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If only League training tool was like Smash’s training tool.

LeagueofLegends1 - If only League training tool was like Smash's training tool.

Imagine if you could set up an enemy bot to say do a specific spell (say Darius dunk) so you could practice doing Fiora W's.

Imagine if you could make an enemy Renekton have 50 fury and do a trade combo of E>aa>w>aa>q>e away and then try to out damage it since you have those bad match-ups.

Imagine being able to set up a target dummy with specific health/ armor/ mr values instead of getting flubbed numbers from Botrk or trying to math out early damage (since enemy won't have 100 armor).

Imagine if high elo players/ 1tricks could create their own "practice tool mission". Maybe it's a ward hop Lee Sin insec practice and you could "load it up" in practice tool and try it yourself. Maybe it's a Renekton/ Riven animation cancel. One that you could get an indicator for doing it "right vs wrong".


There's so much potential that players are missing in terms of being able to learn via this tool, yet limited by it at the same time.

At the very least, manipulating target dummy health/ resists would be nice. As well as being able to make enemy champions do 1 specific move (if we can't also make them do a trade option).

As someone who spends a lot of time reviewing high elo vods/ having to drag a friend into a 1v1 to practice a trading combo, all of these things would add so much value to training tool if we actually had more controls similar to Smash.

(Note, yes Smash still has flubs in their tool and I know it's an entirely different game. But League really has limited things to do for their own practice tool since you can't even bring in a friend to test things.)

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