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IWillDominate saying that calling Perkz Lane Kingdom player is misinformation

LeagueofLegends11 - IWillDominate saying that calling Perkz Lane Kingdom player is misinformation

Yesterday I made a comment of Perkz being a lane kingdom player who calls for resources and plays more for himself early rather than for his jungle or side lanes. While Nisqy is somewhat opposite of that, a player who looks to help his team out rather than team focusing to help him.

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IWDominate made a tweet calling me out on it about it

How is this the second most upvoted comment in a thread about Perkz. The misconceptions about who he is as a player and where his value comes from are ridiculous. How can people so confidently spread misinformation.

It is true that where most of his value comes from is not his laning or that he is stomping every lane. Also I should have said that he uses junglers attention to get advantages on enemy mid instead of using word bully enemy mid.

Anyway I decided to make this post just to clear out what I mean with my comment.

At no point do I try to make a case that Nisqy is as good of a player as Perkz, which he clearly isn’t. Only thing I try to make clear is that they have different play style early game which provide teams different things early.

I think the less controversial part about that is Nisqy being more DoinB like mid laner who looks to roam. There is even interview with him talking about how he studied Doinb and implemented his roaming style to his game play

After Worlds, I started to watch Doinb's games and studied how he plays champions. I think I learned a lot from him and his playstyle, especially on picks like Rumble and Qiyana. I'm trying to implement it into my playstyle, so I can help my side lanes, but I can also carry when I play Irelia or Pantheon.

Worlds really taught me that this is not a 1v1 game, it is entirely 5v5. In the Worlds Finals, Doinb wasn't even laning when FPX swept G2 Esports. He was just roaming around the whole map, making plans on his own, and I think that's something I've kind of put into my play, as well. Since then, things have been going really well for me.

Now we have to go to the term Lane Kingdom. To my knowledge it comes originally from Forgiven and how he played his lane as ADC pushing the waves and bullying other bot lanes. Then it became known for Perkz because he started to use it as his own. For example, here is an Inven article about Perkz Lane Kindom in 2017. EU broadcast also used
that narrative to describe Perkz.


1053627510951358470 - IWillDominate saying that calling Perkz Lane Kingdom player is misinformation

IWD himself has used Lane Kingdom about Perkz before.

So the term Lane Kingdom basically comes from how originally Forgiven and then Perkz played the lane. What Perkz brought to this calling resources from jungler to get ahead early, which in the end led to him snowballing in mid game and carrying. Perkz calling for jungle resourses can be confirmed by multiple podcasts and interviews G2 players have done during S9-S10. Some notable tournaments of Perkz Lane Kingdom internationally have been S7 MSI and S8 Worlds. Perkz’s play style can be considered somewhat of the opposite of the roaming play style that was popularized by Doinb in S9 Worlds. In Doinb’s style mid laner leaves his lane to roam even at the cost of his own lane to help his team get a lead. Something that Caps of G2 Mids does more often than Perkz did.

I watched the first 10 min of S10 Spring regular season (except the last troll game of season) when Perkz was last mid laner and
put up a quick summary in google docs. Also it is good to remember even S8 it was his style. For example G2 playing around solo lanes vs RNG or funnel that G2 played during summer where you basically have no jungler just to get your Mid Lane massive amount of resources so he can carry.

Summary of those S10 Spring games is basically that G2 uses more resources Mid on average than their opponent, which helps him to gain leads in CS, Gold and XP. This does not show on his KDA early though because he is 5/6/13 @10 (1/5/9 when in mid lane and 4/1/4 when roaming) and he clearly is not someone like Chovy who consistently gains massive CS leads in Mid, but even more he is not someone like Nisqy who looks to roam early. Most of the Perkz (and G2) snowballs happened during mid game. Still it is good to remember that G2 did play towards Perkz more early than Perkz played towards other roles.

It is also good to understand that even if playing towards mid is most known of Perkz play styles that does not mean he is bad or unable to play other styles as well. For example he played Sett and Ornn during S10 Spring and when comp needed it G2 would play towards Top or Bot with Perkz helping too. They just weren't as prominent.

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