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LeagueofLegends11 - Janna VU fanmade

Hello people! All right with you?

I would like to present you an art / fanmade VU by Janna. It was not done by me, but by the artist Natalia 'Verauko' Trykowska, so all the credits go to her.

f79434fw32i51 - Janna VU fanmade


Here's what Janna's model would look like in the game. It is as if the character were the wind itself trying to mold a human form or something. As Janna is a spirit, it would be very nice if she had, for example, her legs almost transparent to demonstrate that she is capable of becoming in the wind itself, as if it were a "camouflage".





I loved the third version, which features several shades of blue, a color that suits Janna a lot. Also, I like your pale skin and light hair, it makes me look more attractive and charming at the same time. I would really like Janna to have more "well done" hair. It is very uncomfortable to see that hard hair standing up, apart from the staff which is very … strange by the way. I know that if I were to update the look of the champion, Riot would be based on the look already made for WR, but this version that I'm presenting to you would be much more interesting and beautiful, apart from her older skins like Tempest, Hextech, Frost Queen and Fnatic. Another thing that would be very good for Janna, is to bring more of her identity in her lore. She is very limited in Zaun and it would certainly be nice to see her integrating with characters that control the wind, like Yasuo, since Janna is basically the wind itself.

If you want to see this artist's work, click on the link below:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lV3o1O

And we reached the end of the post, haha. I don't use Reddit a lot, so I don't know if the post was good, but I tried. Janna is one of my favorite champions and I have always loved the air element and everything related to it, so knowing that there is such a beautiful and fun character to play with makes me happy. I would really like a visual rework to happen at Janna, I know that there are champions with more properties, but we will agree that her look is also a little bad compared to the most recent champions.

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