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JDG Head Coach Homme: “I think this meta greatly benefits DWG and DRX. I think TES and SN will do well from China, and G2 Esports from EU.”

LeagueofLegends10 - JDG Head Coach Homme: "I think this meta greatly benefits DWG and DRX. I think TES and SN will do well from China, and G2 Esports from EU."


Congratulations on advancing to Worlds! Could you share your thoughts?

There were a lot of player changes when I came to JDG, so it took 2 and 1/2 years for us to make it to Worlds. It feels kind of late, but I'm very happy I succeeded my first goal.

Lvmao wrote on weibo that when they qualified for worlds, Loken shed tears? Can you give us any background story?

Loken always collapsed right at the threshold of worlds, and he did not receive praise when he transferred to TES. However this year, I think he was really happy to advance to worlds and prove his worth.

This LPL summer, prestigious teams like RNG and EDG were eliminated in the postseason and V5 and LDG rebounded from their spring performance. LGD also advanced to worlds since 5 years. What are your overall thoughts of this summer season?

I think the elimination of prestigious teams was an obvious result for the reasons I think. V5 and LGD played really well to the point I want to compliment them. LGD and JDG benefited from the meta before advancing to worlds , but I feel like TES and SN will flourish in the worlds patch (10.19). I don't really like this patch.

This summer, Loken rose as another ace for the team.

Loken is a very defensive style player and gives up a lot to the enemy player. This might make people think that he is a bad player. I know that Loken is a good player. I was able to bring him back to JDG after he got bad reviews in TES. I recognize his skills and style so I believed he could be an ace for the team.

Kanavi could not secure 1st in POG standings, but other players received POGs evenly. It may seem unfortunate for each individual's career, but it also means that the team is playing on an even team level, which can be a positive sign.

LoL is a team game. We can win if everyone plays well. I think its a good sign that all players received POGS evenly.


As JDG makes its first advancement to worlds, the morale and spirit must have increased within the team.

I know that a lot of sponsorships came in. The staff, front, and players are all proud. The morale is high.

There is also a change of playstyle in the LCK. As a LPL head coach, do you think LCK teams will be able to perform or will China's strength just continue?

First of all, I'm expecting a lot from DWG. I think this meta great benefits Dwg and DRX. I think TES and SN from China and G2 from Europe will do well.

JDG is in the group with DWG. Rogue was the 1st place team in regular split, so the top teams have united.

I think DWG right now is very strong. I think they are an opponent where I will have to try my very best to beat them.

The qualifying teams from the playins have not been decided but what level of performance do you expect from groups?

There are a lot of so called "knife/sword champs" in the current meta. I want to overcome groups no matter what and at least make it to semifinals.

Your first opponent of the group stage is Damwon. You will face a difficult fight right from the opening match, which lanes do you think will be most important.

Damwon's top-jungle synergy is quite strong. Showmaker is very strong and stable in lane, and the bottom duo also endures well. It wont be easy but we will prepare well and try to face them.

We will end this interview with your resolutions for worlds.

Everyone is having a hard time because of covid 19, but I hope everyone stays strong and has a great holiday in the upcoming Chuseok holiday. We will work hard to prepare and show the fun games that Korean fans expect. Please support JDG a lot!

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