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Is It or Is It Not, A Crab?

LeagueofLegends6 - Is It or Is It Not, A Crab?

In game I tend to call champions crabs, The Legless Crab (Nocturne) and The Bug Crab (Khazix) for example. Recently I was tasked with defining who and what exactly is a crab within the game. This is what the Crab Committee agreed upon, I would appreciate any assistance for crab re-classification as some were extremely challenging to place.

Crab Classification is as follows with the Crabby Tendencies:

  • Speed
  • Many Legs
  • Pincer or Blade-like Apparatuses
  • Crab Mentality: Going in and invoking the Fear of God
  • Performance of Vore

Ultimate Crabs: are the crabs all other crabs aspire to be, perfection of crab form.

  • Skarner

Crabs: Have at least three Crabby Tendencies.

  • Aatrox – Azir – Camille – Cho’Gath – Elise – Fizz – Garen – Hecarim – Irelia – KaiSa – Katerina – Kayne – Kha'zix – Kled – Leblanc – Nidalee – Master Yi – Nocturne – Nunu & Willump – Olaf – Rammus – Rek’Sai – Rengar – Riven – Shaco – Talon – Trundle – Tryndamere – Urgot – Volibear – Warwick – Yasuo – Zed

Half-Crabs: Showcase two Crabby Tendencies.

  • Akali – Aurelion Sol – Darius – Diana – Dr. Mundo – Draven – Fiora – Gangplank – Jarvan IV – Jax – Kennen – Leona – Lissandra – Malzahar – Maokai – Pantheon – Pyke – Rakan – Renekton – Sejuani – Shen – Shyvana – Singed – Sivir – Thresh – Udyr – Vayne – Xin Zhao – Yorick

Non-Crabs: Inferior lifeforms with one or less Crabby Tendency.

  • Any Champion not listed.

Crab Harbingers: An exception to the non-crabs they embody one Crabby Tendency to its fullest potential.

  • Blitzcrank (Crab Mentality: Going In and Invoking the Fear of God)
  • Ivern (Many Legs)
  • Jhin (Speed)
  • Tahm Kench (Performance of Vore)
  • Talon (Pincer or Blade-like Apparatuses)

Anti-Crabs: Exhibit traits that conflict with the Crabby Tendencies.

  • Cassiopeia – Vel'Koz – Karthus – Kog'maw – Nami – Viktor – Zac
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Schrodinger’s Crab: Reflects all Crabby Tendencies and yet none of them.

  • Neeko

Non-Champion Crabs

  • Shelly – Rift Scuttler

I'll add more detailed descriptions of each champion's classifications if people want.

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