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Korea’s pregame discussion/comments on G2 vs DWG

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– DWG of course should win, but hope it doesn't end up a boring match. This Worlds had so many great games. It's a match more anticipated than the finals, so I hope to see a match where both teams play fearless with a clear strategy

– I watch a lot of LEC and I think EU teams are severely underrated. In the LEC finals, I saw a lot of chat like "is the skill level for real?" How does such a bad region end up with results like last year's MSI, beat SKT in Worlds and this year's GenG… I think DWG is one of the best teams in the history of LCK, so I am somewhat relieved, but I hope they don't be careless and prepare well. At least it will be super fun to watch from an audience perspective.

– Why is Fnatic not a strong team? If Fnatic is a weak team who went 5 games vs TES who are the favorite to win the whole thing, should we treat DRX and GenG, who showed absolutely nothing, as garbage?


– Hope we destroy G2 and would like to comfort them afterward

– DWG will win at least 1 game and I can't imagine G2 not winning a single game either. It's going to be a great match. Let's go all the way to game 5!

– 3rd region LCK

– All KR pride aside, i see a G2 win 3:1


– Demolishing G2 would be fun to watch as well

– Just win please

– Please win for us

– I think it will be 50/50. It'll be a 3:2 no matter what, since GenG got destroyed

– 3rd region's 1st seed can't beat 2nd regionss 1st seed

– DWG Fighting

– The world was surprised when 18RNG lost to G2. It will be even more if DWG loses to G2

– G2 is a good team too so I just wish we win

– T1 got brutally destroyed who we said was LCK's last hope last year. Hope this time is different.

– Let it be my weak faith. Please win DWG

– Is it just me that thinks we will lose this time? Feels like we will get overpowered… I am good at getting these things right..

– Should change Pickem finals to G2. At least I will get some points if G2 wins. I don't care if I don't get any points if DWG wins.

– Don't matter what anyone says DWG is going to win. lol.

– G2 barely beat LCK 3rd seed 3:0, DWG easily beat LCK 2nd seed 3:0. DWG is obviously stronger than G2

– G2 is not a pushover team, so I think we can either win or lose. It's ok as long as it's not one-sided. No pressure, just show us your best game as always. Expect a great match. DWG fighting~!

– I want Jankos to do well

– I just wish G2 destroys all lanes. These KR priders who think LCK is still the best lol. Jankos fighting!

– Destroy DWG and show us how good the 2nd region is. G2 fighting

– Will lose if we can't stop Caps

– I am routing for G2 because I am a G2 fan

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