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Jiizuke on how he felt that Vitality didn’t renew his contract, and how he feels with EG (Translation from his stream)

LeagueofLegends8 - Jiizuke on how he felt that Vitality didn't renew his contract, and how he feels with EG (Translation from his stream)

Here is the clip for the context: https://clips.twitch.tv/EsteemedRichJalapenoHeyGuys

The question was: How did you took it when Vitality didn't renew your contract?

Answer: Hmm, I didn't expect it, i thought i would stay in Vitality my all career, I would have liked to start and finish my career in a team, but sadly it wont happen, Its the reason why last year I didn't leave, with what i did last year, i went to worlds and all stars in my rookie year, i could have had spectacular offers, but I decided to stay in vitality for loyalty I guess, i really wanted to stay in my first team, its weird leaving now, the second year, for sure.

After he added: vod for context https://www.twitch.tv/videos/517481842?t=1h45m22s

Question: therefore after how they treated you are you repented?

Answer: I mean I know what would have happened last year if I left, this year I would have not underperformed and many things would have been different, but that's life, you can't plan some things, you have to accumolate experience and learn from your mistakes, and this year was a mistake sadly, ill learn from my mistakes, for the future.


Other important things, Context: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/517481842?t=1h48m50s He said he his not sad about going in NA, and that he received 3/4 offers from NA and some from europe, and that he didn't consider NA till EG offer (he said he would have been bottom 3 NA with other rosters), and he thinks he can reach top 3 NA and even more with EG. He said he never wants to get knocked at quarters again like in vitality, and that he wants to point at finals and world.

Context: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/517481842?t=1h51m30s Here he sais that EG immediatly told him that they were in contact with chovy, and that he was excited to join a team with sven zeyzal and especially Bang (He also said that bang last year surely underperformed cause of his team)

Here for Context: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/517481842?t=1h54m40s

Question: What do you think was the error of Vitality this year?

We didn't have synergy one with the other, we didnt click as a team, we weren't free of doing what we would want, it was different from 2018

After he also said that he is still cool with all the vitality team.

I translated this cause I though it was interesting, sorry for the 1000 grammar errors i probably made but i did this pretty quick and english is not my first language. Hope you can find this interesting, lets hope that the italian Stallion comes back.

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