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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 4

LeagueofLegends9 - Korea's reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 4

Hey everyone, while browsing today I found a Reddit reaction thread! They translated your comments on the DRX vs FLY game and seemed to love them. Anyway, see you next time.

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625

TL vs G2

북미해설들이 제일불쌍하다….매판 어떻게 포장하누…..대놓고 쓰레기라고 하지도 못할텐데…

I feel bad for NA casters. They can’t even call their own teams bad.. how do they sugarcoat it every game…

옌슨 저새끼 뭐하냐

What is Jensen doing

이럴빠에야 택티컬단식 세나시키고 코장 오공 같은거해서 코장 몰아주는게 더이득인거같다 ㄹㅇ딜러진 개발암이여

Honestly just put Tactical on starving Senna and give CoreJJ Wukong or something and give him all the gold at this point. TL backline is cancer.

진지하게 코장이 미드 원딜 더 잘할 것 같다

Core would probably be a better Mid and AD. Seriously.

코장이 혼자 다 하네

Core is doing everything by himself.

니달리가 창을 잘쏘는건가? 창을 잘 맞는건가?

Is the Nidalee good at landing spears or is TL bad at dodging it?

라이프가 세트서폿은 어나더레벨이긴하네 코장도 잘하고있는데 그정도 느낌은 안나네

Life Sett support really is on another level. Core played really well but still didn’t feel like Life’s.

지투는 역시 겜 지들이 다함 이기는것도 지는것도 지들손으로 정함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

G2 really plays their own game. Whether they win or lose they decide it themselves.

북미 1시드랑 3시드 바뀐거아니냐? 어케 TSM이 1시드노

Aren’t NA’s first and third seeds switched? How is TSM first seed

오늘의 북미는 다르다!

Today’s NA is different!

결국 g2 약점은 확실해졌네 캡스가 좀만 말려도 전력의 반도 안나옴

Well looks like we found G2’s weakness. If Caps gets behind they’re not even half the team they can be.


A조 눈썩이네 ㄹㅇ

Group A really rots my eyes.

이런 MCX한테 진 TL한테 진 G2에게 진 수닝 혼란의 조

Suning lost vs G2 that lost vs TL that lost vs Machi. Group of chaos.


스프링 케리아 모드가 안나오네 그땐 뭔 저런 신인이 다있나 했는데 요즘은 너무 평범해

Keria can’t get his Spring form out. Back then he was an insane rookie but now he’s just average.

도란이 인성이 진짜좋은가봐 강한자한테 강하고 약한애들한테는 약하게하고

Doran must be a really nice person. He’s strong vs strong opponents and weak vs weak ones.

drx 왜이래 진짜 얘내는 잘해야 8강이려나

What is DRX doing… I guess they’re quarterfinals at best.

진짜 플퀘랑 비비면 앞으로 어떻게 올라가냐

If you go even with FlyQuest how are you gonna advance from here.

우리가 알던 drx로 돌아왔네

Yup they’re back to the DRX we know.

이그나 애국자네 ㅋㅋ 고맙다

Ignar is a true patriot. Thank you.

쵸비야 이적하자

Hey Chovy let’s get you to a different team

잊지않겠습니다 이그나

I will never forget, Ignar.

이그나는 역시 R키 없을때 최강 궁만 배우면…


Ignar really is the best when he doesn’t have the R skill. As soon as he levels it up…


재키러브 세나 한번 더 보여주세여

Jackeylove please show us your Senna one more time.

잭키러브가 그냥 괴물이네 괜히 우승권팀에 계속있는게 아니네

Jackeylove is just a monster. There’s a reason why he’s always in a championship-contending team

유오엘 졌는데 멋지다.. 그냥… 되게 열심히해서 멋져

UOL lost but they went down swinging. I respect that they really tried their hardest.

갭이 큰 싸움이었지만 UOL은 비메이저 강팀의 품격을 보여줬네

The gap is huge between these two teams but UOL showed the class of a minor region’s representative


젠지 이정도면 고의패배 수준인데.. 솔직히 솔랭에서 아군 서포터 스펠 저렇게 들고온다? 바로 미드 달림;

This is some kind of an intentional loss from GenG.. I see my support bring Ignite/Exhaust in solo q? Running it down mid right away

기대한 사람 없쥬?

No one expected anything right?

라이프 점멸 안들어서 피해본게 너무많다 무슨생각으로 저렇게 한건지 모르겠다 라칸 핵심이 점멸궁 이니시 아닌가?

There’s so much Life missed out because he didn’t take flash. I have no idea what he was thinking. Isn’t flash R engage the core of Rakan?

무난히하면 이길자신없었나?

Were they not confident they’d win if they played normally?

라칸 노점멸으로 할 수 있는 플레이가 뭐임?

What can Rakan do with no flash?

2주차 프나틱은 줜나쌘데 조심해야겠다 이제 진짜

Weak 2 Fnatic is even stronger we have to be careful now

라이프 지분 90이상이라고 봐도 무방한 판이다

It’s fair to say this game is 90% Life’s fault.

진짜 노플 오더한 새끼는 좀 맞아야돼 그새끼 혼자서 진거나 다를바가 없어 이건

Okay whoever told Life to go no flash deserves a beating. That piece of shit solo lost the game.


TSM이 북미 정복했다매 근데 3시드 리퀴드는 G2잡았는데 쟤들은 왜저래

You said TSM won LCS. Even their third seed TL beat G2. What are they doing?

TSM의 롤드컵은 과학이다

TSM at Worlds is science.

더블리프트는 플레이인 원딜들 보다 못하는듯

Doublelift is worse than Play-in AD’s.

아니 어케 1시드로왔냐고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 북미는 도대체 어떤곳이냐고

Okay but how are they first seed LOL what kind of a place is NA

팀 솔로미드 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ팀홀로미드다 ㄹㅇ

Team “Solo Mid” is right.

덮맆 수은 반응 작년 우지 반응속도랑 너무차이난다 역시 연세가…..

Doublelift’s QSS reaction and Uzi’s last year are so different. Can’t hide the age….

북미 시드권 회수하고 pcs쪽 주자 마치하고 psg가 그나마 더 봐줄만하다

Let’s take a seed away from NA and give it to PCS. Machi and PSG are more watchable than this.

다시는 북미 안 믿는다TSM 3등 찍은 내가 븅신이지

I’m never believing in NA again. I’m a fucking dumbass for putting TSM third.

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