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Kai’sa Ultimate Skin. (Featuring Professional MS Paint Drawings.)

LeagueofLegends4 - Kai'sa Ultimate Skin. (Featuring Professional MS Paint Drawings.)

Alright, so you know who Kai'sa -Daughter of the Void- is since people won't stop crying about her since she's a very unique Hybrid Marksman, and you know about passive, Living Weapon, which evolves her abilities when they reach a certain cap of Attack Damage, Ability Power, or Attack Speed. Given Kai'sa's lore, the Void, and this passive, it offers opportunity for plenty of brainstorming.

And so, as an idea for an Ultimate Skin, how about this: ULTIMATE WEAPON KAI'SA

"The time will soon come when she must decide whether to forgive those mortals who would call her a monster, and defeat the coming darkness together… or simply to forget, as the Void consumes the world that left her behind."

To start off, this is
et4Ionz - Kai'sa Ultimate Skin. (Featuring Professional MS Paint Drawings.)

Smol Kai'sa, The child caught between Humans, and the Void. Kai'sa's kit along with her passive Living Weapon, allows for plenty of versatility to the player and how they want to play that champion. and capitalize on their choices to determine how they want to play her, or they can try to go for all of them and become The Ultimate Weapon.
Vz4U6DN - Kai'sa Ultimate Skin. (Featuring Professional MS Paint Drawings.)
So many choices.

Anyway, given her nature, how will she become when she evolves?

If she chooses to build AD as her primary path, and evolves her Icathian Rain, what if her skin started to change from that, and becomes "Rockier" or "Bulkier"? (Think of creatures like Cho'Gath or Rek'Sai) maybe it can even change her character to be "rougher" or "dominant"?
yYKSyL7 - Kai'sa Ultimate Skin. (Featuring Professional MS Paint Drawings.)

To give an example.

If she goes AP, evolving her Void Seeker, she becomes "floatier" or "celestial"? (but on a grayer scale), think of Sea creatures like Jellyfish or Octopi (kind of like Vel'Koz), as she becomes more "mentally distant" or someone whose mind is on a different plane (Think Malzahar, before he went mad).

And if she goes AS, evolved her Supercharge, her body looks "sleeker" or "sharper", maybe she grows wings (like Kha'zix) or butterfly wings (since this is a Human who is becoming one with the Void), and she starts to sound more "relentless" or something like an assassin.

Regardless, players can choose how they want her to change, and multiple evolutions will fuse toghether, until she reaches her Ultimate Form, The Ultimate Weapon. regardless of whether creatures of the Void or the Outside World would be happy of that

Anyway, I decided to give my thoughts on what would be pretty cool to see in the game, and what potential can be realized when it comes to this champion and how you can tie the lore to the gameplay to the ideas to create something beautiful.

Well, that's what I think. Thank you for reading, sorry to waste your time, and have fun with your day.

Take Care.

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