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It’s time for me to mature… I am quitting Fortnite to play League of Legends.

LeagueofLegends12 - It's time for me to mature... I am quitting Fortnite to play League of Legends.

My friends and I were on the Battle Bus and they asked… "where do you wanna drop?" I took a deep breath and said, "summoner's rift."

They were all like "whoa where is it Ali A didn't report on this" but by then I was gone… I started to download League of Legends. Finally! A real freaking game!

I first heard about League of Legends by watching "Worlds." Even so I have problems reading lots of numbers… i could follow that these were good matches, also that Koreans aren't too good. I did a bit of research in the next months about the community, because I want to jump into the game knowing absolutely nothing (no spoils!). What a good time, it is preseason I am a preteen. Anyway some questions please

  • In Fortnite, we have many toxic streamer like Ninja, who will report players for dancing. It must feel so nice playing a grown mans' game and settling problems with manners! Not really a question just pumped to be treated like a human…

  • I heard there are about 140 champs, and champs like Kog'maw who is a fat Caterpillar. How do you make Kog'maw do League's default dance?!

  • the wolf guy in Fortnite kinda made me feel funny when I saw him. Is there a wolf guy in this game? I wanna see what he looks like too lol

  • is there a character that builds walls and shoots any sort of bullet? I wanna feel comfy at first.

  • how to push this game past my school firewall?!

Thanks everyone and remember, you guys are the adults and even so few admit it we all look up to ur community of people. Bye!

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