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KOREAN fans debate who the best MID is right now

LeagueofLegends10 - KOREAN fans debate who the best MID is right now

Image being widely shared in the korean community right now:


With the conclusion of Worlds 2020, Korean fans are debating who the best players are right now. This is what they are saying:


BDD: Despite not having the best solo performances, he is one of the best team players and is a great enabler of his teamates. Very consistent player. Some say he's better than Chovy coz he has won two LCK rophies (this is mostly to flame Chovy) but overall he's rated as the 4th best mid right now.

T1 CLOZER: He is a weird spot right now. He has potential to be one of the best mids in the world but with Faker on the team, he may not play as many games as he'd liked to. Fans are debating whether he should get the starting spot or give Faker his last chances to win Worlds. Some fans want to loan him out to other teams to continue his development.

FAKER: Still rated highly and doesn't seem to get flamed much despite some poor performances. Says his decline is only natural with age. He is the best team player having won multiple trophies with different rosters for many years. Says T1 should get him a good self sufficient jungler (they want Kanavi or Tarzan) so he can focus on his lane and doesn't have to micromanage everyone. They are really rooting for him to win Worlds one last time before retiring.


CHOVY & SHOWMAKER: This is where the main debate happens. Some rate Chovy as the best in the world but others say Showmaker is better coz he won Worlds. There is consensus that Chovy has better laning and mechanics based on CS stats, solo kill stats etc. But some say Showmaker is the better overall midlaner. Others hit back saying Showmaker is surrounded by the best players at their respective roles so he doesn't carry much and can rely on his teammates while Chovy is playing with a nonexistent jungle in Pyosik and an average top in Doran and basically has to 1v9 every game to get good results. Showmaker fans hit back saying how can someone who's never won a trophy be considered the best? (See image above)


Nuguri is rated as the best right now but many think TheShy is still the best despite recent struggles. Canna is rated just behind Nuguri, some say he plays better weakside than Nuguri. They're discussing whether T1 should get Nuguri and go all out to try to win Worlds or keep Canna as their top. Canna is a rookie and younger than Nuguri so he has potential to catch Nuguri next year if T1 trust him.


While Canyon is regarded by many as the best right now, Tarzan is still highly rated. They think he should team up with Chovy to try to win Worlds.


Ruler and Teddy are highly rated. Says Teddy look worse compared to Ruler because T1 wants to play through Canna and doesn't give Teddy much resources to carry while Ruler is the sole carry at GenG and every play goes through him. Deft is still very good. His overall decline is to be expected with age.

SUPPORT: Beryl was the best this year but next year they expect Keria to surpass him. Keria is only 18 and has the best mechanics among supports. Says T1 picking him up is the best decision for both parties.

What are your thoughts?

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