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I’ve created a full list of a top post of r/mains

LeagueofLegends8 - I’ve created a full list of a top post of r/mains

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I got bored in a meeting and i create a full list of the top post of ChampionMains Reddit so you don’t have to.

Use this list wisely.


  • Aatrox – meme3
  • Ahri – Spirit Blossom Ahri full body view
  • Akali – A friend sent me this
  • Alistar – I drew Patrick as Alistar
  • Amumu – It's sad boi time
  • Anivia – :/
  • Annie -A classic, still holds true tho
  • Aphelios – Aphelios using lipstick (art by dunkin802 on Twitter)
  • Ashe – wait this isnt overwatch
  • Aurelion Sol – Just found this on google. Pls Riot make this skin real. Pretty please
  • Azir – NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


  • Bard – Astronaut bard skin
  • Blizcrank – Why Blitzcrank is better than Thresh
  • Brand – lol
  • Braum – How come Taric gets one and my big boy doesn’t?


  • Caitlyn – BEAUTY
  • Camille – *Cries In Scissor*
  • Cassiopeia – I’m so sorry my memes are late by 29 minutes
  • Cho’gath – I'm sorry
  • Corki – Found sum old legos and made a Corki, hope ya guys like it


  • Darius – meme
  • Diana – Aphelios using lipstick (art by dunkin802 on Twitter)
  • Dr. Mundo – How to divide a community in one step
  • Tyl Draven – how it feels to play draven in s10 (清冲)


  • Ekko – Left one is official, right is fanmade
  • Elise – Elise has a secret dash in her kit
  • Evelynn – Me as KDA Evelynn recalling at my blue buff after realising lee sin took it, the gromp and the wolves
  • Ezreal – Ezreal players on their first Recall


  • F̷̦͚̀͂̋i̶̢̢̖̱͐̓̀̆ḍ̴͓̜̎͛̀̉d̷̼̱̅̋̐̓l̷̬̻͈͒̔͗̍e̴͐͜ş̷̻̬͛̃̑̔t̸̲̀̿͊̈́ḭ̸̧̆c̶̣̻͚͇̓̈̌k̸͖̻̻͚͌̎̀͝s̷̗̘̲͔͝ – small edit for you folks
  • Fiora – A friend told me I should share my Pool Party Fiora Cosplay here on FioraMains, so here it is. It's all made by me – Hope you like it ~
  • Fizz – Fizz and Stitch


  • Gangplank – Me and the Boys starting a memewar, 2019
  • Garen – It do be like that sometimes
  • Gnar – The Gnar Experience
  • Gragas – Look at this absolute girth of a man showing up in Riots Wild Rift game. Beautiful
  • Graves – He was biding his time


  • Heacarim – New Hecarim Skin Idea
  • Heimerdinger – heimerdinger painting that i made 🙂


  • Illaoi – i made a meme. may ur season be full of tentakills and afk enemy jglers
  • Irelia – Casual Irelia
  • Ivern – Tree has spoken


  • Janna – Janna, Yasuo, and Yone fanart (OC)
  • Jarvan IV – my "art"
  • Jax – Upvote this post so that this egg pops up when people search Jax
  • Jayce – Darius mains talking about balance
  • Jhin – Finally made it to Challenger!
  • Jinx – I removed Yuumi from Heartseeker Jinx so you don't have to


  • Kai’sa – Animation of Kai'Sa removing her helmet in the new Warriors cinematic!
  • Kalista – No hating, but it is what it is
  • Karma – 200 years
  • Karthus – This is better than porn
  • Kassawin -I made a weeb meme
  • Katarina -Pool party Katarina fan art 🌊
  • Kayle – Starfire Spellblade (E) – Upvote it to destroy the barrel before r/GPMains explode it
  • Kayn – High Noon Kayn concept by
  • Kennen – Kennen QoL buffs???
  • Kha'zix – gimme gimme
  • Kindred – Spirit Blossom Kindred Splashart
  • Kled – Pirate Kled Fan-made Skin
  • Kog'Maw – New kog skin splash art


  • LeBlanc – Coven LeBlanc Splash Art
  • Lee Sin – My first nice lee play
  • Leona – Lunar Eclipse Leona has been voted on by Leona mains and friends as the best Leona skin.
  • Lilia -Ehm ok
  • Lucian – Boy looks like he gonna drop the hottest album of the year
  • Lulu – I tried differents concepts for Spirit Blossom Lulu ! Wanted one so badly for her ..
  • Luxanna – Battle Academia Lux


  • Malphite – He's rollin
  • Malzahar – I drew Patrick as Malzahar
  • Maokai – The isles will bloom again !
  • Master Yi – Guess I'll die
  • Miss Fortune – Miss Fortune Fanart
  • Mordekaiser – Love listening to doom eternal ost while bonking people in league
  • Morgana – Coven Morgana Splash Art


