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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 1

LeagueofLegends8 - Korea's reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 1

Hello everyone, here's your daily dose of Korean flame. It took a while because I had to get approved to post. Not much to say about TES and DWG games, as they were just marveling at their level of play, so today's post is more about the other games. See you tomorrow!

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625

근데 플퀘 기대1도안했는데도 그거보다 더 기대이하네

I didn’t expect anything from Flyquest but they’re even worse.

뱅은 저 팀한테 털려서 못온거라며

You’re telling me Bang didn’t make it to worlds because he lost to that team (FQ).

네 라이프 세트 고별경기였습니다 이제부터 못보겠네요

Yup that was Life’s Sett retirement game. We won’t be able to see it ever again.

룰러 중이염이래 컨디션 안좋을만 했네 아직도 엄청 아프다는데

Apparently Ruler has middle ear infection and he says it still hurts a lot. I guess that explains his form today.

승부의신 TSM 1위해놨는데 할수있지 TSM?

한 7년전쯤 그랬으면 가능했음

I put TSM first in my pick ems. You can do it right TSM?

Yeah if it was 7 years ago maybe.

상하이에서 서울까지 몇키로냐? 수영으로 내년안에는 오겠지?

How many kilometers is it from Shanghai to Seoul? If they swim back they’ll be here next year right?

LCK도 4시드였으면 위험할뻔했음 보는내내 불안해

It would’ve been dangerous if LCK got 4 seeds too. Watching GenG gives me anxiety.

비디디 루시안은 봉인하자…

Let’s seal BDD’s Lucian…

룰러는 그렇다치고 비디디는 어디가 아프냐? 비디디도 어디 아픈거 맞지? 안아픈거면 더 심각함;;

Okay Ruler is excused, then where is BDD hurting? BDD is sick too right? It’s worse if he isn’t;;

TSM환청 들리노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 무관중인데 응원소리들림


Why do I hear TSM chants when there’s no audience.

lck 3승이니까 이제 메인매치 맘놓고 봐야지

LCK won all 3 games so it’s time to watch the main match TSM vs FNC feeling good

북미는 북미했다.

NA did NA.

민트초코같은 경기력이다 오묘하다

Both teams (TSM &FNC) are playing like how mint chocolate tastes. Can’t explain it

누가 C조 죽음의 조라고 그랬냐? 그냥 젠지 LGD가 올라가겠네. 아. 졸리다

Who said Group C was a group of death? This just looks like GenG and LGD will easily advance. I’m falling asleep.

젠지가 ㄹㅇ 개꿀조였네 8강까진 거의 무임승차 할거같은데

Turns out GenG had a free group. Looks like they’ll get to playoffs for free.

최상위팀 경기를 너무 일찍봤어 ㅋㅋ 담원 테스 얘들이 비정상이었던거고 사실 이런 경기들이 롤드컵 평균수준인데 시작부터눈을 너무 높이 올려놨어 ㅋㅋㅋ

We watched top teams’ games too early. This is the real average level of play at worlds but Damwon and TES set the bar too high up.

북미 올해는 다르다 LEC랑 비볏으면 다르긴한거지

NA is different this year. They were even with LEC for a bit so that’s different.

TSM이 아니라 TST네 탑 혼자 겜하누…

It’s not TSM, it’s TST. BB is the only one playing the game.

티에쎔이 lcs 우승팀임?

TSM won LCS?

덮구야 올해도 잘 부탁해 너는 항상 3등이었어 너를 믿고 있단다

Doublelift I trust you’ll take care of my pick ems this year too. You were always third. I believe in you.

젠지 경기력 정말 위태위태 하긴 했는데 1등은 할거 같다 ㅋㅋ

GenG looked really shaky today but it looks like they’ll finish first either way.

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