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In League’s 10 year history, which scandal was the worst?

LeagueofLegends9 - In League’s 10 year history, which scandal was the worst?

So with the recent Griffin scandal I think we should look back and think about all the terrible stuff that happened and have a discussion which ones were worse than the other.

I think these incidents are important to the game’s history and we should at least know what happened. I haven’t been in the league community for too long (I’ve only started playing in late season 8) so when I first read these older scandals they were really shocking.

Ok, onto the list of scandals that I could remember. If I missed any major ones let me know and I’ll add them onto the list:

  • Griffin.
    • I don't think I need to explain this. There are many posts here that do a better explanation than me and I think most of us are aware of what happened.
    • No doubt this has to be the most convoluted and serious case, but still interested in which other case can be near this level of disaster.
  • The ahq Korea match-fixing scandal and ahq Promise’s attempted suicide.
    • ahq Korea forced their players to be involved in match-fixings,
    • One of their players, Cheon "Promise" Min-ki, out of guilt exposed the whole story, wrote a suicide note and threw himself off a building but landed in a recycle center or something,
    • Didn't die but was severely injured, went into a coma, fortunately later gained consciousness,
    • Many people and orgs (Ivern, CLG and TSM etc.) helped Promise raise money and helped him (for his recovery and he also mentioned in his suicide note that his family was really poor so he needed money, that's why the managing staff guilt-tripped him to play with the match-fixings),
    • Manager No "NoH" Dae Chul was later arrested by the Korean police for fraud and extortion.
  • Moscow 5’s owner being involved in one of the largest hacking and data breaching schemes.
    • M5's owner Dmitry "ddd1ms" Smilianets and his friend Vladimir Drinkman were arrested in 2012 for unclear reasons. One week later M5 was informed that the two had been detained at the request of the FBI as part of a cyber crime investigation,
    • Dmitry, Vladimir and 2 others had stolen over 160 million credit / debit card numbers from 17 different companies, causing a loss of over hundred of millions of dollars,
    • 3 months later the 4 were extradited to the US and Dimitry was sentenced 12 years in prison,
    • The loss of Dimitry caused M5 to be nearly defunct and during that period M5 was at their height of success,
    • M5 manager had to split the CS and League team and founded Gambit Gaming to compete in the EU LCS.
  • Chris Badawi, Remilia and Renegades.
    • Chris Badawi was the owner of Renegades.
    • Badawi promised Maria "Remilia" Creveling that he would pay for Maria's gender reassignment surgery so she turned down offers from other teams and joined Renegades,
    • Badawi stalled for almost 1 year because "no surgeons were available" and only found a cheap surgeon in Thailand for 5000 dollars,
    • The surgery was botched and left Maria's entire pelvic area riddled with permanent numbness and intense nerve damage,
    • Maria wasn't allowed a lock on her door because she was ruled by Badawi as mentally unstable. Badawi would constantly be going into her room including what seemed to be some very private moments that were necessary for the surgery Maria had,
    • Badawi used his own mother as Maria's psychologist,
    • Maria wanted to leave the team but Badawi would constantly guilt trip Maria by telling her actions would led her team down,
    • Esports journalist Richard Lewis helped Maria get out of the gaming house, moved her to Atlanta, helped her get proper medical treatment, and helped her revise one of the botched surgeries.
    • Badawi also has a suspension in 2015 for poaching other players from Team Liquid, so the complete ownership of the team was handed over to the co-owner MonteCristo,
    • Riot alleged that Badawi had behind-the-scene deals with MonteCristo and that violated the suspension. Riot would later allege that Badawi mistreated his players and had "inappropriate links" with Team Dragon Knight,
    • Badawi received a permaban from from owning, managing, coaching or analyzing for teams, MonteCristo received a temporary one-year ban from owning, managing, coaching or analyzing for teams, and TDK managers Chris and Shawn Shim received indefinite bans from owning, managing, coaching or analyzing for teams.
  • Martin Shkreli not paying the players or coaching staff.
  • LMS’ Team Dragon Gate match-fixing scandal that has the Chinese mobs and loan sharks involved.
    • Team Dragon Gate was a team owned by a Chinese company called Fish Dive that was "based in Hong Kong",
    • The team's top laner Huang "2188" Jin-Long exposed on Facebook that the management staff asked the two players from China to participate in match-fixings.
    • One of the two Chinese players Liu "Soul" Kai refused to participate and was benched by the team while the other player Liu "JGY" Yang was being payed $750 to intentionally throw a match,
    • 2188 questioned the bench of Soul and the match-fixings, so he asked the head coach about them. The head coach told him that “There’s no need to apologize to him. You mind your own business. My men in Wuhan will deal with him. We'll get rid of his hand tendons. You won’t see him in the pro scene after the promotion tournament.”
    • 2188 and Soul later invited the team owner for dinner and recorded the conversation between them. Everyone in the management staff were involved,
    • Mid Laner of the team also mentioned in later interviews that his friends and old teammates in China have heard about the management staff and said that they had a bad reputation in the Chinese League scene. They were also banned from participating in the LDL.
    • Team Dragon Gate and team owner Hu Wei-Jie received a permaban from participating in the LMS, JGY received a 18-month suspension, head coach Fan "yoga" Jiang-Peng and manager Li "xiaoyu" Xin-Yu received a 12-month suspension.
  • OCE’s Tainted Minds providing players no proper living environment.
    • fff
  1. Riot Games and the sexual harassment lawsuit;
  2. Kingzone DragonX’s sponsor withdrawing their investment and the team’s internal problems;
  3. LGD Gaming’s match-fixing scandal, and Condi’s addiction to prostitution;
  4. Rick Fox and Echo Fox;
  5. Malice, bbq Olivers and the mistreated team;

Thanks for the comments, these are the ones they provided:

  1. Meet Your Makers threatening Selfie with taking his mother’s house;

  2. Krepo and underage fans;

  3. Likrit’s ban and Riot RU;

  4. Azubu Frost cheating by looking into the screen in the season 2 World Championship;

  5. Dyrus leaking scrim details to CLG.EU during S2 Worlds;

  6. Riot Sanjuro and his controversial comments against Tyler1;

  7. Riot RU’s punishments against teams that played against Vaevictis.

Yup, these were quite shocking when I first read them and I hope that this starts a discussion within the community.

Small edit: it’s late at night in my time zone, I’ll put in a bit of background information for each of the scandals after I wake up tmr, so that it’ll be easier to understand the case even if people don’t know about it.

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