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Jung.GG – A new site to find the most common jungle paths!

LeagueofLegends13 - Jung.GG - A new site to find the most common jungle paths!

Edit: Thank you all so much for your involvement in our re-launch! We've almost hit 10,000 users this week and it means a lot after all the effort we've put in. I know there's still a handful of paths that aren't working as expected so extra thanks to all the people who pointed these out.

Opportunity: Our frontend engineer did a fantastic job but sadly he has had to stop working on the site due to personal reasons. If there's anyone who wants to volunteer to help with the HTML/CSS/JS side, regardless of experience, then please give me a message and I'll add you to our development channel. We (Data Scientists & Graphic Designers) have got plenty of ideas for the site, just need a helping hand turning them into reality.

We've spent the last year (part-time) working on a program that can extract the most popular Jungle Paths taken by high elo players (Master+) for almost all meta champions! Last week we released Version 2, with a new, cleaner UI (thanks to the help of some kind and very talented Redditors who saw our last post):


The site uses the Riot API to extract game data, then uses a "probabilistic" method to get a best estimate for where each Jungler went, although for individual games this isn't 100% effective – over the 15,000+ games we study each week, it has a high degree of accuracy. However – it can occasionally provide strange results for low volume Champions!


To be very clear – this isn't what you should do every game!

The same way a site that provides build data might suggest the highest win rate for Rammus is 6 armor items, you wouldn't follow this rule if you went against a full AP team. The paths are all situational, but you can still learn some valuable insights from using it.

We're very keen to get as much feedback as possible, so please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below – whether that's the usefulness of the site, features you'd want to see or even changes to the site design!

Will edit in the important Q&As:

What Regions do you use? We use an almost equal amount from EUW, NA and Korea

Is this updated regularly? Yes, the code is "productionised" so we can run this weekly , if it's useful.

XXXXX path doesn't look right? There's still a few teething problems, especially in the most recent patches that we're working to solve. If you let us know in the comments, we'll pull them all together and will work to improve it on the weekend.

Is there anywhere to donate? For now the site is run at a loss, and we'll keep it that way until we're happy it's stable & accurate. Thanks though!


Jack J.

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