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Is Faker leaving T1?

LeagueofLegends6 - Is Faker leaving T1?

This is purely speculation, but here is what quite a number of Korean fans on different Korean communities are seeing as a sign of Faker leaving T1:

  • This all started when SKT Gallery found out that Faker got excluded from the scrims 5 days before the start of the Spring split. And as expected, it was Clozer that started alongside Canna, Ellim, Gumayushi, and Keria. From what I observed, the first match of the split or the opening match is very meaningful to the Korean LoL community, so many Korean fans took Faker not starting in the season’s opening match as the Headcoach declaring that Faker will not be the starting member and that the roster that Daeny wants is Zeus-Oner-Clozer-Gumayushi-Keria (Canna had to be used because Zeus wasn’t 17 at that point). This started the demand for Faker to go to another team, where he would get better treatment.

  • Things got spicier, when an anonymous post was posted on SKT Gallery at night before the DK match. It said that T1 has the atmosphere of raising the rookies, implying that veterans will be benched. And they also said that Faker is having a meeting regarding drafting against DK with the other starting members and coaches. At this time Faker really did disappear from soloq with Canna, Ellim, Guma, and Keria. They came back to soloq an hour later. That day, Faker went in the 7PM scrim, the only scrim he did since quite a time. Fans remembered that Ellim was put into roster after only doing 1 scrim right the night before the match, but no one wanted to believe that Daeny could send Faker against DK with only 1 scrim. However, the feared did happen, and it was Faker that started. So that anonymous poster was right, and since then SKT gallery predicts the roster through soloq and confirms it by checking which members disappear at night for an hour to have the drafting meeting. So this incident became a proof for the fans that T1 wants to push Rookies and bench veterans.

  • Another incident that sparked rumors was when (I believe during KT vs T1 match) Faker played soloq during T1’s match. According to the fans, Faker never played soloq when the match was happening, because he had to participate in feedback in the past even when he was benched. This showed that Faker does not participate in feedbacks, and could even be a sign that Faker does not care anymore about how this team is doing because he is leaving T1. After this incident, it seems that T1 actually prohibits Faker from playing soloq during T1’s matches, because a fan saw Faker’s LoL account in practice mode while watching an ex-pro’s stream who had Hide on bush in his friends list.

  • The biggest incident happened on 27th of February, during the DK vs T1 match. On that day, Faker did not play soloq all day long, didn’t even come at night. And, at about 8PM a post on a community said that they saw Faker at a bus stop around 7:30 PM – exactly when T1 was playing against DK. They have specifically said the bus number that the person they think is Faker took, and that bus is the bus that stops right in front of his father’s apartment.

  • On the same day (27th of February), Cuzz played soloq right during the match between DK vs T1, sparking rumors that Cuzz is leaving T1.

  • Now with Daeny’s newest interview, saying that Faker asked for time, fans are speculating whether Faker is really leaving T1. As Daeny haven’t mentioned about Faker wanting time during his interview on 25th of February, fans think that Faker might have asked for time on 26th or 27th and went back to his father’s house. This could signal that he is getting ready to leave T1.

  • All of these rumors are fueled by the fact that Faker’s contract ends on November 15, 2021. In February 2020, Faker signed a 2+1 contract. At the start of this year, T1 extended contracts with Clozer, Canna, Ellim, Gumayushi, and signed multiyear contract with Keria. Teddy’s contract was extended in summer 2020. What made fans interested was that Faker didn’t use his +1 option when the T1 players were extending their contracts. Fans think that T1 would want to extend their contract with Faker asap, because that would be the best way to secure sponsors. But there are still no news of extending. Another interesting point is that Clozer got a 2+1 year contract, Mireu (T1 CK team’s mid) got a 2 year contract. So people started speculating that maybe Faker declined contract extension earlier, so T1 is preparing Clozer to become the main mid, hence giving him 2+1 contract, and will call up Mireu to the LCK team, hence giving him 2-year contract (Mireu is the only one with 2-year contract on CK team), and Fisher will be called up to the CK team.

  • Logitech not extending their contract with T1 seemed to support the speculation that Faker declined extending his contract with T1. Razor was rumored to be the new sponsor of T1, but they only announced that they are sponsoring HLE and there are no news of sponsoring T1. So some fans think that sponsors are leaving because T1 failed at extending their contract with Faker.

TLDR: there are speculations that Cuzz and Faker are leaving T1

These are all rumors and speculations. Do not take them seriously. I think rumors and speculations are always fun to follow, so thought people on Reddit would also find this interesting. Again, it’s all just RUMORS!

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