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Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

LeagueofLegends8 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

(Keeping Updating…..)

Just some art style pictures for those Ionian champions lover.

It contains their names and one of their lines.

Just take it as you wish ~

if the champion is your favorite one!

The language is on the way of creation, but the scripts are almost finished.


Clarify Several Things:

  1. If you think the strokes are too complicated and unidentified, don't worry, it's just a handwriting style.

There are two forms for writing:


I will offer print form like this:

6fa739irt9631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

Ionian Scripts – Print Form

2. The Ionian language will be an ULTIMATE fusion of Japanese, Korean, Chinese languages, Tibetan, Thai, Vietnamese, Sanskrit, Hindustani, Hindi, and some other Asian languages, with its own linguistic laws.

(In all aspects: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, language family, tones, and expressions, etc )

So, don't say: it is like this language, this tongue, or that scripts, because it is like EVERYTHING! haha XD

3. The Latin Transliteration is not the accurate pronunciation; it should be represented in IPA.

But since most people don't recognize them, I use this form to help people to roughly understand the pronunciation.

4. This is not official, but Fan-MADE,

However, all these scripts, pronunciation, words, and other definitions are designed based on League of Legends Universe, and some other official or half-official resources.

I will explain NOW.

5. Ionian scripts are not pure phonogram (Almost all the languages in the real world belong to this type)

nor of logogram (Chinese Characters, the only one of this family that envolved and lasts until now).

But a combination of both, absorbing the unique advantages of the two.

Considering Ionia's two features BY THE LORE,

I have designed such style of scripts:

(1) The fact of the First Lands, and Ionia's long-isolated history.

Take English as Example. We all know that affix plays an important role in English word-formation, which comes from many other languages: such as Latin (dis-), Greek (agro-), and Germanic Language Family.

But some of those origins come from other more ancient origins like Egypt.

As for the scripts, Phoenician Letters are considered as the Ancestor of lots of civilizations in this world, such as Greek, Latin, Hindu, Hebrew alphabet, Arabic…

le19ky8xt9631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

23 Phoenicia Letters, The Ancestor of Alphabet System

Take East Asian's languages as Example, the Chinese characters and their vocabulary are also inherent scripts and words that have affected Japanese and Korean (Though some Sanskrit vocabulary are borrowed into Chinese as well thanks to Buddhism).

So, the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese vocabulary contains plenty of Chinese Words and their word-formation has been thus influenced.

587ihuv3u9631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

How Japanese Hiragana envolved from Chinese characters

Now you can see, in real human history, the vocabulary and scripts have such a law or we can say it, a pattern.

The thing is, however, Ionia is a place located in Runeterra, the magic planet. This pattern can be modified a little bit, but we still need to follow it in some ways if we want to build this Constructed Language.

Ionia is a land of unspoiled beauty and natural magic. Its inhabitants, living in scattered settlements across this massive island continent, are a spiritual people who seek to live in harmony and balance with the world. There are many orders and sects across Ionia, each following their own (often conflicting) paths and ideals. Self-sufficient and isolationist, Ionia has remained largely neutral in the wars that have ravaged Valoran over the centuries – until it was invaded by Noxus. This brutal conflict and occupation has forced Ionia to reassess its place in the world. How it reacts and the future path Ionia will follow is as yet undetermined, but will be of great importance to Runeterra.

– League of legends Universe

So, as the First Lands, and an Isolated place, Ionian scripts should be designed as the very Primordial Scripts, such as Egyptian Hieroglyphs , Chinese Inscriptions on bones, Cuneiform script,and Maya hieroglyphs. But, since Ionia is based on Asian, I choose Chinese characters / Japanese Kanji and Hiragana as one of the references.

As for the language itself, remember what I said about the English Affix?

The English Affix comes from many places because of the historic events, so the Helicopter is always the Helicopter, not a "Straight Rising Machine", but in Chinese, this world is translated into Straight Rising Machine with just 3 simple syllables.

This means, each character itself, is a word, a sentence, a meaning, and an affix.

So, what is such a language?

It is called " Isolating language " or "Analytic Language ", in which the Compound Words are very few even don't exist, because every word/character itself can be a Free Morpheme.

In fact, Morden English has the trend of envolving into Analytic Language because the inflection is rarely used nowadays.

For example, we always say Cat Ear rather than Cat's Ear. (Here, the –'s is an inflectional suffix)

Another example, in Dutch there is a word called oriëntatie van magnetisatie, normally in English, we can write it as:

magnetization orientation, but in Dutch they must add this "van" (which means "of"), you can NOT put in the order like English: magnetisatie oriëntatie (although there is a Dutch word called magnetisatieoriëntatie ).

