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Jax has way too much early presence to justify his late game power.

LeagueofLegends7 - Jax has way too much early presence to justify his late game power.

Before you ask, no, I didn’t just get steamrolled by a Jax; I actually play quite a bit of Jax.

Jax does not have enough unfavorable matchups right now. He has a much easier laning phase than the traditional monster scaling champions (Twitch, Vayne, kassadin , etc)

He doesn’t lose lane to the traditional bully champs that need to win lane to be effective at all (Pantheon, teemo, jayce, Renekton, Kennan, Quinn, Kled, etc.)

He outscales every other champion in the game in the splitpush. I can’t speak for all elo’s but just mine and underneath mine (Plat and below)

He rewards bad trades by just maxing E, he nullifies any range advantage by maxing Q, he has no cooldowns to play around and also makes most roaming mid laners useless against him (TF wild card blocked by E, ward jump away,) he is too safe and too easy to take good trades in the early game to justify his late game power.

What I propose is to make his counter strike Cooldown much higher, but allow his AAs to shorten the Cooldown, same with Tryndamere dash, Graves QuickDraw and Master Yi alpha strike. This gives other top laners that rely on AAs and empowered AAs to actually trade with Jax beyond lvl 6 where his E Cooldown seems to disappear. Also, his Q ward hop should be removed, just as Katarinas Shunpo to wards was removed with her rework. Jax players should have to learn wave control and good positioning to be able to effectively scale into late game, just as every other hypercarry champion has to.


TL;DR Jax is too safe and too good at taking favorable trades in the early game to justify his late game trounce (that starts with a huge one item power spike) he comes online too early and can’t be punished like other hyper carries. Remove his Q ward hop and lengthen his counter strike Cooldown and allow it to scale down with AAs similar to Graves QuickDraw.

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EDIT : The point of the post wasn’t to say that he can’t lose lane to lane bullies. It was just to mention that he has a much easier time in the laning phase compared to other champions in his caliber of late game power. Twitch and Kassadin most notably, pretty much have to concede their early game to scrap together assists and farm well enough if they want to be relevant at all. Jax doesn’t really have this problem because he gets a truckload of resists and lower cooldowns as soon as he hits lvl 6. His windows of being punished are much shorter compared to other hyper carries. Hypercarries are supposed to be high risk high reward and Jax is relatively low risk high reward.

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