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Korean Reactions for TL vs IG semifinals

LeagueofLegends8 - Korean Reactions for TL vs IG semifinals

So it's the weekend, NA just won and I have nothing to do so decided to stay up and make use of my time.

I suck at formatting btw, the bulleted quotes are the comments and the quotes below are replies to the comment.



  • CoreJJ is fucking insane…
  • IG was supposedly an 'another level' team, now that TL stomped them I guess they're succeeding that spot?
  • Haven't seen the VOD yet so in a hurry before I get spoiled. Just want to leave this here: I sincerely congratulate NA. They've screwed up for so long, everyone considered them '4fun' level, and now they've gone and stomped the favorites and on their way to the final… never dreamed this would happen. I further congratulate TL, and DL and CoreJJ, my favorite players on that team. Also I think the favorites are doomed to drop out, it's a curse, never using the term 'another level' on a Korean team again.
  • Doublelift, after his 2017 worlds droupout: Bring me a Korean support good enough and I might win too

– O shit he was right

– lmao that actually happened?

– I'm getting shivers now

– Locodoco says hello

ㄴ Fuck off

ㄴ He said 'good'

  • Ning said 'a dog could play instead of me and we'd still win', 'we play happy against weaker teams'. This could backfire heavily, people are gonna eat him alive…

– Tbh I wondered if there really was a dog on his seat today

– Should've brought the dog, look what happened when Ning played

  • Ning severely underperformed today. He was wandering around aimlessly in the jungle all day long except for match 3 where Rookie cracked the game open with LeBlanc. He threw so fast with Lee that it reminded me of Chapman
  • LPL sandbagging again. Already hiding strats for Worlds, 200 iq

– lmfao

  • Ivern worked well for IG but the dog didn't
  • Doublelift with a support that's actually good… Such a shame, NA could have won worlds with DL with his 2012 mechanics and a Korean support.
  • Respects to DL and Impact, applause for Xmithie and Jensen, and praises for CoreJJ. That's all I have for today's series. Insane.
  • Wondering if subbing a dog in Ning's place and picking Yuumi could have done better
  • As we saw in groups, IG was prone to picking the wrong fights but came out even or on top because they were mechanically superior. Today, however, TL dodged and danced away everytime IG tried to bruteforce in, and managed to dictate the pace of the game, thus accumulating IG's deficits over time. Once IG made a crucial mistake, it was game over for them.

– For the finals I think SKT is a better version of TL, so expecting a stomp if SKT goes to the finals, and an entertaining series if G2 does.

  • I thought they had a chance after watching Xmithie in game 1. His decisions are quite good and proactive on the days he hits his skillshots. Little did I realize he'd be this good; forgive me sir. CoreJJ is the best support as per usual, DL is NA's last stand… but big thanks to Impact for showing up this MSI; he worried me. Who cares if his fingers don't work as well as TheShy? Impact was better in teamfights, grouping and fused much better with his teammates. I left a comment a month ago saying Xmithie will go stealth mode in international tournaments; well I was completely wrong. All hail Lord Xmithie!
  • Oh boy RNG fans were waiting for this one, weibo is going to blow up.
  • 'I shall be waiting for you, Hyeok, at the summit'
  • jg diff gg
  • MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! (no this is not a translation) Mad props to brother Doublelift!
  • CoreJJ is actually on fire now wtf, I don't think he was this good even when he won worlds. And how is Xmithie playing so well lol
  • Ning should stay off the internet for a while…
  • So this is one of the 'low biorhythm' plays Ning has every once in a while, huh
  • Diablo 3 came out in 2012, DL was on Clg in 2011. Let that sink in
  • Hm, did Jensen play that well? Even on Lux he barely hit his bindings. Imo mid difference had a pretty big impact on other lanes in game 1 and 2. Meanwhile CoreJJ and Xmithie played so, so well. IG must be mental boom right now, I don't think they ever thought of losing.

– Jensen was average, not 'great' at all. I saw his Lux skillshots too..

– He sucked in lane and showed up in teamfights so it evens out I guess

– He was massive in teamfights as Orianna. Constantly had 3 man ults and demanded the enemy team's attention. His laning wasn't great however and didn't hit enough skillshots except for his shockwaves.

  • TheShy underperformed even more than Ning.

– Ning sucked, TheShy threw. That, I think, is the difference.

  • CoreJJ is a goddamn beast today. This game had me wondering: what if Aphromoo were here instead?

– Then they wont be here for MSI

– That would be 'typical NA' and we watched too much of that

  • Beautiful performance from NA, and I never thought I'd say beautiful and NA performance in the same sentence
  • DL deserves respect. You just can't reach the top with raw talent anymore, and the fact that this guy stays at the top with those years like an ammonite behind him speaks volumes. 'Tryhard' aside, his self management and motivation must be insane. I remember he gave his best at some tournament after his tragedy struck, and all the negativity I had towards him evaporated. Been respecting him as a player ever since.

– A lot of the players in the early pro leagues had decent success playing but was terrible in terms of potential and longetivity. DL has proved that he's competent at both. Insane really.

– I'd buy DL's autobiography. Even in English.

  • Maybe BB was the best top world all along, idk at this point, no one at msi is smashing Impact like they're supposed to.

<Inven> Note: Inven is basically dead

  • I guess GenG's late game power was really on CoreJJ, did not expect TL to show peak GenG performance today.
  • Wow they're going home after going 9-1? Has science gone too far?
  • IG still playing happy, I see
  • IGverpool

– Except IG has a trophy?

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