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Korea’s Reaction to G2 vs GEN Series (translated)

LeagueofLegends12 - Korea's Reaction to G2 vs GEN Series (translated)

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Title: Creative G2 shuts down GenG with a sweep

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– LCK has no future if GenG is the one participating in Worlds. We are a clear 4th tier league full of teams that can't even beat an old school style team like GenG.

– Was really a xxx gameplay. What a waste of 3rd seed

– 3rd tier league 3rd seed vs 2nd tier league 1st seed. A natural result. Nothing to be ashamed of

Other Comments:

– Mid Jungle diff… Ruler was so good 123matches

– Mid diff

– G2 was prepped really well and Caps was outstanding, but if you listen to the commentators and the player's interviews BDD cares about laning phase a lot and Caps focuses on the team game rather than just laning phase and Caps took the lead early and snowballed it well. TL;DR Good job Ruler. Lets go DWG

– Jungle Mid diff

– Just combine GenG and DRX

– So we just have DWG left

– From ban pick, gameplay to preparation, there wasn't one thing GenG was better at than G2. G2 taunted on SNS that they were going to easily win. It was evident from the early game that G2 had prepared really well to counter GenG, but GenG did not show anything all 3 games to say that they had prepared anything

– DWG fighting

– Let's not criticize GenG too much. How do you expect a 3rd seed from a third tier league beating a 1st seed from a 2nd tier league.. DWG is the mutant. You guys all knew LCK was just about this level?

– Can't believe that team was 1st seed out of Groups. How soft was that group


– Good job GenG. They were a different weight class so no regrets

– lol really legendary

– G2 is G2. Destroyed them

– Its ok. GenG was a throw away card. Lets go trust DWG

– BDD is worse than a gold TF

– GenG had the better pick ban 2nd 3rd game. Why do guys throw the game like that Jungle Mid.. Really..

– G2 is not a team to ignore. They beat SKT last year and went deep 2 years in a row

– Fortune teller told me that Jungle Mid was going to carry the game, I guess he was right lol

– A really bad team just played really bad. Don't get too mad

– SKT would have won at least 1 game

– Dive in the pool next to the stage and swim

– What happened to the performance shown in Groups. lol. Was there a hole in the XP bar?

– Real shame lol

– Just weight class diff

– One thing for sure is that Caps is really good

– We will know if G2 was strong or if GenG was bad when they play DWG

– They were so bad. It was a 3-0 just as Ruler said lol

– Could have won if they borrowed Mid Jungle from DRX for real

– What a waste of my Sunday watching thinking that they were going to come back

– BDD ban TF if you are bad at it

– Where are the people who ignored G2 now? lol

– GG GenG

– G2 recovered their condition from last year. Shouldn't think easily of DWG vs G2

– DWG can't be for sure. From G2s perspective, they beat DWG 3to1 last year and they beat GenG even worse than DWG did

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