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I know nobody really cares but I thought I'd just put this out there, I compiled a list of WWE themes that League champs would use if they were WWE superstars. Most of these are my personal opinion and, even if you don't care, I'd recommend checking some of these songs out because they are legitimately good songs. Welp, here we go.

Aatrox – Catch Your Breath (Finn Bàlor)

Ahri – Rush Of Power (Summer Rae)

Akali – Spiteful (Alexa Bliss)

Alistar – Crank It Up (Big Show)

Amumu – Fearless Warrior (Kalisto)

Annie – Blissful (Alexa Bliss)

Anivia – Glasgow Cross (Nikki Cross)

Aphelios – Stars In The Night (Paige)

Ashe – Watch Me Shine (Bianca Belair)

Aurelion Sol – Limitless (Keith Lee)

Azir – Glorious Domination (Bobby Roode)

Bard – Dude Love (Dude Love)

Blitzcrank – Some Bodies Gonna Get It (Mark Henry)

Brand – Slow Chemical (Kane)

Braum – Celtic Invasion (Becky Lynch)

Caitlyn – Respectful (Dana Brooke)

Camille – Bruiserweight (Pete Dunne)

Cassiopeia – Femme Fatale (Billie Kay)

Cho'Gath – Feed Me More (Ryback)

Corki – Wreck (Mick Foley)

Darius – King Of Kings (Triple H)

Diana – Free The Flame (Ember Moon)

Dr. Mundo – Protection (The APA)

Draven – I Am Perfection (Dolph Ziggler)

Ekko – Face The Facts (Curt Hawkins)

Elise – Time To Rise (Eva Marie)

Evelynn – Sultry (Peyton Royce)

Ezreal – Rebel Heart (Johnny Gragano)

Fiddlesticks – Let Me In (The Fiend)

Fiora – Gold-Lust (Goldust)

Fizz – Go Hard (Mustafa Ali)

Galio – Cruise Control (Apollo Crews)

Gangplank – The Next Voyage (Kairi Sane)

Garen – Patriot (Jack Swagger)

Gnar – Next Big Thing (Brock Lesnar)

Gragas – Brotherhood (The Bludgeon Brothers)

Graves – Drift (Elias)

Hecarim – Break Orbit (Neville)

Heimerdinger – Ten (Tye Dillinger)

Illaoi – What You Think? (Tamina)

Irelia – Real Deal (Emma)

Ivern – Hey Bro (Matt Riddle)

Janna – Holla V3 (Kelly Kelly)

Jarvan IV – Hero's Welcome (Kassius Ohno)

Jax – Hitman (Bret Hart)

Jayce – Playing with Power Rock Remix (TJ Perkins)

Jhin – Retaliation (Dean Ambrose)

Jinx – We Riot (Ruby Riott)

Kai'Sa – You Can Look But You Can't Touch (Nikki Bella)

Kalista – Smashed In The Face (Paige)

Karma – Bad Karma (Kharma)

Karthus – No One Will Survive (Tommaso Ciampa)

Kassadin – Bad Boy (Razor Ramon)

Katarina – Recognition (Charlotte)

Kayle – Flight of the Valkyries (Daniel Bryan)

Kayn – Voices (Randy Orton)

Kennen – Won't Let Go (Cedric Alexander)

Kha'Zix – Cactus Jack (Cactus Jack)

Kindred – Live In Fear (Bray Wyatt)

Kled – Southern Proud (The Revival)

Kog'Maw – New World Order (NWO)

LeBlanc – Smoke & Mirrors (Cody Rhodes)

Lee Sin – Rising Sun (Shinsuke Nakamura)

Leona – Glamazon (Beth Phoenix)

Lissandra – GirlBye (Cameron)

Lucian – Whatever (Chris Benoit)

Lulu – Worlds Apart (Sami Zayn)

Lux – Light It Up (AJ Lee)

Malphite – If You Smell (The Rock)

Malzahar – One And Only (Ricochet)

Maokai – Medal (Kurt Angle)

