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I’ve made a complete tier list ranking all the champions in league of legends based on how good I think their hugs would be, hope you enjoy :)

LeagueofLegends6 - I've made a complete tier list ranking all the champions in league of legends based on how good I think their hugs would be, hope you enjoy :)

tier list off league champs based on how good at hugging i think they would be

S+ champs aka the bard zone

  1. Bard is clearly no.1, I'm not sure if this is even debatable he's described as an 'agent of serendipity' basically he exists to make people happy, the guy is super fluffy and cheerful – it would be like hugging one of this giant teddy bears but its alive. plus while you hug him his choir of meeps would serenade you. special shout out to the snow day skin because that just takes it to another tier.

S tier champs

  1. For me Amumu is number two, the guy is so in need of a hug that provided he isnt too damp from crying on his bandages i think he would give such an adorable hug and the benefit of making him a little bit happier is definitely a win 🙂
  2. Braum's so big and friendly! he'd give the best bone crushingly friendly hugs while you just get lifted off the ground and your feet flap a bit, plus if he had any poro's with him i think they'd be really nice to hug too :3
  3. Both Nunu and Willump would give great hugs, you'd get sandwiched between a giant super fluffy bear and a lil kid in a fluffy coat, they're super friendly and i just think it would be very pleasant.
  4. Neeko as herself's hugs i think would be fine and i think shed be deserving of high A tier. she seems like she gives a lot of hugs so her technique would be very good, the fact that she can turn into anything though is why she's S tier for me, she can literally change herself to be perfect at hugging based on who shes hugging, as a write this i feel like she should be higher in s, she still cant compete with bard though since she doesn't have the meeps even if she turns into him.
  5. Cassio at 6 might be controversial to some but i just want her to shatter all my ribs is that so wrong????
  6. Yuumi is a cat, cats are great, yuumi gets S tier simple.
  7. Taliyah is just that one super sweet girl, basically the nicest girl you've ever met and i just think her hugs would be super sweet i also think she'd smell really nice? like a really pleasant perfume. idk dude stop coming at me 🙁

A tier champs

  1. I'm not quite sure why Ahri's this high it just feels like she would be tho i feel like her tails would be kinda tickly so that might be annoying? shes also 5'5 which as a 5'5.5 person is like the perfect height for me
  2. Ye i know Annie is a lil tiny kid but shes so filled with anger that i think giving her a nice long hug would make her really happy, plus tibbers would be fun to hug provided he didn't kill me.
  3. Gnar is a lil teddy bear or a big teddy bear, great for hugs no matter which form hes in 🙂
  4. Lillia is similar to neeko in that she just seems like she loves giving hugs, i also think she'd smell like freshly mown grass which i kinda like as long as it doesn't set off my hay fever.
  5. Taric's similar to braum but no poros so doesn't make S tier for me
  6. Ez is similar to taliyah hes a friendly lil guy but i feel like for some reason he'd use a really obnoxious cologne so that brings him down for me.
  7. Rakan and Xayah both are sweet mainly with each other admittedly, but i feel like theyd give very intimate hugs rakan places one spot higher for me because he could rest his head on mine while we hug and that's kinda cute.
  8. See above for xayah
  9. Ekko's basically the same as Ezreal for me but i feel like he might be a lil bit more clammy plus if he looped time to keep hugging me thats kinda creepy ngl
  10. Kai'sa has a very gruff exterior but i feel like her hugs would be super sweet and intimate, but you would defiantly have to prove yourself to be allowed them, 10/10 would put the work in for it though
  11. Drunk people can give really good hugs -source am uni student. plus Gragas is super squishyyy
  12. Kindred (I know its lamb) definitely looks after her fur really well so i feel like it would be like hugging your blanket from your childhood, only in A because wolf kinda scary 🙁
  13. Irelia seems like she cares for her people a lot so if your ionion the hug would be great, anyone else probably less so. tho she also was raised as a warrior since she was like 12 so prob isn't that used to emotional comfort. i feel like she would really appreciate a good hug honestly
  14. Zoe's over 1000 years old if you still cant give good hugs after 1000 years i don't know what to tell you……
  15. Very lanky, as a short person myself tall people are kinda fun to hug so while i don't think he'd be that into it. he'd be like the really tall friend you have that you hug on a night out also i think he'd wear a very seductive cologne which is always a plus for me.
  16. All these enchanters are just very friendly people and all seem like they'd give good hugs, they give me kinda best friend hug vibes and i think they could go in any order really
  17. Soraka is last of them for me because it would kinda hurt is she stepped on my toes
  18. Teemo is definitely v controversial but hes still a cute lil fluffy teddy bear basically, just feel like he might smell bad so am unsure.
  19. Nidalees cat form would be fun to hug i've always wanted to hug one of the big cats, human form is kinda mean tho so hence low A tier.
  20. I don't even remember why i put Quinn here ill be perfectly honest with you
  21. Yasuo and Yone are pretty similar but both seem like they'd be like your boy second best friend giving you a hug, Yone beats Yasuo for me cause hes taller and l a n k y .

