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If ADC scaling was such an issue, why couldn’t all the ADC/Crit mythics have a bonus second Mythic passive that scales crit damage up with every completed item?

LeagueofLegends13 - If ADC scaling was such an issue, why couldn't all the ADC/Crit mythics have a bonus second Mythic passive that scales crit damage up with every completed item?

TL;DR: Have Crit mythics also give a mythic bonus of scaling bonus crit damage per completed item. Kraken Slayer reworked to work like 8.11 IE, where partial crit damage is true damage, scaling as a mythic passive. Immortal Shieldbow's mythic passive is disappointed, maybe something like %omnivamp based on %crit chance would be more interesting/more dynamic. Gale Force's mythic passive kinda sucks and could be slightly reworked, but is probably the best of the 3 ADC mythics – make the movespeed a burst when you crit.

It seems like such a simple solution, and the only downside I could see coming from it is that Infinity Edge would cease to have a function, which isn't objectively a bad thing, but could be disappointing since IE has been such a staple in League gameplay, especially for ADCs. And hell, even then, if you really awnted it to stay,

I was just tossing around ideas in my head of how to solve the issue with ADC scaling issues, because I honestly really like the Mythic system and think it solves a lot of issues that were prevalent in the old item system. I was also just thinking about the idea that ADC mythics have really dumb and unnecessary Mythic Passives.

  • Kraken Slayer is the supposed Tank killer Mythic. Its mythic stat is attack speed, which… doesn't really make sense, since Tank Killer ADCs have historically built attack speed/on-hit anyways, as they're usually also late-game hypercarries (think Twitch, Kog, Tristana, and Vayne). They want to hit their big damage more consistently, not have higher burst damage every few autos. Even putting that aside, since putting it into an ADC category is the opposite of the goal of the Mythics, the bonus True Damage scales from AD, suggesting the carry that buys it should focus on building AD, which makes its the item pathing after a Kraken Slayer buy confusing. Nevari Quickblades, Bloodthirster, Collector, et cetera. It also, as a concept, nullifies the armor pen bonuses inherent in Lord Dominik's, because if you're playing tank killer, do you really want more true damage and armor pen? The ADC mythics that give Crit and high AD obviously don't benefit a tank-killer playstyle, and it's generally just strange that the "Tank Killer" Mythic not only doesn't utilize the Crit stat, but is also a separate factor entirely. It feels like a mish-mash of ideas.


    My idea for Kraken Slayer as an item – remove the "third strike is a true damage" mechanic, and in its place, convert some crit damage to true damage, if you still wanna pursue the tank killer fantasy. Something like reworked IE, where 10% of the crit's damage is converted to true damage instead (again, this presents the issue of Lord Dominik's and IE both being somewhat invalidated). Mythic passive could be raising the crit damage's true damage by a % for each item, like 10% per item completed, so by late-game, your autos are dealing 50% true damage.

  • Everybody knows Immortal Shieldbow has a questionable passive. The health isn't too bad, it could be better, but a pathetic 5AD per new item is basically a non-factor. I get the contrast – it has a shitty mythic passive because it in itself is a very good item to buy, thanks to Lifeline, but still, more could be done with it.

    My idea for its mythic passive – Maybe % omnivamp based on crit chance? Something like "every 10% crit chance gives you X % omnivamp" (X being the bonus number changed by mythic passives, example: "every 15% crit gives you 5% omnivamp

  • Galeforce is okay, and it giving a unique mythic passive (a stat you can't just get from most items) is really cool, but it could still be utilized better.

    My idea for its mythic passive – Easy. "Gain a burst of X% movement speed every time your attacks or abilitie crit". Maybe something like 5% per item.

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