Master Yi – Phenomenal (AJ Styles)

Miss Fortune – Next Generation of Great (Jason Jordan)


Mordekaiser – Burn It Down (Seth Rollins)

Morgana – Higher (Kaitlyn)

Nami – Beautiful Life (Brie Bella)

Nasus – Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho)

Nautilus – Gallantry Defining Moment Remix (Drew McIntyre)

Neeko – Right Now (AJ Lee)

Nidalee – The Cat's Meow (Aliyah)

Nocturne – Rest In Peace (Undertaker)

Nunu & Willump – Chrome Hearts (#DIY)

Olaf – Fight (Kevin Owens)

Orianna – Out Of My Mind (Eva Marie)

Ornn – Destroyer (Samoa Joe)

Pantheon – The Truth Reigns (Roman Reigns)

Poppy – American Made (Kacy Catanzaro)

Pyke – Metalingus (Edge)

Qiyana – Fabulous (Carmella)

Quinn – Genius Of The Sky (Io Shirai)

Rakan – No Way (No Way Jose)

Rammus – Swiss Made (Cesaro)

Rek'Sai – Who I Am (Chyna)

Renekton – Burn In My Light (Randy Orton)

Rengar – No Chance In Hell (Vince McMahon)

Riven – Right Here, Right Now (Tyson Kidd)

Rumble – I Came To Play (The Miz)

Ryze – So Close Now (The Usos)

Sejuani – Time To Rock And Roll (Trish Stratus)

Senna – Amazing Remix (Naomi)

Sett – I Won't Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Shaco – I'm coming to getcha! (Boogeyman)

Shen – My Time Is Now (John Cena)

Shyvana – Amazing (Naomi)

Singed – S.O.S (Kofi Kingston)

Sion – I Am Stronger (Braum)

Sivir – Inaugural (Tyler Bate)

Skarner – Sheepherder (Erick Rowan)

Sona – Excuse Me (Vicki Guerrero)

Soraka – Just Close Your Eyes (Christian)

Swain – The Game (Triple H)

Sylas – Reborn (Curtis Axel)

Syndra – Not Enough For Me (Michelle McCool)

Tahm Kench – Crow (Sting)

Taliyah – Force Of Greatness (Nia Jax)

Talon – Sexy Boy (HBK Shawn Michaels)

Taric – Velveteen (Velveteen Dream)

Teemo – Faceless (Sin Cara)

Thresh – Root Of All Evil (Aleister Black)

Tristana – Sky's The Limit (Sasha Banks)

Trundle – Oh You Didn't Know? (Road Dogg)

Tryndamere – I Walk Alone (Batista)

Twisted Fate – Written In My Face (Sheamus)

Twitch – Are You Ready? (D-Generation X)

Udyr – Unstable (Ultimate Warrior)

Urgot – I Bring The Darkness (Baron Corbin)

Varus – Finest (Kona Reeves)

Vayne – All About Me (Emma)

Veigar – Superhuman (Baron Corbin)

Vel'Koz – Omen In The Sky (Gallows & Anderson)

Vi – Bad Reputation (Ronda Rousey)

Viktor – Undisputed (The Undisputed Era)

Vladimir – I Came To Collect (Lio Rush)

Volibear – We're Coming Down (Dudley Boyz)

Warwick – No More Words (Jeff Hardy)

Wukong – Here To Show The World (Dolph Ziggler)

Xayah – The Future (Asuka)

Xerath – Loyalty Is Everything (Shayna Baszler)

Xin Zhao – Broken Dreams (Drew McIntyre)

Yasuo – Cult Of Personality (CM Punk)

Yorick – Line In The Sand (Evolution)

Yuumi – Livin' Large (Liv Morgan)

Zac – SAWFT Is A Sin (Enzo Amore)

Zed – Level Up (Fabian Aichner)

Ziggs – Unity (Team B.A.D.)

Zilean – New Day, New Way (The New Day)

Zoe – Turn It Up (Bayley)

Zyra – Insatiable (Layla)

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