  • Nami – Umbral glaive is broken and it's absolutely unfair that only a handful of supports have access to the best vision control item in the game, there should be an enchanter item with the blackout passive
  • Nasus – oh boy it's my favorite cafe
  • Nautilus – I made this meme yesterday. Hope you enjoy
  • Neeko – Dawnbringer Neeko fanart (made by: Dawn Ang)
  • Nidalee – Hi NidaleeMains! I did my nidalee cosplay and wanted to share with you!! <3 Hope you like it :3
  • Nocturne – I drew Patrick as Nocturne
  • Nunu & Willump – Star guardian Nunu by whitemar3


  • Olaf – He ain't a rertad
  • Oriana – Pool Party Orianna Splashart
  • Ornn – HAPPY BDAY ORNN! (still only has 1 extra skin even though it’s been 2 years since release but whatever)


  • Pantheon – God of Spears
  • Poppy – Poppy fan art !
  • Pyke – Actual situation in r/pykemains. Edit: I can't constantly update this image sorry r/mains arrived here lately


  • Qiyana – Qiyana is literally unplayable
  • Quinn – When Riot hasn't given you a skin in 3 years but you get buffed and added to a card game


  • Rakan – This Happens way too often
  • Rammus – I'm an urgot main but I figured y'all would like this
  • Rek’sai – Blackfrost Rek’Sai Splashart
  • Renekton – Season 10 Renekton Builds / Playstyle Infographic
  • Rengar – BoxBox once said that you'll never be one with your main champion unless you masturbated to them at least once
  • Riven – Based on a true story
  • Rumble – When they make a mech skin line and Rumble doesn't get one
  • Ryze – Attention All Ryze Mains


  • Sejuani – Sejuani art from new Universe story
  • Senna – I'm kinda new here but I wanted to show off my True Damage Senna Cosplay
  • Sett – It do be like that
  • Shaco -Shaco can gank bot level 3 when enemy is level 1 (min 2:12)
  • Shen – Made a pixel art animation featuring surgeon shen
  • Shyvana – Fanart Spirit Blossom Shyvana by u/sayomi_96
  • Singed – Fuck you singed mains
  • Sion – Mini Sion pixel art
  • Sivir – When Blitz Even Looks At You
  • Skarner – Sad truth
  • Sona – Had to draw Psyops Sona!
  • Soraka – Soraka Fanart
  • Swain – Official Swain PBE Changes
  • Sylas – After 10 games of sylas i have to said this :
  • Syndra – Happy 1000


  • Tahm Kench – Look how they massacred my catfish : (
  • Talon -I drew Patrick as Talon
  • Taric – When they reveal the new Star Guardian
  • Teemo – Quaranteemo
  • Thresh – Our biggest pet peeve for sure
  • Tristana -Drew a bunch of Tristanas between matches
  • Trundle – had a good game against a riven
  • Tryndamere – Complete Updated Matchup Guide for Top Lane Tryndamere Season 9
  • Twisted Fate – Only leveling TF ult once (no points at lvl 11 or 16)
  • Twitch – This sub doesn't have any icon so I'm suggesting to set this random rat image i found as a sub's icon


  • Udyr – Udyr furret walk.
  • Urgot – Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot Splashart


  • Varus – I'm sorry, little one
  • Vayne -Classic Vayne is cross-eyed and her kit confirms that
  • Veigar – Ligma
  • Vel'Koz – Hope I'm not the only one who can relate
  • Vi – She is so freaking gorgeous
  • Victor – They'll never understand the Glorious Evolution
  • Vladimir -I drew Patrick as Vlad
  • Volibear – A Letter to the Fans


  • Warwick -I dunno man it's just there for me to take, but sometime I feel that I give up my xp lead for early dragons. Freshly made meme for my pupper mains.
  • Wukong – Making a meme a day until reworked Wukong hits live- FINAL DAY


  • Xayah – Star Guardian Xayah Cosplay (Instagram: u/paiclyacosplay)
  • Xerath – The *real* skin buff – Xerath finally has 5 fingers
  • Xin Zhao – Jhin Zhao


  • Yasuo – I'm something of a Yasuo main myself
  • Yone – I don't want to go back
  • Yorick – Daily reminder Riot doesn't give a single fuck.
  • Yuumi – Leaked Yuumi skin


  • Zac – The Zac ult revert as it currently exists will be a failure and should NOT go live
  • Zed – ZhOnYa
  • Ziggs – My Ziggs fanart
  • Zilean – Can you spot the difference?
  • Zoe – This is what prestige Zoe should be u/KEZI_0918
  • Zyra – Spirit Blossom Zyra + Spirit Bond Dialogue!


God have mercy

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