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In light of Blizzard & HotS, what responsibility falls on Riot (if any) to LoL eSports personnel?

LeagueofLegends2 - In light of Blizzard & HotS, what responsibility falls on Riot (if any) to LoL eSports personnel?



also did a piece. Recommend the MFPally vid over Jim if the AAA circlejerk isn't your gig, he's a HotS content creator that's feeling the impact of this as well. What's alarming on the MFPally vid is around the 4:50 mark where he compares the trends on Google for League, Dota and HotS respectively.

They're all sharing a downward trend.

To call it callous and irresponsible to leave the entire cast of HotS eSports high and dry at the drop of a hat's an understatement, but if anything it also serves as a very real and alarming statement with regards to the stability of eSports as a whole. Content creators too took a major hit as well.

Do pro players/casters/analysts that've devoted years into the game really have any kind of fallback should this kind of meltdown happen? From an outsider & spectator's POV it's obviously nowhere near as much an issue, but damn if it doesn't feel like there should be something to prevent this kind of shit from occurring here too. Maybe not today, but in the future.


It's a sobering thought.

I won't be an id*ot and say it's Riot's obligation to clothe and feed damn near everyone in their eSport for the rest of their bloody lives, but what's left for people should the eSport begin to decline?

Severance packages? Personalities drift from game to game and can subsist off of streaming or swapping outright (like Crumbzz, Monte -> OWL) but what about players?

It seems a really volatile thing to be a pro player and devote years into something that could just poof at the drop of a hat, as displayed. This is Blizzard / Activision, they're hardly a small fish in the gaming industry. If it happened to them, reasonably, it could happen to anyone. What's even more frightening about this is that the eSports circle for Blizzard (according to MFPally) learned about the shut-down that day.


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Wasn't there word of a player's union or something of the like? I remember hearing about that a hot minute ago with Darshan, but past that I'm drawing a complete blank.

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