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Introducing v2 of porofessor.gg desktop app

LeagueofLegends9 - Introducing v2 of porofessor.gg desktop app

Hi everyone!

TLDR: I made Porofessor.gg and am working on the
porofessor - Introducing v2 of porofessor.gg desktop app

desktop app. Two months ago, I posted here to get your suggestions and feedback, and now it’s time to circle back and show off some of the progress made since then 🙂

A huge thank you to those of you who already sent me feedback – You have no idea how helpful you’ve been in guiding this project forward. Keep it coming!

What’s New in Porofessor

Let’s zoom in on the changes since last posting here:

First, a new design is live! The new design is made to make it easier to understand the data Porofessor provides, and make things clearer and easier to find. You can check out some screens below and let me know whether you liked it or not (and what you would have done differently, if there’s something bothering you).

Champion select

Ingame overlay

Second, and in my humble opinion most importantly, the post-game match analysis has been added to Porofessor! This is something I mentioned in previous posts as my #1 to-do, so it’s great to finally get it out there. The idea is to open up new research avenues and let you debrief and fully understand the match you just played – whether it ended in victory or defeat, Porofessor will now help you learn more and improve.

Post game screen


Porofessor’s desktop app is also getting a boost with tons of new information – your ranking both global and on each champion, pro builds you can check out, and perhaps most importantly an easy to navigate pro replays tool which makes it easy to follow and get inspired by top players using your favorite champions.

New player profile pages are also implemented, so you can check out all your personal data and statistics in one place. This includes your history, win rates, match ups, and comparative performance analysis across your champions. Basically yet another way to learn your strengths and weaknesses to improve.

My performance when I play Illaoi

If there are more stats or valuable insights you think should be in there, hit me up directly via PMs or hop on Discord to share your thoughts! 🙂

What’s coming next?

While it’s your feedback that will steer the next features built into Porofessor, I’m currently working on adding your TFT stats to your profile pages, so you can check performance and standings in all game modes quickly and easily. I want TFT players to benefit from Porofessor just as much as League players have been up to now.

Thank you for following Porofessor’s progress and being a part of our quest ^_^ Feel free to PM or hit me up over at Discord if you have cool ideas to share.

Have a nice day !

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