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It’s been more than 3 months and MR items are still god awful

LeagueofLegends6 - It's been more than 3 months and MR items are still god awful

As the title says, MR choices currently in the game are abysmal and are inferior in every way to their armor counterparts. Just compare Thornmail to Spirit Visage and Force of Nature, and to add insult to injury, Adaptive Helm, which was an amazing MR item was removed from the game for no reason.

How is it possible that if the enemy team picks picks almost a team comp that is almost full magic damage I struggle to get tanky, while if the opposite is true and the enemy team is almost full AD i pick Rammus, build tabis and thornmail and the game is basically over after I've spent less than 4k gold?

Why are armor items, that increase a statistic that already naturally scales with levels, so much more effective to build compared to MR items, MR being a stat that has a pathetic scaling with levels that might as well not be there?

Just compare hybrid damage/survavability items that have MR and armor on them, excluding an early hexdrinker buy,Maw of Malmortius in its current state is borderline a troll item with how bad it is (Sterak's is arguably a better choice in almost every single situation outside of a 5 AP comp), Mercurial Scimitar offers a measly 30 MR, which might as well be there as flavor text since no one buys it an as MR choice anyways, the same applies to Silvermere Dawn, you buy it for the cleanse, the MR is ignorable. Then you have Wit's End, which actually has good stats for value but the combination of stats is so weird basically no champion in the game can make an argument for purchasing it.


Now let's compare that to hybrid armor/damage items. You have Death's Dance, which has suffered a lot with it being made an armor only item, but still offers pretty decent stats and a passive that is absoulutely insane into an AD-heavy comp. Then you have Guardian's Angle, which is built less often this season but is still an incredibly powerful lategame armor option which offers one of the best late game item passives in the game. And finally you have Zhonya's Hourglass, which is still an incredible item in almost every situation despite having been nerfed a million times since it offers arguably the best active item ability in the game, and now the kicker, Zhonya's has more armor than Spirit Visage has MR despite Zhonya's being a hybrid item and Spirit Visage being a full-on defensive item.

Currently the only MR item that I think holds up to it's armor counterpart is Merc Threads, although Tabis are still arguably better due to their incredible passive.

TL;DR: MR items suck and need to be buffed/reworked. also bring back Adaptive Helm

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