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Kog’Maw’s passive doesn’t make sense on a champion like him

LeagueofLegends11 - Kog'Maw's passive doesn't make sense on a champion like him

Honestly, I don't understand how this passive lasted for so long on a champion like him. Suicide passives usually belong to champions that can use them well, it works with Sion and Karthus, but with Kog'Maw, it feels lackluster and, straight up bad. Sion is a melee tank, he stays near enemies when fighting, which means that once he is killed, he is able to remain a thread, and with the lifesteal he gains, he can increase the ammount of time he stays in a fight after dying. Karthus can still cast his very high damaging abilities for a long time and I don't think I need to mention how powerful his Ultimate is in a state in which the channel cannot be interrupted.

Perhaps the best comparison would not be with those champions, but with a champion whose death passive was removed. If you look Zyra's champion spotlight in the official LoL channel, you'll see that, when released, her passive was somewhat similar to Kog'Maw: once she died, she would turn into a plant that could fire a single projectile that would deal true damage to enemies hit, and it was pretty high damage. The problem is, it was magic damage, which means it could be reduced by MR, enemies could easily run away and, worst of all, if Zyra was doing well in the game, she would hardly ever make use of it, if at all.

Kog'Maw's passive is incredibly similar to Zyra's, except worse, he has no control over when it will detonate, he can easily be outrun by many champions, and if the enemy leaps/dashes over a wall, he cannot follow them. In addition to that, we're talking about a ranged DPS champion, one that has very high range to have a basically melee passive like this, and that realistically has no reason to kill himself, Zyra also was the type of champion that was more useful alive than dead… but then again, her passive was reworked out of her kit.


Now, I'm not saying these are the best solutions, of course, but I thought of some ways that this passive could be improved. Two of them keep the core thing of suicide (though I'd say they're less desirable), but the other one is more about reworking it, also, remember it that all of them should come with damage changes:

  • Give his passive a leap+detonation – The first idea keeps the passive as it is, but gives him the ability to leap to an area, not necessarily a Tristana leap, but maybe one that is enough to go through walls, that would help with a chase as well as stop the passive from being countered by a wall. The leap would cause him to detonate immediatly, which would also give him control over when it will detonate.

  • Make his passive more like Zyra's old passive – This is simple as well, instead of having Kog detonate where he is, let him fire a projectile. Again, it would give him more control and potential to fire through walls, which would help against enemies who would flee him too easily.

  • Detonate the enemies instead – This one is more similar to Lissandra's passive, if Kog'Maw gets a kill or an assist on an enemy champion, the champion will detonate, dealing damage. Maybe add a slime similar to his E's, to give him more utility and control, would certainly be much more rewarding, as he would use it when killing instead of when being killed.

I really feel like Kog'Maw doesn't get enough love, the AP buffs made him more versatile, but he is still not that great, and I think the lack of a reliable passive is the main issue. A passive that rewards death should be the kind to give a great advantage, but his passive not only fails to do so, but it also doesn't feel like it belongs on a champion that isn't supposed to die too much in the first place. He needs serious changes in that regard.

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