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If an eastern team beats a western team, they’re just better. When a western team beats an eastern team, the eastern team just played bad.

LeagueofLegends13 - If an eastern team beats a western team, they're just better. When a western team beats an eastern team, the eastern team just played bad.

I dont like the double standards that analysts have for pro games. If Korea 1 beats Korea 2 in the LCK, they will call it a great match.

If EU 1 beats Korea 2, the same way that Korea 1 beat Korea 2 then they will just say that Korea 2 is playing bad.

In every top 20 list, there is this thing, where you take the top 3 players out of every LCK and LPL team with 3 teams each which forms 18 players. And the remaining 2 gets given to EU players as a fill or pity reward.

Yet time and time again, western players outperform their counterpart but falls short in key moments, and often times to unforeseeable factors.

FPX winning worlds 2019 was unforeseeable. They looked bad in groups. IG looked weaker than Fnatic in groupstage 2018. RNG G2, G2 Afreeca Freecs. FNC EDG.

You name it.

Im tired of these underdog narratives given by casters and analysts. Where they paint this picture that there is a massive difference in mechanical skill and game knowledge between the top 8 teams.

The last time this was true was 2017, when Misfits takes SKT to the limit. Every year after that the west shows up to the table.

Mostly EU but NA has some digs here and there, showing glimpses of brilliance.

Every indicator suggests that Korea is a clear number 3 region in the world. Whatever happens in LCK stays in the LCK when only 3 teams get to play worlds. Just as you say EU is only G2 FNC, ill say that LCK is only SKT, DWG and GenG. DRX is only here because GenG choked.


LPL has the benefits of korea from previous years. Everyone look at the LPL and say "thats the way we need to play" and try to mimic it. They fail for the same reason they failed vs Korea. You cant beat the original creator.

When providing analysis to an upcoming matchup, I dont want to hear that X cant play vs Y because Y is better.

Tell me why Y is better. What do they do that X does not understand?

TL;DR: There is a lot of lazy analysis in league of legends. I will hype up the team from my own region because my region is the best kind of analysis. The east gets favored in every matchup, regardless of playstyle, players and meta. Show some respect to the western players and their ability to play the game. If the current curve keeps going the s ame way, LCK continues to stagnate, LCS stays where it is, and the following 5 years will be only EU vs CN with LCK playing spoiler.

Edit: The purpose of this post is more aimed towards eastern bias, rather than western. I view western analysis as reasonable, because they explain how and why a win can happen. Eastern analysis is just we will win because we are better. If we lose, we played bad. Just to clear up some confusion

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