Ancient English also had five grammatical cases such as nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, and instrumental, and more than 1 verb conjunction (not like in Morden English, we only need to add -s for the third person in the present tense), but nowadays all of these have been enormously simplified or eliminated.

We can not ensure this is a human language trend, but Analytic Language does have a more simple grammar for learning. And Ionia, as an isolated, long-history, Asian-based region, definitely should have such a language.

(Let alone, most analytic languages are from Asian: Chinese Language Groups, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese language, Lao, Hmong language, etc.)

Well, I must feature, although Ionia is the first lands and isolated with Valoran, doesn't mean it can not be influenced by other regions, especially we have Vastayan people here who speak their own languages!

(2) The Lands Where Meet The Spiritual Realm (Vastaya and Vastayasha'rei) And Physical World,

This unique Ionian scripts that in the real world don't even exist, would be the best way to express Ionia's Yin-Yang Balance (The Kin Kou) and Nature-Human's Harmony.

Where, the Left part represents the Pronunciation: containing consonants(as well as some Approximant Consonants), vowel, and syllable coda. You can spell it as what you do in English, just in the vertical way.

yzq4bfpc5a631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

Syllable: Hak (means: "to" of to where, get to)

On the Right, there is the Meaning Affix/Radical, or you can call it the Semantic Part.

They are around 1 hundred, or less, simple Emojis (in professional terms: pictographic symbols).

Each "Emoji" is envolved from early pictographic characters (which is very general in the human history, since in the early time humankind tended to paint what they think or they saw than using the phonetic system).

Since Ionia is an old place and FIRST LANDS, it is very logical to envolve their pictographic symbols until now, like Chinese characters.

But you don't have to learn thousands of Chinese Characters or Japanese Kanji and struggle to write those horrible strokes, we only have about 100 or less.

Let alone, those pictographic symbols have few, and more concise, cute and simple strokes, which is much easier to paint/write, to understand, and to remember.

For example, this Ionian Character below means “something seems like, or looks like", with the radical of the EYE (and this pictogram looks like an EYE)

ry9vw74taa631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

Transliteration: yal (seems)

Why are these Meaning Affixes are very necessary?

Without them:

(1) Ionian languages won't be "BALANCED" anymore since it represents the Human Realm and the Spiritual Realm. And perhaps, these alphabet is originated from some Vastayan species scripts, which reveals more deeply the bound between these two worlds in the First lands-Ionia


(2) There would be thousands of homophone which will result in a messy for Ionian Language because each character itself is a word, not a bound morpheme.

With them:

(1) The texts in Ionian would be much more readable since the information transfer of a pictogram or logogram is much more efficient and quick than alphabets.

(2) No more space needed when typing or writing.

(3) Be able to remember or infer an unknown new character.

Besides, another reason, why Ionian's scripts would be designed like this, please read the official lore.

The warrior priest withdrew the scarlet cloth, revealing a weapon and sheath both bigger than a kite shield. The scabbard was etched in the harsh strokes of Ur-Noxian, the heavy angles and slashes in stark contrast to the fluid script of Ionia.


See this: harsh strokes of Ur-Noxian, the heavy angles and slashes in stark contrast to the fluid script of Ionia.

Well, of course, the print form is not that FLUID, but don't worry, I will show you what is the Fluid scripts.

6. Does Ionian have plenty of dialects? What is the pronunciation based on?

More than once many Rioters and the lore mentioned that Ionian does have dialects over the big continent.

At the same time, there is also a tongue called "Common Tongue" according to the LOL Universe.

Like most Noxians, Riven had learned enough of Ionia’s common tongue to command and order, but like the land itself, the accent of each village had a unique personality flavored by its people. She nodded at the judge and waited.


So, no doubt, the Ionian scripts, and the language I created are about the Common Tongue, at least I need to build it first.

Then, what is the relationship between the pronunciation part of each character and the common tongue or dialects ??


We don't need to discuss the Meaning Part cause it doesn't have a sound.

Actually, the current Ionian characters, in my design, are formed a long time ago in some place over the north, therefore, that alphabet and each pronunciation based on the Ionian people there (perhaps near Placidium), was integrated into each character.

But along with the time passing, people come and go, the pronunciation has absolutely changed, or simplified, whatever. This happened in real human history almost everywhere. (English and Thai's irregular spell and letter's combination is attributed to this: people's sound changes while the spell order remains )

However, we all know that Ionia has not a real central government (I am not sure, plz correct me), at least people live at ease around those sects, which means unifying the tongue is pretty hard.

So, the easiest way to set the COMMON TONGUE now should be:

just using those formed characters, pronounce what it is written, no matter what is your own tongue or dialect, even if some pronunciation is gone in modern day or still are kept in some small villages.

