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Invictus Gaming Press Conference – S9 Quarterfinals (Chinese translations)

LeagueofLegends6 - Invictus Gaming Press Conference - S9 Quarterfinals (Chinese translations)

T/N: I was watching IG's press conference from Travis's YT channel and realized that the first half was towards Chinese press thus some of the questions were only in Chinese, so I have translated the Chinese questions that was not translated in English below:



Q (To Ning): GRF's Jungle have been performing quite well in this world series. Did you do any secial preparation before this? Please comment on this.

Ning: He is pretty good… I believe that being good in rank is not the same as being good in the series. And, our teammates were in good conditions today and did not give many chances to our opponent. Preparation-wise, how to put it… I felt like if we didn't make mistakes ourselves, then we would not lose to them.


Q (To Baolan): Who do you want to face in the Semifinal?

Baolan: Isn't it either FNC or FPX? It has to be FPX if you want to hear the good responds. But I will have to say fighting against FNC is probably going to be easier.


Q (To Rookie): How do you rate Chovy's tank champions in these several games?

Rookie: I was looking forward to today's matchup with mid picking some aggressive champions that is strong during the lane phrase, such as Irelia. He didn't pick her in all 4 games, it's unfortunate. However, he was very good at playing tank champions and can also dominate in lane. Tank champions can't be as effective as other midlane champions in mid/late games though. So as long as our team-fight was good, we could win.


Q (To Rookie): Next up is FPX vs. FNC. Which team do you think have a better chance to win? Anything you want to say to FPX?

Rookie: I hope we will meet FPX in the semifinal, that way LPL will at least have a team in the final. Things to say to FPX, it is in Europe here, and FNC is in good shape, so if they take FNC very seriously and play with their own style, then they can win.



Q (To Ning): You have shook hands again with TheShy after the game, why? Did you say anything to him afterward because of his good performance?

Ning: I didn't say anything specifically to him, he was just as fierce as usual, wasn't he? Shaking hands was just a habit.


Q (To Jackeylove): You guys won it quite smoothly after defeating KT in S8. You have also beat a strong team from LCK today, how do you feel?

Jackeylove: It was really close (vs. KT) last year. It was a bit easier (vs. GRF) this year compared to last year. We'll have to see later. It looks like the teams in the later stage this year might be a bit stronger compared to last year. So it may be harder later compare to last year.


Q (To Rookie): What is the reason for today's Aatrox pick?

Rookie: First of all, I haven't played it for the past 6 months. I didn't expect the midlaner from the other team kept using tank champions, so when I need to last pick my champion and needed an AD one to have an easier laning phase, Aatrox was the only one came to mind. My teammates also said it was a good pick, so I thought I would play it. I think I had some big problems during the laning phase and also couldn't do well with my combos, but I had played my part in the teamfight afterall. I think Aatrox is a decent champion if you have good practice of him.



Please let me know of any error or if I have missed anything.

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