B tier champs

gunna make these one a lil bit shorter because my hands are cramping, haven't wrote an essay all summer.

  1. Jinx is very lanky but i feel like shed be a bit awkward?
  2. Trist is a cute lil yordle you can pick her up and crush her in a big ol hug 🙂
  3. Sett and Graves both give me farmer vibes, and farmers either give very good tight hugs which make you feel very secure or else very awkward ones cause they don't really know you that well and their more used to animals than people.
  4. Ivern is a very friendly tree, friendly bit is great but hes still a tree so might be kinda scratchy
  5. Shen gives stealthy ninja hugs from behind so depends if ur into that kinda thing.
  6. Gay guys give pretty good hugs from my experience so Varus gets high B tier.
  7. doggo go woof
  8. horsey but not as friendly as Lillia
  9. Jayce through to Ashe feel like the really popular group in high school, if they like you enough the hugs will be good but if they don't they might still hug you and it'll just be weird.
  10. Evelynn will kill you BUT i think the hug she gives you before hand will make it worth it she can pull you in really tight with her lashers so it'll be super intimate. i might be biased for this one tho as i'm an eve main and i want her to step on me.
  11. Leo through to Vi just seem very average to me not bad just not that great really
  12. Ornn voli and sej are all just big furry things (sej less so its mainly bristle who's fun to hug)
  13. Kayle and Morg don't seem like they want to hug you but they'd actually give a decent hug
  14. Yorick's a very sweet old soul but hes also kinda grimy which brings him down for me
  15. I think Corkis mustache would be very ticklish which would tick me off.
  16. Diana is 5'10 so i could be the lil spoon plus shes pretty cute so O-O
  17. Creepy spider lady but i'd 100% let her wrap me up all nice and snug in her webbing and let her bite my head off if u know what i'm sayin.
  18. Honestly illaoi should prob be higher than this she reminds me of taric but i also just think shed be really sweaty which i think is gross sorry 🙁
  19. hes 7 meters which is a bit tall for me but i could cling to his leg like a koala and i think it would be really pleasantly warm.
  20. vayne to mf just feel like they'd be really bland to me and just all would wear really over powering perfumes which i'm not a big fan off because i'm very much a s o f t b o i.
  21. j4 through to swain are all basically royalty so not sure why they would ever hug a peasant like me, tho they've prob all been taught to hug 'correctly' when kids so cant see them being that bad.
  22. Senna is like dead and i know a lot of champs are but shes just like really dead so that creeps me out same for Kalista
  23. Zed to Yi give me secondary school rugby player vibes so while definitely not my type i can see why people would want hugged by them. only exception to this is kennen but hes gunna give me an electric shock so cant put him to high tbh. some people are masochists tho so you do you hun.
  24. Syndra is the popular hockey girl who gets a lot of plastic surgery done and acts kinda mean to anyone whose not super popular but like passive aggressively.
  25. Zyra – I discussed this with my friend because i was of the opinion that hugging what is essentially a walking rose bush would be kinda painful. but they pointed out that she would probably smell absolutely fantastic which i can agree with, unfortunately since shes a plant that also means pollen so id probably end up sneezing on her which especially at the minute is very unhygienic.

