but worse when he’s just casually farming.

Now, as to why I believe this is a healthy direction for Sett.

  1. It gives Sett greater skill expression. Currently you just wait to turn gold and land the big W. With more Grit usage options, Sett can now prioritize what is important to him or his team in that moment versus just having a big nuke+shield. Want better engage? Get hit by something a few times and ult in. Want better chase or single target dueling? Q is the way to go. Want better CC in a team fight? E is about it.

  2. Clear high and low points. Currently, Sett is just strong. With Grit becoming a more prevalent mechanic, Sett now has a bar you can watch to see when you can engage him and when he’s about to murder you. As you can see I tried making all his empowered Grit abilities stronger than live while basic abilities-sans ult-were detuned a bit to compensate.

  3. Lore. Set loves fighting and having a champion who only gets better as he’s brawling epitomizes what Sett is all about.

Just a shower balance thought I had today and I’d love some discussion about it.

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