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Kayle Rework’s visuals are so… disappointing

LeagueofLegends4 - Kayle Rework's visuals are so... disappointing

The idea of this thread is not to be another whining "Kayle rework sucks" thread. I want to go a little more in-depth about the issues. First I want to say that /u/RiotAugust and his team did a great job with her gameplay. I play Kayle for ~6 years and I've been having a blast with her on the PBE. I was worried about her power curve being too steep but August responded to our worries about that, so I'm just happy with it. Also, although a lot of the community has been having issues with this, it should be stated of course that this is my opinion, you have all the right to disagree and like the things I don't, but there is a reason for a big part of the Kayle community being upset.

With that out of the way, let's begin. I will start with base Kayle and then go about the problems with each skin one by one:

Base Kayle

  • The armored angel fantasy that the champion had is almost gone. She still wears armor, but it has been very reduced and the armor's design is… a little bit odd. First, she wears some over-the-top armor on her shoulders and legs, but then the main part that needs protection (abdomen) is completely unprotected. Riot has made some efforts to make her breastplate look more like a breastplate, which is good, but the fact that they took the word breastplate litterally as armor that protects only the chest instead of the entire torso is weird. I can see why they didn't go with the loincloth, clipping issues are a valid concern, but couldn't she wear real armor? I don't see why this would restrain her movements any more than the current armor, which litteraly has three spikes that could pierce her belly if she moves too quickly.
  • Her hair is really inconsistent. What I mean by that is, she has this white, spikey hair, but only in her base skin. Every other skin just uses the old, long blond hair. I'm not complaining about that, since I think the blond straight hair is 1000x better, but then why change her hair to this punk look, almost like Tracer's hair but white, only in her base skin?
  • Her face behind the helmet looks so weird in the splash art. I don't know if I can describe it exactly, but it gives me some real uncanny valley feelings. That may just be me though.
  • Edit: Remembered about this one later on. Her ascension mechanic, visually, goes completely opposite to what is stated in her lore. As Kayle ascends, she becomes an impartial avatar of justice, above human emotions an characteristics. And she shows that by… removing her armor and showing her face and her body more?

Viridian Kayle (520 RP)

  • This skin is… pretty good, actually. It would look better with green particles, but this is a non-limited 520 RP skin, so I have no complaints about it.

Iron Inquisitor Kayle (750 RP)

  • I need to congratulate the artist that worked on this one. You can see how much effort and detail that have been put into this skin, even the lantern in her waist lights up when you transform, and it's a 750 RP skin. No complaints.

Battleborn Kayle (975 RP)

  • Ok, so now is where the issues begin. I don't personally like her Armorslayer-style sword and the orange glow in her wings, I think they would look cooler in another skin, but that is not the issue. The issue is this quote from none less than Rito Games themselves:

Superior (975 RP): Pushes the champion a step beyond a simple costume change, with more immersive qualities

I'm trying to understand what are the "more immersive qualities" here. It's litterally a costume change. Which wouldn't be a problem, but this is not a 750 skin, it's 975. When you set a quality standard for yourself, you can't just ignore it when it is convenient to do so. Actually, Iron Inquisitor is a 750 and has more immersive qualities than this one.


Riot Kayle (975 RP, Legacy)

  • Okay, so… I actually like the visuals on this skin, but it really looks like it has been dropped halfway through the work because of a deadline. She has different, electrical particles for her E and a "wee woo" sound when you activate it (I personally think this is a poor choice of ability to have the sound because it's one you usually want to use the instant you activate it, but whatever). Okay, that's cool. But then… her other abilities are golden? I was believing this was just because it wasn't finished on PBE, but Skin Spotlights release the final version of it so… yeah… I guess that's it.

Transcended Kayle (975 RP, Legacy)

  • Read Battleborn Kayle, exact same issue.

Pentakill Kayle (1350 RP)

  • Apart from this skin not being called Pentakayle in in English like it is in Portuguese, no complaints, looks really cool and meets the bar for a 1350 skin.

Judgment Kayle (No price, Limited)

  • Okay, so this is skin is probably the worst offender of "we don't want to recolor the particles". It is a limited skin, the art looks great, the model looks great, but this skin looks so weird with the standard golden particles. Any other color that gave a grim feeling like green, purple or dark blue would be a lot better.

Silver Kayle (No price, Limited)

  • Same issue than Judgement Kayle, but to a lesser extent. It still looks holy, so the golden particles aren't that bad, but it would definetly look better if they were silvery. Also this skin, apart from being rare, was pretty expensive to get at the time.

Aether Wing Kayle (1820 RP)

  • I left this one for last not only because it is the most expensive, but because it has the most issues by far. So let's begin
  • This… is not a Legendary skin, really. It's an Epic skin that costs 1820 RP. I would understand if Riot didn't want to add much to this skin, but downgrading it is pretty sad. It does have a unique recall, emotes, unique particles and a, although really disappointing, unique VO. It does not have new animations for any of the abilities (only particles), it does not have a unique death animation, and it does not have a unique autoattack animation. These are not only things that the other Legendary skins have, they are also things it used to have before the rework.
  • The voice over in general. First, there are ~4 minutes of dialogue in it, while a lot of the other legendaries have 10 minutes or more. Second, they made a complete departure from the old fantasy of the skin, the reason a lot of people bought it, to make her an angry, almost fascist (litterally) space cop. And third, she has a mecha effect in her voice for some reason.
  • Continuing the point of the departure from her fantasy. This was not a mecha skin. This was actually one of the only futuristic skins that looked more like it is from Kaladesh (for my fellow MTG players) and less like Gundam. Now after level 11 it just becomes another mecha skin.

So, that's it. Maybe I'm a bit naive, but I still believe that if the community shows dissatisfaction with a product, there is still a chance that they might change some things, so… here is my contribution.

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