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Illustrations About The Result of Worlds 2020

LeagueofLegends11 - Illustrations About The Result of Worlds 2020

Hi, this is B.c.N.y. It's been a while since the last time I post my works related to LoL at here (which wasan April Fools' work). Here are my works, LoL Worlds 2020 The Results of Games!

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Group Stage First Run in Group C




Group Stage





Quarter Finals


Semi Finals

Finals Teaser


Worlds 2020 just ended last week and we had a new world champion team – Damwon Gaming!Although my region, PCS, wasn't being able to advance Quarter Finals once again, at least they fought fiercely and I was impressed by their performance.Throughout the tournament, I was enjoyed the games a lot, especially in the finals, it wasn't one-sided games (at least in the first three games) and it was really fun to predict which team would take over the crown between each game in the Bo5.

During the worlds, I had kept working the drawings after each game that you could find them on my SNS. Last year, I tried to post them in separated posts by Group Stage, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals. However, there were some difficulties for doing so. Therefore, in this year, I decided to post all of them in one post after every game was settled.

Hope you have fun by reading them : D

Written on 201108
I am really happy and honored to receive such enthusiastic feedback from you all! It always gives me strength to keep working on the illustration for major LoL games. Moreover, finding people understanding the plots and ideas in the works also make me joyful, it is like we sharing the same excitement and memory for the particular game around the world.

I attach my related SNS below, feel free to say hi to me!

There is a work I drew before the Worlds 2020:


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