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Korea’s reactions to Seraphine

LeagueofLegends1 - Korea's reactions to Seraphine

I brought some comments because some people were curious about the reaction of the Korean league community to Seraphine.



소나 2 ㅋㅋㅋ 개웃기네스킬배낏네


인게임 느낌은 조이 스킬셋은 소나 및 유틸 폿들. 걍 잡탕 그 자체 독특 다 뒤졌네

In-game feels like Zoe, and Skill set is the same as Sona and Utility supporters. It's just a mess. Where is 'UNIQUE'?

말하는거 보면 세라핀 자체를 기획한 다음 KDA에 넣기로 한 게 아니라 KDA 신캐를 만들어놓고 그걸 룬테라에 어거지로 쑤셔박으려고 낑낑댄거 같네.

Riot did not think of making KDA Seraphine skin after planning Seraphine. They planned Seraphine for KDA first, and Added ridiculous lore about Runeterra Piltover Seraphine

스킬셋 겹치는건 챔프 많아서 그러려니 해주는데 컨셉부터 너무 이질적이야 늦지않았다 출시하지말고 삭제하자

Even if it is understandable that there are too many champions with similar skills, the concept itself is too disparate. It's not too late. Don't release it. Delete it.


여태 나오는 케릭들 다 불만 없었는데 이건 역대급 노근본 ㅋㅋ 몇개월 동안 이놈 선전만 몇번을 본건지 자캐딸이 도를 넘었음. 있던 케릭을 편입시킨것도 아니고 kda 숫가락 얻을 자캐딸하나 만드는게 웃김. 도대체 누구 대갈통에서 나온 생각인지. 심지 스킬셋도 대충만든거 보면 인게임 개발팀은 더럽게 만들기 싫었나 싶기도함

I've never complained about all new champions, but this is the weirdest thing ever. How many times have I seen this girl's propaganda in months? Riot's favoritism for this champion went too far. It is funny that Riot created a champion for KDA instead of putting the existing champion in KDA. I wonder whose idea it is. Looking at Seraphine's skill, which seems to have been roughly made, I wonder if the in-game development team didn't want to work.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스킨3개+테두리+아이콘+감정표현+미션노동 세트로 파는걸 초월스킨 ㅇㅈㄹ

3 Skins + border + Icon + emote + mission = Sell them as a set. They call it Ultimate Skin. lol

“심도 있고 강렬한 판타지” = 고수익 실현

"Deep and Intense Fantasy" = High Profit Realization

말이 좋아 초월이지 그냥 크로마잖아 ^^

They call it Ultimate Skin, but it's just chroma ^^

As expected, the reaction is generally not good. Some community sites are more critical. Korean league community think Riot is ruining KDA.

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