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It’s List Time Again: Champion Ages

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Time to correct Necrit, I suppose: here is my massive list of (roughly) how old each champ is! I could still be inaccurate, but I'm trying to use everything I can here to make guesses, instead of just taking a wild swing.

Champion Age List

Note: According to Scathlocke, Shurima rose as an empire ~6000 years ago (and this was AFTER THE WATCHERS GOT FROZEN!), the Icathian War was ~3500 years ago, Shurima fell ~3000 years ago, and the Darkin War ended at least 1400 years ago. Rune Wars followed. Noxus and Demacia built themselves up in the aftermath of the Rune Wars over the past 1000 years.


  • Space and Existence: Kindred, Aurelion Sol, Bard, all aspects (Pantheon/War, Twilight, Sun, Moon, Protector, etc.)
  • Creators of the Freljord: Anivia, Ornn, Volibear
  • Demons: Evelynn, Tahm Kench, Nocturne

ANCIENT AND VENERABLE BEINGS (ages vary but many are in the realm of several thousand years old): Braum, Ivern (dates back to vastayashai'rei), Janna, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Lissandra, Rammus, Skarner, Soraka, Zyra

SUNBORN (6000+ years old): Aatrox, Rhaast, Kayle, Morgana

ASCENDED PRE-ICATHIA (~4000 years old): Renekton, Nasus

PRESENT AT THE FALL OF ICATHIA (~3500-3600 years old): Varus, Jax, Zilean

FALL OF SHURIMA (all ~3000 years old): Azir, Xerath

RUNE WARS (born or created sometime in the last 1400-1000 years): Galio (he’s 900-1000), Ryze (was a young man when they started), Brand (anywhere from several decades to a couple centuries younger than Ryze)

SHADOW ISLES (predate the fall of the Ruined King, which happened probably a few to several hundred years ago): Hecarim, Kalista, Maokai, Thresh, Yorick (Maokai’s probably as old as the isles so maybe I should move him to Ancient and Venerable; the rest are much younger)

VOID (age works weirdly in the Void): Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix, Kog’Maw, Rek’Sai, Vel’Koz (Vel is one of the oldest Voidborn and is 8000+, Kog's apparently younger than the rest)

YORDLES (usually centuries old in human years): Corki, Fizz, Gnar, Heimerdinger, Kennen, Kled, Lulu, Poppy, Rumble, Teemo, Tristana, Veigar, Ziggs (Gnar is several millennia old. Fizz is older than land civilization. Veigar is old enough to have lived among Ryze’s tribe, the Noxii, and been captured by Mordekaiser.)

Ahri – Appears in her 20s

Akali – 19 (17 pre VGU)

Alistar – Unclear. Assumed 40s-50s but could be older

Amumu – Ancient, likely several thousand years old. Physically around 5-6.

Annie – 8 (Source: Frankentibbers Annie bio. Apparently she was 9 pre-retcon.)

Ashe – 20s-30s (Hopefully the comic will clarify)

Blitzcrank – Was created in the past few decades. Viktor is not THAT old despite being augmented, and he created Blitz as a young man.

Caitlyn – Late 20s probably; she got her rifle on her 21st birthday but the C incident occurred before that.

Camille – 80s-90s (per Riot in AMA)

Cassiopeia – She’s at least a few years younger than Katarina. Probably 20s. Transformation (along with the rise of Azir + Sivir’s death and rebirth around that time) would have happened a few years ago.

Darius – 34-39. Basilich was conquered 22 years ago, and he was a kid at the time… it's kind of ambiguous but I suppose it would take him a while to go from skinny kid to absolute unit. He's a father of teenagers – Invetia/Decius are/were ~18, considering the flashback makes it look like he did it with Quilletta 19 years ago. He was already a hunk by then, probably 18-20.

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Diana – Mid 20s

Dr. Mundo – Probably relatively young since we know his exact origins, but not clear.

Draven – Early to mid 30s

Ekko – 16-17 according to AMA

Elise – Centuries old, preserves her immortality via trips to Shadow Isles.

Ezreal – Late teens/early 20s

Fiddlesticks – Unclear, he’s in lore limbo like a few other champs.

