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IG Jackylove——The story of the most underhyped IG player

LeagueofLegends1 - IG Jackylove——The story of the most underhyped IG player

Do you know many Chinese fans even consider him better than Uzi?

Do you know he is IG's shot caller?

Do you know when he was 14 years old, as an 8th grader still in middle school, he already owned 5 challenger account?

Do you know he once climbed to the Rank 1 on the Korean Ladder, the highest accomplishment of all solo-que players?

If you don't, welcome to the Story of Jackylove. Written by ThatChineseFanboy

When Jackylove won the World Championship, the often overlooked fact was that it was his very first year playing on the professional stage.

Before going into professional, he was just a streamer on Douyu.tv, the biggest Chinese streaming platform. Fortunately, I was one of the few people who watched him at the time. He did not have a camera back then, so everyone watching his stream was mainly watching for his pure skill—amazed by his play style on the very top of the ladder. That year, he owned 4 of the Top 10 challenger accounts on the Chinese Ladder. He was known for his Draven, and was called "the best Draven CN." But from my observation, he was just so good at ADC in general—his Lucian, Caitlyn, Vayne…, there was no ADC champion he couldn't play.

He joined IG after the biggest LPL defeat in S5. IG back then was Rookie's one man's team, and IG's bottom lane was a huge liability. Jackylove was considered the hope of IG.

But he was only 15 years old, so he couldn't play because you have to be at least 17 to be able to play on stage. So IG waited for him for the entire two years. During these two years, the LPL experienced the most disappointing S6 and two bitter lost in the semi-final of S7. In desperate, many turned their eyes to the new talents, and Jackylove became the hope of the LPL. Everyone was waiting for him to be 17.

S8 finally came, and although everyone heard about Jackylove, many were skeptical of this rookie ADC, the so-called "the hope of the LPL."


Despite dominating the Spring Season with a record of 18 consecutive wins, IG lost to RNG 2-3 in the final. And Jackylove didn't perform well— he had a questionable "Zven moment" which cost them the game. After the final, a reporter caught Jackylove sitting in front of his computer tearing up. That night, Jackylove posted on his Weibo: "I feel there is still a cure for me"

We all know the rest of the story: S8, IG vs. KT, Game 5, Jackylove chose to flash forward. Who could write a better redemption story?

In the interview after the game, 17-year-old Jackylove said:

"I think if I make a mistake, I deserve to be flamed. Like right now, I do not even need to check, and I already knew a lot of people would hype me for what I did in Game 5. Like I don't even need to check, I already knew it! I think in E-sports, it is completely normal to be flamed or hyped for your results."

Rookie once said: "Jackylove is inexperienced UZI and UZI is experienced Jackylove." This is very true. Jackylove is only 17 years old when he won Worlds and 18 when he lifts the LPL championship trophy. He has the potential to be the best ADC of all time and yet more importantly, he is so mature and humble. As an Adc who needs to be focusing on mechanics, he's willing to be the shot caller along with Ning because Theshy doesn't speak fluent Chinese and Rookie has to focus on the game. As a Draven main, he's willing to sacrifice for the team and play functional Adcs. He is willing to give up resources to mid and top to help his team win games when meta is not bot focused. But he can also step up to carry the game when his team needs him. He is always humble and pays respects to UZI and other players.

And most importantly, he is so young. Jackylove, the future is yours.

6uvbgblqoot21 - IG Jackylove——The story of the most underhyped IG player


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