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Korean Challenger (streamer, ex-pro, academy trainee) talks about best Laner they met in SoloQ in 2020.

LeagueofLegends10 - Korean Challenger (streamer, ex-pro, academy trainee) talks about best Laner they met in SoloQ in 2020.

I did translation for dopa's talk one time. One thing lead to another, I have joined the league of legend. I played bot till 30, straight to rank. Placed in silver3. I thought to myself " I thought silver was average. I I guess I have some talent" then went straight down to iron as my skills were revealed. I'm climbing little by little.

I have climbed out of Iron 1 -> Bronze 4. Every time I move up, I'll translate something from korean's lol stuff. There are some faker's interviews thats not translated from magazine, dopa's tips for beginners, Wolf talk about T1 history…and etc…

My reddit history will show my translation skills.

Members talk.

GunPangMan Top Lane Challenger – 895LP (irelia, sett, akali)
JustLikeThat Jungle Challenger Streame,Ex Pro 885 LP – (leesin, graves, nidalee)
Junbard – Jungler Challenger Streamer ( Karthus, lillia, graves)
Deokdam (ADC, pro lol nongshim redforce)
Untara – Ex Griffin, Top Laner
khan: famous challenger. random comments here and there

Who is the best player you met in soloQ in korean serve 2020? and the who's the worst teammate?

GunPang Man

T: Zeus (T1)
J: Oner (T1). He plays pool with his lee sin angles
M: Pnpm
B: Deokdam, I always feel like I get carried when he's on my team
S: I don't know much about the tools
W: Happy Game. Whenever he plays, jungle lives in the bot lane. Mid can't push b/c there is no vision


T : ZEUS, I won with him in our team a lot.
J: Of course DWG Canyon. Other jungles are same-same but I can't win against Canyon
M: for my play style? Pnpm. Because in order for game to go the way I want…Laner must stay alive. He never dies. he plays "optimally"
B: purely on SoloQ rec? Viper (EG) he does everything on his own. and Aiming (BLG)
S: I can't really…think of anyone. Especially this season (Beryl was good though)
W: JunFan (everybody laughs) (The fiora dude?) and he cuss on teddy's stream and of course happy game and K Chen (another fiora)


T: Saechaepo (often considered #1 poppy) (everybody comments, he's line management ..) once he holds poppy, you can't win lane against him and zeus
J: there is this karthus jungler…zyb.(yeah he duals with Ucal). When he's on the other side, I don't feel like playing. Besides him…Canyon. Alright first of all, when he plays nidalee. His spear comes in a curved line!!!!
M; Showmaker, or Clozer. When clozer chooses irelia. He can 1 v 3.
B: Viper. You can't win. I don't know how but…he's level 1 and has a 2x attack speed. and Aiming. he's about 1.5 attack speed.
S: Life and Beryl ( you like hook support). First Beryl's pantheon.(DWG Support) He plays on his own 1v2 as support. And Life's Sett (GEN G). His sett's haymaker true damage zone is the whole zone. He never misses.
W: Iwandy (everybody screams!!! that MF!!). When he plays janna, he never stays more than 3 minutes in a lane. 15 minute game he's at top 13 minutes. And "as open" you ping him 3 times, he afk.

T1 Oner

T: the zeus kid, he's academy kid so I don't really know. (jkjk) Kiin. When he plays Camille, he's hook shot reaches 2 meters. You can never dodge
J: no doubt its tarzan but also…Z RyeoKOR. Especially his graves. He comes in level 2, I get hit 3 times and I die. (isn't he ok as long he doesn't use ignite?) He always use ignite. (lol)
M: ZZorap (Zoe's challenger, known for his creative plays)
B: Viper and Prince (livv Sandbox aka "iris"). Especially Viper.
S; i'm not sure, but in the early phase SwordArt
W: happy game (khan: that guy is ahole). I don't …..necessary hate, but he plays champ that makes jungle hard to play


T: usually it was hard to play against chinese jax . But there are so many ID's so..(Untara is camille) and Kingen (JAX player),
J: Tarzan for SoloQ. When I get ganked, i feel like its all my fault (khan: thats because its ur fault stupid!lol)
M: Ucal's Orianna
B: Viper for sure…and probably Aiming
S: i dun….really. I just assume it as "bot" group not individual
W: happy game. When he's playing we gotta save teleport. And smooth Grave. He's like the happy game for jungler.

Any advice to climb from Bronze 4 to bronze 3 would be appreciated.
see u then~

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