  • This, implies that Ionian Common Tongue, is actually the ancient tongue, which the people spoke at some time, somewhere over the north, maybe nearby Placidium or not.

7zvadbb8la631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!

Early&Ancient Ionia Scripts.

Latin Transliteration: U mal Ai Ou Ni A go.

(With the Pitch accent, which sounds a little bit like Japanese tone, although each character has their own tone, 3 in total, they change into Pitch accent as they speak, according to the place the character is placed )

Translation: I speak Ionian Language.

7. Here Show Time!

As this constructed fictional language is not completely finished, I can only show some of the lines, in Ionian Languages,

in the handwriting style

7xrjdc6tma631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!


Translation: One Blade, One Purpose

-Ya Su O (The name literally measn: like the fierce wind, which is Like the storm)

Transliteration: Ek khen, Ek sen

the One "Ek" is adapted from Sanskrit 's pronunciation for the number one.

"khen", the blade, is adopted directly from its correspondent Japanese pronunciation.

Sen, means thought and Idea, from certain Chinese dialect's ancient pronunciation.

So, now, this sentence can be read in Rhyme

tgghomy1na631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!


Meaning: Discover again and again the meaning of the magic.

Transliteration: Sa elei sa te ra vi sa e ra

Since years ago Riot gave this pronounciation, I can create this sentence only based on it.

But the problem is, what Karma speaks is actually: Sa ae ler sa, ti li vi, sa e ra.

Interestingly, they said this was an Ionian Ancient dialect, then everything makes sense now.

I guess:

What Karma speaks in the game, is her real voice and reflects her own ancient dialect's pronunciation,

while what riot gave is the standard latin alphabet transliteration which reflects the common tongue of Ionian languages and is exactly the sounds the Ionian characters reflect.

Besides, Karma in the Ionian languages is spelled by two characters, the "Khar" and the "Ma”

which respectively mean:

Khar – "transmigration, perpetuity, inner evolution, and wisdom"

Ma – a suffix, like the "er" of "writer" "employer" "interviewer".

Why does "Khar" have so many meanings?

We all know the champion Karma is not a normal leader in Ionia's lore.

If you look at her Ionian name clearly, you would see a svastika symbol (a famouse religion symbol in India Subcontinent) on the right, with a little bit modified.

This is also a Ionian Meaning Affix, represents : Time, Perpetuity, Timeline, Transmigration, something repeat……

This svastika symbol, which in this case has the right-ward direction, represents inner evolution in Hinduism and wisdom in Buddhism.

That perfectly reveals Karma's title: The Enlightened One and her unique reincarnation lore where the souls in each generation increase bringing more spirits and thoughts, like an inner evolution and self-ascension.

r8g76rgvna631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!


Translation: In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn.

Transliteration: Ghiak sas ni na, u mek kar, ya il mek ni huaa.

Little tip:

We all know that Jhin has a fever of the number 4, we can see it throughout his English name: Jhin.

Jin, in Mandarin, means the Gold, the Golden Demon, who is him exactly.

However, there are only 3 letters in Jin, so Riot adds a silent H in it.

I want his Ionian name to reflect this feature too.

So, the transliteration is "jdin", in which the D means it is a Voiced sound,

As it shows in the picture, in the upper right corner there is a little spot that

serves for indicating this consonant should be pronounced in a Voiced sound,

same style in Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.

In Ionian alphabet, this Voiced Sound Spot is considered as an Independent unit,

so there are actually 4 elements in this Phonetic Part.

While in the Meaning Affix, there is a symbol of the Stone, (this character means Gold in Ionian) to illustrate its meaning is associated with stone.

This pictograph has in total of 4 strokes!!

So, another 4 here.

(The horizontal and vertical lines together in the right are not two separated strokes, but together)

gobxljmmoa631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!


Translation: Balance in all things .

Transliteration: Khin koou, miuu bei zden mor ni ait.

Akali, means "The follower of the immortal one" from Punjabi, a language in South Asia Continent.

Akali can also mean "明るい" (Akarui) in Japanese, means Light, Bright, etc.

Akali can also mean someone or something that is "Divine" in Sikhism

Li, coincidently means "beautiful" in Chinese.

So, I split this name into 3 parts: "a" "khaa" "li",


A– Follow, with the meaning radical of two person

Khaa-The Light, with the meaning radical of the fire

Li– Gorgeous; celestial with the meaning radical of the sky

l0gwe4aara631 - Ionian Champion Names in Ionian Languages!


Translation: The merest shade of me is enough to defeat you!

Transliteration: Ol di chyah me wa, sui üü jit nuo io!

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