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Irelia E’s VFX aren’t immediately clear and it’s really annoying.

LeagueofLegends8 - Irelia E's VFX aren't immediately clear and it's really annoying.

Both when I play as her and against her, there are countless times when I have to genuinely pause and wonder Wait, what was that?

Es that seemingly have absolutely no business landing, land.

Es that go directly through character models, don't.

How it works:

The animation/VFX starts
PNcVDz1 - Irelia E's VFX aren't immediately clear and it's really annoying.

here with a tiny line being drawn along the ground that's near completely invisible, from one blade to the other.

It then goes and shows
uolRIoY - Irelia E's VFX aren't immediately clear and it's really annoying.

two bigger lines along the outskirts of what is the actual stun hitbox for a split flash, giving the enemy a chance to react.

From there the rectangle poofs away, 2 blades rush
hWLEw5c - Irelia E's VFX aren't immediately clear and it's really annoying.

at each other and stun whatever intersects.

The two outer lines are the hitbox proper.

The bitch of this is that you have to aim both lines at the opposing character model's feet above all else, as that is where their hitbox actually is. If you look at Darius' head and throw an E slightly lower, it won't stun.

Both lines will bisect his character model, but the game's (X, Y) won't read it as a hit.

B462Kzd - Irelia E's VFX aren't immediately clear and it's really annoying.

If you don't see what I'm talking about. (Here this one would land since the hitbox is just barely touching Darius')

This is annoying as hell.

Lux Q, Morg Q, Blitz Q, Thresh Q, don't have this problem thanks to the lollipop effect at the end of them (where they bloat out slightly towards the tip of the hitbox). This is why shit like

happens sometimes.

Irelia E does not have this since the hitbox is a perfect rectangle.

I just tested this on a dummy, track the circle around the model base and you can make a perfect hexagon around the base of the model. The two stun lines will bisect the upper 1/3rd of the model's hat, but it will not stun.


This gets especially fucky when characters suddenly start flying, dashing, digging holes in the ground, and leads to general case-by-case inconsistency.

Wot I think:

Obviously you can't change the game's bloody camera angle thanks to 1 champion, nor is Riot going to go out of their way to fix something that isn't horribly broken. Irelia E works fine if you understand how hitboxes in the game really work vs. how they seemingly work.

Nor is Riot going to add Lollipopping to this hitbox since it'd make things even more confusing.

What could help, however, is keeping the two outer lines in place towards the end of the animation. The near-invisible line at the beginning of the animation becomes that bold line at the end of it when both blades zip through towards one another.

Can we keep the two outer lines towards the end of the animation since those are the ones that actually matter? You see the hitbox for a flash and then it poofs away, which for a static AoE stun like this one doesn't really fly in my opinion.

Just a thought. The emboldened middle line where both blades zip at each other is just there to look cool, it'd be nice if we could keep the rectangle through to the end of the animation (maybe just make the lines fade away as the middle zips through?) I don't much the point of the one emboldened middle line as people on the receiving end might get mixed up and think that was the hitbox when it wasn't.

There's no real fixing the issue without breaking the game or giving her a new E, but keeping the visible hitbox around for just a bit longer in the animation might help lessen the How the shit did that land/not land? moments.

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