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It is currently impossible to unlock all champions on a new account without spending either insane amounts of time or money. ([long] explanation inside)

LeagueofLegends6 - It is currently impossible to unlock all champions on a new account without spending either insane amounts of time or money. ([long] explanation inside)

Hi everyone!

It's me again, with another post about Blue Essence and Champion Costs, but this time I corrected a lot of my mistakes and tried my best to make the most complete post possible. Before Blue Essence replaced Influence Points, you would see a lot more players having a complete roster. Yes, they needed to grind a lot of games to do it, but they could. The problem is that now, you can't anymore.

Influence Points were a completely free currency. You could grind it to have all the champions, or take a shortcut and pay for them. It was ethical : IP and RP weren't mixed. You won IP after every game, for free. Or, you bought RP whenever you wanted to.

Now that Blue Essence replaced it, it is not a completely free currency anymore. Some of it is partially stuck behind a RP paywall. Blue Essence is a currency that tricks players into thinking they could grind it to buy everything they wanted from the BE Shop, when it is mathematically impossible to do without an absurd amount of play time.

Now, let's dive in :


What is NOT taken into account for the calculations :

  • Honor rewards (negligible)
  • First Win of the Day (negligible : if you win every first game you play after the countdown resets, every day, you gain ~21 900 BE per year, which is nothing)
  • Events Missions (negligible since we don't want to spend money on a Pass. We also didn't need those passes two years ago, why now)
  • Missions (the least negligible on the list, but didn't have time to make true calculations on that, but to be honest I don't think missions alone can help you buy every champion)
  • Runes (runes are now free)
  • Hextech Chests (negligible : you can earn up to 52 chests per year, with a 21% chance of it dropping a 4800+ champion shard, which equals to roughly 14 000 BE every year, if we always drop a 6 300 BE shard)



  • You start with 0 BE.
  • There are 146 champions available, for a total of 572 550 BE (shop price).
  • Between level 1 and 30, Riot gives you 10 champions, 6300 BE and a 3000 BE bonus for completing the tutorial.
  • Assuming you chose the most expensive champions each time, the pool is reduced to 136 champions, for a total of 529 200 BE (store price).
  • Here's what you get from Leveling rewards after level 30 :
  1. from 31 to 100 : 8 Glorious Champion Capsules / 62 Basic Champion Capsules
  2. from 101 to 200 : 11 Glorious Champion Capsules / 89 Basic Champion Capsules
  3. After 200, it repeats the 101 to 200 pattern over and over.
  • Basic Champion Capsules hold a value between 810 and 1260 BE each.
  • Glorious Champion Capsules hold an average of 2120 BE each. (I couldn't find more information on them, would love to have more to refine the calculations).



We will make two scenarios :

in the first one, we disenchant EVERY shard we get, in order to gain BE, until level 200.

in the second one, we keep EVERY shard we get, in order to upgrade them when you have all of them.

Scenario 1 (disenchanting every shard you get and buying champions from the store) :

  • Total amount of BE gained from 0 to 30 : 20 830 (from raw BE gifts and disenchanting shards) + 6300 (7 Day Bonus) + 3000 (Tutorial Bonus) = 30 130 BE.
  • Total amount of BE gained from 31 to 100 : between 67 180 BE and 95 080 BE. (8 Glorious Champion Capsules / 62 Basic Champion Capsules)
  • Total amount of BE gained from 101 to 200 : between 95 410 BE and 135 460 BE. (11 Glorious Champion Capsules / 89 Basic Champion Capsules)

Total amount of BE gained by getting to level 200 and disenchanting every champion shard : between 192 720 BE and 260 670 BE.

Conclusion : you are level 200, with something between 192 720 BE and 260 670 BE, and own 10 champions. You still need A LOT of BE (at least 250 000) to buy all missing champions at store price. So you played to level 200 and you are only able to buy half the champions the game has.

But let's keep going anyway, let's keep leveling using the same numbers (from 101 to 200) : you need to reach a level between 458 and 598. That's an average of Level 528 to get every champion by disenchanting every shard you get, and buying them through the store.

Scenario 2 (keeping every shard you get to upgrade them when you have all of them) :

Now this one is obviously the most efficient one, and the way the Blue Essence system was created for : upgrading shards.

For those calculations, we will take the most favorable RNG possible and say the following : every champion shard you get through leveling is a new one, meaning that you NEVER get duplicates (this literally can't happen, but let's say it's the case).

  • Total amount of BE gained from 0 to 30 (not disenchanting gifted shards) : 15 070 (from raw BE gifts) + 9 300 (7 Day Bonus and Tutorial) = 24 370 BE. You also have 3 450BE shards, 5 1350BE shards, 3 3150BE shards and 3 4800BE shards available.

To upgrade your 14 shards, you need 19 170 BE. Spending your BE to do so leaves you with 5 200 BE, and no more shards.

So what is the situation now?

You are level 30, with 24 champions (10 gifted and 14 from shards), 5 200 BE and no more champion shards. This means that to have a complete roster, you need 122 champions, for a total of 497 250 BE (store price).

