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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 7

LeagueofLegends4 - Korea's reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 7

Hey everyone, a lot of flame today as expected. My favorite is the one about NA Worlds skin. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

Sources: http://m.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625


북미 = 3,2,1시드 순으로 강함 ㄹㅇ 북미꼴찌팀이 롤드컵 진출하면 전승우승 가능할듯

NA third seed > second > first. Last place team in NA can probably win Worlds without losing a single game.

브위포 왜케 호감이지

Why is Bwipo so likeable

lcs 리그 운영진은 용병제한 풀어라 그냥 노답이면 선수 수입이라도 해야지

LCS admins should just get rid of the import rule. If their region has no solution they should just import players.

바이오프로스트 저거 레오나 맞아? 플레이하는거보면 잔나인데 시발 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋ

Is Biofrost really playing Leona? He’s playing like a Janna

저게 북미1위임? 한화랑붙여보자

That’s NA’s first seed? Let’s put em against HLE


룰러는 폼 돌아왔네 중이염 거의다 나은듯.

Ruler’s form looks good. Looks like he’s recovering well.

이거 거의 승리당한느낌인데 막판에 LGD가 단체로 던져서 이긴것같은데?;

This feels like GenG was forced to win. They only won because LGD just threw at the end no?

젠지 왜케 겁나 못해보이냐?

Why does GenG look so bad?

비디디 아지르 원챔러임?

Is Bdd a Azir one trick?


이러고 내년에 우승덮립이하고 롤드컵에 또나와서 조별광탈하겟지?

And DL will go back home, win LCS, come back to worlds next year and get knocked out in groups again right?

비역슨 존나 아쉽다 특히 마지막에 울먹거리는 짤보고 동점심 생긴거같음

I feel bad for Bjergsen. Especially after seeing him tear up at the end I feel bad for him.

TSM이 5인 수면 맞추고 안들어간 이유 세계를 놀라게 하기 위해서

The reason why TSM didn’t go in on the 5 man sleep: to shock the world.

중간중간 TSM이 떠먹여줘서 다행이지 상대가 프나틱이었으면 졌음

We’re lucky TSM spoon fed us from time to time, if it was Fnatic GenG would’ve lost.

와 이번경기 TSM 스피카 미쳤더라

TSM Spica played really well this game. He’s crazy

비디디 폼 너무 처참하다 내가 알던 비디디가 아닌데

Bdd form is looking terrible. This isn’t the Bdd I know.

젠지는 승리당한 경기가 너무많은데 냉정하게 어제 PSG보다 못함

GenG is being forced to win too many games. To be blunt they’re playing worse than PSG yesterday.

경기력 너무 심하네 보는내가 수치스러움.. 이거 8강만 가도 목표달성인거 같은데

This is so bad I’m getting embarrassed just watching GenG play. Getting to Quarters is an achievement at this point.

공기팡 몇번함??이건 진짜 이겨도 이긴 경기가아님

How many times did Orianna airball R? This is not a win.

릴리아 5인수면 대처법: 팀이 TSM이면 가능하다!!

How to counter Lillia 5 man sleep: enemy team is TSM

진짜 릴리아 플 5수면으로 끝인줄 알았는데 그걸 멀뚱히 지켜보냐 TSM

I thought game was over when Lillia flash slept 5 people but TSM just watched them sleep.

북미는 북미네

NA is NA.

북미 애들은 ㄹㅇ 쪽팔릴 듯 우승 후보 없는 조에서 자국 서머 우승 팀이 전패 탈락

It must be so embarrassing for a team that won its domestic league to go winless in a group with no tournament favorites.



프나틱 개쩌네

Fnatic is crazy good

2라운드 프나틱 ㄷ ㄷ오늘 경기까지 현재 16승 1패….황나틱 ㄷ ㄷ 2라운드엔 무슨일이 벌어지는거냐

Week 2 Fnatic MonkaW. Including today’s match they’re 16-1 in second round robin. What happens to them in week 2 wtf

lgd 부담이 많은가봄 이거 한판에 떨어질 수 잇다고 생각하니깐 자기플레이 못하는거같음

LGD looks nervous because they feel pressured that this could be elimination match. They’re not playing their game.

오늘 프나틱 경기력 담원인데

Fnatic is playing like Damwon today


LCS 올해는 진짜 달랐네 ㄷㄷ 진짜 다르긴 하네

LCS really was different this year. This is different.

더블리프트는 늙은게 눈에보임. 어디 아무서버 그마원딜러 데려다가 써도 덮맆보다 반속좋음.

You can see that Doublelift is old. Some random GM AD from a random server has better reaction time.

어쩌면 tsm도 젠지과일수도 있지 매년 역대급이다, 올해는 진짜다 이 소리를 들으니까 성적 저 모양 나오는거고 이제는 북미 팬들이 포기해버리면 잘할수도 있지 않을까?

Maybe TSM is like GenG. Every year they’re told this roster is the one, and this year is the year, and they end up performing like that. You think they’d do better if NA fans just gave up on them?

고개를 들어라 tsm너희는 충분히 세계를 놀라게 했다

Keep your chin up TSM. You guys did shock the world.

그러나 우리는 저런 더블리프트를 내년에도 보게 될 것

All this but we’ll see that Doublelift again next year

어캐 1시드 먹었누ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

How are they first seed LOL

풀템 덮립vs 3코어 우지 왜 난 우지가 더 쌔보이냐…

Full build DL vs 3 item Uzi. I feel like Uzi would still win..

Lpl 6시드가도 북미는 우승한다

5, 6시드가 ig fpx네 ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LPL 6th seed can win LCS.

LPL’s 5th and 6th seed are iG and FPX LOL

북미 시드권이 ㅈㄴ아이러니한게.. 1시드가 젤못하고3시드가 젤잘하니까 시드권 줄이면 2,3시드만 나와야댐ㅋㅋㅋ

NA seeding is weird because first seed is always the worst and third seed plays the best so if we take a seed away we need to keep the first seed at home.

자꾸 북미 시드 줄여라같은 개소리가 나오는데 시드 줄이면 tsm만 나온다니까?

You idiots keep talking about taking a seed away from NA. Do you not know only TSM would make it?

북미 롤드컵스킨은 와일드카드 샤코

NA’s Worlds skin is Wildcard Shaco


룰러 돌아왔다!!

Ruler is back!!

옵져버 뭐해!!!!!!! 뭐하냐고!!!!!!!!

What is the observer doing? What are you doing!!!

프나틱 진짜똑똑하네1위로진출하면 8강에서 g2만나서 또대줄거같으니깐 아예 2위로진출하누;

Fnatic is really smart. They knew if they got first seed in groups they’re gonna gift a win to G2 so they just got second seed.

라스칼 룰러 오진다

Rascal Ruler are so good

젠지 하루종일 불안하다가 프나틱 전에서 제대로 된 경기력 보여주네

GenG looked shaky all day and finally showed up at the last game.

젠지는 대체 무슨팀이냐 까여야 잘하네

What kind of a team is GenG they only do well when we talk shit about them

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