C tier champs the beginning off the kinda bad ones

my hand is cramping so bad i've literally typed so much ouchie o_o

  1. Ali is a cow.
  2. Aphelios and Kayn are both very EDGY. they both make me think of hugging that one kid that everyone thought would end up bringing a bomb into school one day, might be worth hugging them cause they generally seem depressed but also they're normally a bit racist so i don't really want to hug them ye know?
  3. Veigar would Probaly get angry because you stooped down to hug him. and since he doesn't like to feel short he'd probably kill you before you got a chance.
  4. Kled is very gross but he probably wouldn't kill you at least. skaarl on the other hand is realistically S tier at the least
  5. Blitz through to ori are all metal so kinda cold to hug. but at least they're pretty friendly.
  6. Poppy just doesn't seem like she would ever want to hug anyone shes kinda a lone wolf i feel like? i should honestly check her lore. but also poppy jungle players are mean and therefore shes C tier take that you mean players 🙁
  7. Heimer and rumble both feel like they don't shower that much and would be greasy 🙁
  8. Camille to shyvanna all just feel like they wouldn't have time for any of your nonsense so any hug you might get from them would be very short and awkward which is kinda sad 🙁 someone needs to hug all these champs and give them a bit more joy in their lives.
  9. Nami and fizz are both fish and hugging wet people is always kinda gross unless you're both wet, so provided you were in the ocean or a pond or heavy rain they are fine anything else and it would be gross.
  10. I'm about 90% sure that gangplank doesn't wash so no thanks.
  11. Sylas is sweaty af but at least hes hot. unfortunately hes also got chains attached around his wrists that he'd hit you with will trying to hug you so that would suck.
  12. Udyr to twitch all are furry which is nice but they're all kinda mean so would probably kill you so not sure how worth it is. its like hugging a bear to me ye know.
  13. Panth wears a bit too much armour for my taste.
  14. Ziggs is kinda just annoying
  15. Moakai is similar to ivern in that he is also a tree, but hes less friendly so not as good.
  16. OK
  17. Leesin has a really ugly beard and that would just put me off to much, like i know hes blind but take care of yourself at least or get a friend to help jeez.
  18. Singed has a big metal tank on his back so cant get arms around 🙁
  19. Tf really makes me think off some guy in a suit who will hug you as far away from him as possible so that you don't wrinkle his suit. hug would suck 🙁

D tier champs – these guys would probably kill you, some by accident some not so accidental. cramp is going away i've powered through the pain.

  1. Asol seems like he'd love to give you a hug but i'm pretty sure if you were that close to him you'd vaporize or something. gets bonus points for saying boop. apparently space smells kinda like gunpowder and since asol is a space dragon i doubt hes using cologne to mask that scent which would be really annoying.
  2. Malphite and Galio both seem like the'yd hug you, but there also both giant rocks and i've face planted enough roads while on a night out to know that hugging these guys isn't for me sorry guys 🙁
  3. Anivia is very spiky and i don't want shards of ice in my chest.
  4. Skarner is the same as anivia but shards of crystal.
  5. Sion is just mean
  6. Brand will kill you if you touch him plus he is mean
  7. Morde is also mean
  8. Lissandra will kill you if you touch her
  9. Cho gath will eat you
  10. Fiddle will eat you
  11. Nautilus is metal and moist.
  12. Mundo will kill you and then experiment on you. if your really unlucky he wont kill you first.
  13. Tahm will eat you
  14. Karthus will kill you plus hes not even corporeal.
  15. Zac is just sticky
  16. Kog will eat you or dissolve you
  17. Renekton is scaryyyy
  18. Kha will also kill you plus hes a bug so eww gross.
  19. Nocturne through to vlad will all just straight up kill you for fun or for snacks so no thanks hun.

that took longer than expected now i'm gonna go and rest my hands because they hurt good bye and enjoy.

also feel free to disagree with any of these just be prepared to explain yourself.

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