But in this scenario, you don't buy your champions from the store, you upgrade them from their shards. You need the 122 remaining shards.

Let's say you level up to level 152, and each champion shard you got is a new one, never a duplicate : you now have 122 unique champion shards, that you can upgrade for 60% of the store price (298 350 BE total, for the 122 missing champs with the 40% discount).

Cool, but here's the catch : how are you going to upgrade those shards? You only have the same 5 200 BE. You only earned shards through leveling, not Blue Essence, you NEED to disenchant a few of them in order to upgrade them, because 5 200 BE won't be enough.

So let's keep going further and further.

You are now level 152 with 122 unique shards (no duplicates). You still need 298 350 BE (-5200 that you already have). If you keep leveling and ONLY get 6300 shards in every capsule (best shards), you still need 233 levels to pay for your first 122 unique shards.

And this is where this new system sucks for the players :

Where are you going to find all those perfect shards ? By leveling and playing the game until you reach level 385 (152+233) ? And don't forget that the earliest level you can get everything is 385, because you got EVERY SHARD YOU WANTED (perfect RNG).


And to be honest, if you are level 152 with every unique shard, I really doubt that Events, Missions, Honor, Chests, FWotD are enough to give you the missing 298 350 BE needed, even during multiple years.

Now, let's say you have the best RNG possible on every capsule, let's say that we add First Win of the Day, Hextech Chests, Missions, Event Missions (without pass) and Honor Rewards : the time you need to play to reach a level high enough to get enough capsules is utterly absurd and not player-friendly.


Then, you may ask yourself : what is the solution ?

Simply add back the free currency gain after each game. That’s all.


TL;DR : If you make a new League account, there is no way you can own every champion available without paying for Riot Points (or having perfect RNG for 500+ levels of grinding). Riot's relation with players and their roster changed when they introduced Blue Essence and Hextech Crafting two years ago, forcing them to spend money if they want to have a complete roster (something that was possible without paying before Blue Essence arrived). It is a money-grabbing move, disguised as an honest way for players to get free stuff.

While the changes to RP values and various cash grabs are pretty obvious, the Blue Essence changes flew under the radar for the most part. The pre-30 experience is great, but the post-30 grind is a lot more severe and pretty much impossible, regardless if you are a casual or a hardcore player.


Thanks for reading.


Common Comments (not directly answered by calculations) :

"You don't need every champion to enjoy the game."

No indeed you don't, but you may want to own all of them. Simply because you are a completionist or for the obvious advantage it gives at higher levels of play. By having every champion available, you open switching possibilities during the Champion Select. Those switches might be important for your game. There is absolutely zero reason for players not to be able to complete a roster without paying (knowing that you could do it two years ago).

"You need to master every champion you own."

That's just wrong.

"You can switch to PBE to test champions before buying them."

True, but also useless. You should not have to create another account and download the game again, just to "test" champions you might be interested in. Everything related to a currency should happen in the main client.

"Don't forget about Runes. Back in the days, Runes weren't cheap. Now they are free with Runes Reforged!"

Yes. But runes aren't the problem here. We are talking about a newly created account, who doesn't have to pay for Runes. Yes, Runes were a nightmare and a BE sink before Runes Reforged, but that's not what we are discussing here.

"You are not entitled to anything, it's a free-to-play."

It is indeed a free-to-play, but as said earlier, it's an unethical currency. Before 7.22 (when IP became BE), you could get every champion by playing, after 7.22, you couldn't. I'm not entitled to anything except a minimum of consistency. Riot made an obvious change to their free rewards/pricing system and always claimed 'Don't worry, the player wins here', which is partially false, since you lost the ability to own a complete roster without paying RP.

"Why do you complain about free stuff?"

It's simply not true. This is one of the most famous multiplayer games, if not the most famous. The fact that you can't own a complete roster without paying (when you could two years ago) is simply sad and shows how Riot shifted their financial relation with their players.

"It's a free-to-play, of course they want you to spend money!"

Then it seems like they didn't want me to spend money before the introduction of Blue Essence? I could complete a roster simply by playing, two years ago, now I can't. The game was still a F2P two years ago.

"Spending a few bucks won't kill you."

No, luckily for me it won't. But I didn't need to spend money to get every champion two years ago, why do I need to do it now? What if I don't want to spend money on a free-to-play?

"Why do you play the game if you don't enjoy it?"

Criticizing something doesn't mean I don't enjoy the game.



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EDIT 1 : Added Sources.

EDIT 2 : Grammar.

Source: Original link

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    Ðared Shaco
    Apr 08, 2020 12:30 pm

    this is so true, i complained about it like 5 3 yers ago but no one belived me, becasue they never created another account and they already own all champions. Now i have to grind till level 585 to get all champiosn( and i won’t probably). I love this game but not till that point, i enjoy other games too.

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    Oct 16, 2020 12:10 pm

    Spending hundreds or even, thousands of hours on a game you enjoy and you are so cheap to spend money on the game. You are either a 12 year old, or a man who does not know how to spend money for your enjoyment.

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