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I’m an League of Legends addict

LeagueofLegends2 - I'm an League of Legends addict

It's 9Am. I just woke up. Another weekend, full of potential. Beautiful autumn weather outside. I plan on going to the gym, cooking a nice meal and maybe going for a short hike in the afternoon.

But first, let's play a few games quickly. Why not, I think. I plan on 2-3games for today. Perfect start for the day. So we playing. 1 game becomes 2, 2 becomes 3. 5 games later it's already lunch time. I wanted to cook, but I don't really feel like going to the shop then standing next to the stove. Whatever, Ima just order a pizza. I don't wanna get interrupted playing, so I just watch a stream while waiting for the pizza. I finish it up quickly.

Now I can do other things. But I have just eaten. I don't feel like moving much with my belly full. Let's throw in a couple o' games until it settles. And so I play.

It's 3PM. Time flies. I probably don't wanna go hiking at this point. Dressing up and going to the closest hill takes 1 hour atleast. It would be getting dark too soon. I could play 2 games in that time. To hell with it, I think, I'll plan better next time. It's okay tho, I can practice my in-game skills, I wanted to try some new champs anyway.

It's 6PM. I'm thinking of hitting the gym soon. I pack my bag. It sits next to my desk, ready to go. I did just win 3 games in a row, though. Might as well see how many more I can win. So I play one more. We have an AFK player, so we lose. Probably just bad luck, I think, and I queue up again. This time it's a close one, but we end up losing. Meh, I'd rather end my games on a win. You know, being positive and stuff. So I play one more. We win this one pretty hard and it gives me a rush.

It's 8PM anyway, a bit too late for the gym. It's okay tho, I can go tomorrow. I'm quite hungry at this point. I haven't made any food and I don't wanna wait for delivery, so I just eat what I can find around. Bit of a chocolate, bit of a this and that, leftovers. I finish them quickly, so I can go back to my computer. Still a couple hours left of the day, so I play a couple more.


It's 10PM now. I take a quick shower, then sit back to my pc. At this point I don't care about winning or losing, KDA or other players. I just have to play. I feel it inside me. I don't wanna think about other aspects of my life, the failure I am. The chores I should have done, the goals I should have worked on. The moment a game finishes I queue up again. There are no ifs or buts.

It's midnight. The noises calmed on the outside, I look out the window and see that most lights are turned off in the other building. It's prime gaming time, I think. My eyes are bloodshot and my vision is a bit blurry. They hurt. It's okay tho, they've been hurting for hours, I don't really notice it anymore. I just queue up and play.

It's 2AM. At this point you can feel it on fellow players too. It's late. Coke fueled katarinas jumping around and nodding teemos plantin' shrroms all over. You can really see the difference between players now. I'm quite slow too. It's quite mellow and fun to be around this time, so I keep playing.

It's 4Am. I take a quick break. I open my window for a bit. I can hear the birds chirping. Cheeky fuckers, I think. I close the window. It really starts to sink in that I haven't done anything today(technically yesterday). I'm getting my dopamine hits tho. So I queue up for the last time. At this point I don't think, I just do what I've been doing all day, left click, right click, qwe. The game ends and so does my day. I head to bed and all those flashy plays, triple kills and outplays keep playing in my head.

After a few hours of sleep I wake up and do the exact same thing 🙁

For you it's uppers, for him it's downers, for me it League of Legends. It's hell of a drug, I'm telling you. Thank you for your attention!

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