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Korea’s Reactions to Worlds 2020 Finals

LeagueofLegends11 - Korea's Reactions to Worlds 2020 Finals

For the first time since I started doing these, I only saw wholesome comments for all the players. Enjoy, and see you next year (maybe)

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625

Game 1

고스트 미쳤네 존나 잘함

Ghost is crazy. So fucking good.

고스트 돌았냐진짜???? 세체원이네 미쳤냐고

Is Ghost serious???? He’s the best ADC in the world wtf

와 진짜 5명다 베스트플레이 다 하는거 실화냐 구멍진짜 단 1명도 없네 미쳤다 경기력

All 5 players are making the best plays. There is not one hole in their teamplay.

쑤닝 옛날담원보는거같다 발전가능성 ㅈㄴ높은거같은데?

Suning reminds me of the old Damwon. I feel like their potential is super high

20 세체폿은 우승을 못해도 베릴일듯함 이번 시즌 썸머부터 미쳤다 그냥 아주

2020’s best support in the world has to be Beryl even if Damwon doesn’t win Worlds. He’s been playing out of his mind since this summer.

베릴이 ㄹㅇ 옵저버네 다 찾아줌

Beryl is the real observer. He’s finding all the plays.

Game 2

근데 쑤닝도 존나잘한다 ㄷㄷ

Okay but Suning is really good too

소프엠 ㅈㄴ 잘하네..

SofM is so good…

빈 진짜 미쳤음 탑천재들의대결..

Bin is really crazy. The battle of genius top laners…

저번주에 봤던 피오라가 아닌데?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

This is not the Fiora I saw last week LOL

쑤닝은 진짜 쏘프엠 빈이 진짜 무섭다

SofM and Bin are really scary

쇼매는 그냥 AP하는게 가장 좋아보임

I think Showmaker should just play an AP champion.

소프엠 챔프폭은 진짜 지리는것 같다 자르반에 렝가에 요즘 메타 아닌챔들 들고 저정도면ㄷㄷ

SofM’s champion pool is scary. He’s playing that well with the non-meta champions like Jarvan and Rengar

Game 3

와 슈발 드디어 레오나 밴함

Holy fuck finally a Leona ban

피카츄정도로 되겠어? 너구리?

You think you can make it work with Pikachu? Nuguri?

빈은왜 겁이없이플레이함??

Why does Bin play like he has godmode on???

너구리 진짜 미쳤네 존나잘한다 진짜 와 ㅋ

Nuguri is so fucking good holy

고스트 손 떠는거봐ㄷㄷㄷㄷ 진짜 힘들었다.

Look at Ghost’s hands shaking. Phew that was hard

역대 꿀잼 결승이네

This is the most entertaining Worlds Finals ever

이게 롤드컵이지

THIS is Worlds

엄마! 나 커서 담원이 될래요!


Mom! I wanna be Damwon when I grow up!

진짜 재밌다 와 결승은 이렇게 치고박고 해야지 ㅅㅂ 최근에 너무 3대떡만 나와서 재미 없었는데 진짜 개재밌다

This is so fun to watch man. This is how a Worlds Finals should be with fights going back and forth. We’ve only had boring 3-0’s recently but this is so much fun.

쑤닝 매세트마다 렙업되는거 같은데?

It feels like Suning is leveling up after every game

내가 손이 다떨리네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 타자도 잘 못치겠다 LCK 1부 복귀하기 진짜 힘들다

My hands are shaking and I’m not even playing LOL I can’t even type. LCK’s return to the best league is so difficult

와 쑤닝 미쳤어 테스를 괜히 이긴게 아니여

Suning is crazy. They definitely didn’t beat TES for nothing

결승 노잼일까 걱정했는데 다시는 그런 생각 안하겠습니다…. 그냥 이겨주세요….심장에 무리가 갑니다…

I was worried the finals would be boring but… I’ll never think that again… Please just win… My heart can’t take it…

Game 4

쑤닝도 ㄹㅇ 잘했다결승 올라올만함

Suning played really well too. They deserved the finalist spot

어느팀도 데려가지 않던 고스트가 해냈습니다

The Ghost that no teams wanted did it.

뱅기 전역하자마자 1부리그 되찾네 뱅기 차이

As soon as Bengi finished his military service LCK got the first place spot back. Bengi diff

이번에 오른 스킨 나온다 vs 안나온다

Do we get an Ornn skin or not

3년연속 정글이 파엠받네

The jungler gets Finals MVP for 3 years in a row now

담원스킨 나오면 다사야겠다ㅋ

I’m gonna buy all the skins when the Damwon skins come out

오른스킨 무조건이다 이거 오른 스킨나온다면q기둥 대신 트로피 올라온다 ㄹㅇ

This has to be an Ornn skin right? The trophy instead of a pillar for Q?

8년 기록 갱신하는 팩트 롤드컵 우승을 하려면 탑미드가 한국인이어야 한다

For 8 years in a row now the World Champion team’s Top and Mid are Koreans.

After Nuguri's interview where he said he's thinking about Kennen for his skin

오른 운다 야… 이건 너구리가 잘못했다…

Ornn is crying man… This is all Nuguri’s fault

말자하 클럽에 오신걸 환영합니다 오른

Welcome to the Malzahar club, Ornn

인생은 케넨처럼 슬렁슬렁 놀면서 일하고 스킨도 받고

Live life like Kennen. Just lay back, don’t work too hard and receive free skin

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