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Korea’s Reactions on Bjergsen Retirement

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All of a sudden?

얘는 진지하게 유럽에서 먹힐재능인데 지금도;;

Seriously, I think he can be still competitive even in EU right now.

0-6 찍고 현타왔나? 갑자기 왜? 얘는 기량 ㄹㅇ ㅆㅅㅌㅊ였는데

Maybe shocked after 0-6? His form has been top-notch still.

아니 너보다 잘하는 미드별로없는데 북미에…….

There is only few mid laner better than bjerg in NA though….

-> 별로 ㄴㄴ 아예 ㅇㅇ

-> few X. none O.

->파오에 하나 있긴함

-> There is PoE

Good bye. King of NA


아니 이게 무슨소리야 덥맆도 안한 은퇴를 역슨이가?

What do you mean? Even DL hasn’t retired yet.

감독으로 간다는거네 ㄷ 누가 대체할려나. 늘 코칭하면서 다른사람들이랑 피드백하고 발전시키는거 좋아했는데. 선수로써 자기에게 집중해야하니 그게 힘들기도 했다구..

He is going to be a head coach. I wonder who will replace him. He liked coaching and exchanging feedback with others to improve. Maybe that was hard since he had to focus as a player too..

-> TSM Perkz


북전파 소리듣던애가 페이커보다 먼저 은퇴하니 뭔가 이상한 기분이네

Feels weird when a player with a nickname of NA Faker retires earlier than Faker..

또 한세대가 지는구나. 진짜 이번 롤드컵이 마지막이였구나……

Another generation falls. This Worlds was actually last as a player for him..


ㅈㄴ 아쉽다 아직도 북미 최고 기량 미드인데….. 쓰레기들 데리고 롤드컵 온 죄밖에없는 역슨이가..

It’s a bummer. He is still top NA mid laner. All his fault was bringing his garbage team to Worlds..

솔직히 할만했어 멱살잡고 롤드컵보낸건 존나 잘했는데 롤드컵때 너무 못했어

Honestly, not surprised. He indeed sent his team to Worlds on his own, but he played poorly at Worlds.

지금 비디디보다 더 잘하는거 같은데;;

I think he still plays better than BDD;;

커리어는 엄청난데 아쉽네 그래도 멋진 선수였는데…. 은퇴하고 더 잘되길

He had a great career but it’s still sad. He was a cool player. Hope the best for him after retirement.

비역슨은 많이 아쉬울듯 북미가 아니라 eu였으면 월즈에서 더 잘했을텐데

He might feel sad. If his team was EU, he could have performed better at Worlds.

롤드컵 성적이 어느정도 됐어도 현역으로 남았을거 같은데 0-6에서 충격 많이 받은듯?

I think he might have played more if they performed better at Worlds. He must be shocked by 0-6.

덥구한테 물어봤는데 계속 한다니까 빡친듯

Maybe he asked DL if he’s going to play more and DL said yeah and bjerg got mad.


Team Solo Mid to Team Solo Mom

스프링 2라운드에 다시 보자

See you again at 2nd round in Spring split.



-> 왜 죽이는데!!!

-> Don’t kill him though

정말…고생했고 고맙고 덕분에 경기 보는게 재밌고 행복했다. 코치로 제2의 커리어 잘 이어가길 바람 지구 반대편에 있는 팀의 한 선수일뿐인데 내 감정에 이렇게까지 영향을 미치냐

Thanks for your hard effort. Really enjoyed watching his games. Hope the best for his coaching career. He’s just a player at the other side of Earth but still, so much feels…

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