Fiora – Late 20s

Gangplank – 50s

Garen – mid 20s (he's a few years older than Lux, but there's nothing we can use to determine the exact age difference)

Gragas – 50s? with one hell of a liver

Graves – 40s (dad bod)

Illaoi – Late 40s-early 50s (a bit younger than GP)

Irelia – 24; 14 when she maimed Swain and it’s been 10 years

Jarvan IV – Late 20s-early 30s probably

Jayce – Old enough to have long rivalry with Viktor, but still fairly young and handsome; late 30s? early 40s?


Jhin – FOUR years older than Zed, so it’s entirely possible that he is FOURtyFOUR

Jinx – Early 20s, Vi’s age or possibly older (sources vary)

Kai’Sa – 19-20 now – claimed by Void at 10

Karma – 30s in current incarnation. Was 12 when she took up her current role; this was before the Noxian invasion.

Karthus – Centuries old

Kassadin – Probably in his fifties

Katarina – At least a few years older than Cassiopeia – late 20s-early 30s?

Kayn – 17; 7 when sent into battle as a child soldier after the Placidium, which was 10 years ago

LeBlanc – A good 2000 years old. If she’s only one person, that is.

Lee Sin – 30s-40s?

Leona – Late 20s

Lucian – 30s-40s

Lux – ~18-19 during For Demacia. According to Scathlocke she's under the US drinking age so she's probably ~20 now.

Malzahar – Unclear, probably close to Kassadin’s age (so 40s-50s) but may be older

Master Yi – 40s-50s?

Miss Fortune – late 20s-early 30s

Mordekaiser – 1500-2000

Nami – Mid to late teens

Nautilus – Centuries old

Neeko – (According to her writer) ~200; physically late teens-early 20s

Nidalee – I would guess early 30s but that’s just based on her VA who sounds mature and wise

Nunu – ~8; lost mother at 5. Willump is ancient.

Olaf – Functionally immortal, looks 40s-50s but could be a lot older

Orianna – Probably only in her teens. She was augmented while still a girl. Hextech-mentally she’s still pretty young and naïve.

Pantheon – Its current host, Atreus, is physically pretty young, likely around Leona’s age since the two dueled each other when they were both mortal.

Pyke: Appears to be in his 40s but he’s frickin’ dead and we don’t know how long he’s been dead.

Quinn – Late 20s

Rakan – 28 (Source: AMA)

Rengar – Probably 50s+

Riven – Late 20s probably. She had distinguished herself prior to the Ionian invasion, but she was definitely a very young soldier.

Sejuani – 30s-40s

Shaco – Lore limbo

Shen – ~Late 30s

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Shyvana – Not very old, ~20s?

Singed – Over 100, unclear aside from that

Sion – Anywhere between 80 and 150 depending on Demacian ruler timing and Boram Darkwill’s lifespan

Sivir – 20s-30s

Sona – 20s

Swain – 50s-60s likely

Syndra – Was in time freeze for several decades. Physically early 20s

Taliyah – Currently there's a conflict between sources – she's either 16 or 18

Talon – 20s?, probably close to Kat and Cass’ age

Taric – Roughly Garen’s age so late 20s-early 30s

Trundle – Unclear

Tryndamere – 30s? Maybe a bit older than Ashe.

Twisted Fate – Probably in his early 40s, guessing he’s the same age as Graves or somewhat younger.

Twitch – Unclear but knowing rat lifespans, he’s probably only a year or two old.

Udyr – Appears to be early middle age (40s-50s?) but unclear

Urgot – Probably got to his 40s or 50s before being augmented

Varus – Val and Kai were in their early 20s

Vayne – Guessing she’s in her late 20s by now

Vi – Early 20s, Jinx’s age or a bit younger depending on who you ask

Viktor – Probably around the same age as Jayce or somewhat older, given that they’ve had a rivalry for a while. 40s?

Vladimir – Dates back to Darkin Wars; probably at least 2000 years old.

Warwick – We don’t have any frames of reference but I figure he was a weathered gangster in his forties or so when Singed kidnapped him.

Wukong – Unclear; we have no frame of reference.

Xayah – 23 (Source: AMA)

Xin Zhao – He looks like he should be in his 20s or 30s, but may be much older – after all, it was Jarvan II, J4’s (probably) late grandpa, who freed him from Noxus.

Yasuo – I wouldn't say he's much older than Riven – he's just seen some shit. Early 30s?

Zac – Created “several” years ago

Zed – FOUR years younger than Jhin; otherwise roughly same age as Shen so late 30s

Zoe – She’s just over a thousand years old; the unnamed aspect within is primordial. Physically/mentally she’s somewhere between 11 and 14, though.

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