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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 8 + Quarterfinals Draw

LeagueofLegends4 - Korea's reactions to Worlds 2020 Group Stage Day 8 + Quarterfinals Draw

Hey everyone, as you will see below it seems that someone sent LGD Peanut funeral flowers. Send him some kind words. See you next time.

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625


소드는 겅기보고 있을까?

Do you think Sword is watching the games?

제이스 dpm 1000 이,, 이게뭐노;;;

Jayce 1000 dpm… holy shit;;

북미 롤드컵우승vs인벤러 결혼하기 뭐가 더 빠름

What’s faster? NA winning Worlds vs people on Inven getting married?


너무 잔인하다

This is too brutal

유니콘 이렇게 두들겨 맞고 다음 drx임

The Unicorns take this much a beating and their next game is vs DRX

말박이들 불쌍

Poor horses

중국 무섭네 피넛한테 선물보낸다고 주소알아내서 장례식 화환보냇데 ㄷㄷ

China is scary. Apparently someone got the facility address from LGD saying they were going to send gifts to the team, and sent Peanut funeral flowers.

Sources: https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/177155055.html?weibo_id=4558808187414470 , https://twitter.com/gzeebee/status/1315181190551281664?s=20


근데 와일드터틀 피지컬 좀 좋더라 시즌 2부터 했다는데 저정도 피지컬이면 대단한듯

Okay but Wildturtle is kind of insane. Apparently he played from season 2 so it’s really cool that he still plays well.

매라 복귀한줄

I thought Madlife came out of retirement

이건 이그나 캐리다.

This is an Ignar carry.

북미 2시드 전투력이 이 정도면 북미 1시드 상대하는 lck팀들 긴장좀 해야할듯

If NA’s second seed is this good, the teams facing NA’s first seed are in trouble.

테스를 이긴 플퀘를 이긴 tsm을 6연패시킨C조ㄷㄷㄷㄷ 진짜헬이였네 ㄷㄷㄷ

Group C handed 6 losses to TSM who beat FlyQuest who beat TES. Must’ve been a hellish group.

북미의 시드권을 3장이나 주는 이유 1장만 주면 롤드컵 얘네만 옴

The reason why NA gets 3 seeds: if they only get 1, only TSM makes it.

????? 플퀘 머냐? 세상을 놀라게하기 일보직전

????? What is FlyQuest? They’re about to shock the world


릴리아오브 레전드

Lillia of Legends

솔랭식 밴픽 ㅋㅋㅋ

SoloQ draft LOL

옵저버 진짜 너무 심각한데

This observer is seriously bad.

6패0승은 TSM만 나왔으면 했는데

I kind of wished TSM were the only team to go 6-0.



쵸비가 플레이메이킹 되는 케릭 할수 밖에 없음 담원 같은 경우는 베릴이랑 너구리가 게임 플레이 메이킹 가능해서 쇼메가 칼챔을 하든 뭘하든 상관이 없는데 듀렉스는 쵸비가 플레이메이킹 안되는 케릭하면 그냥 게임 자체가 안굴러감

Chovy has to play a carry champ. Damwon has Beryl and Nuguri who can make plays so it doesn’t matter what Showmaker plays, but without Chovy playing a playmaking champ DRX can’t get a lead.

밴픽 + 서폿차이 임

Draft + Support diff

8강 가선 갈리오 안쓰겠지? 아니 쵸비 ㅅㅍ 갈리오도 라인전 밀어 넣는데 캐리챔 주면 얼마나 날라다니겠냐고

They won’t use Galio in Quarters right? Chovy’s winning lane on Galio imagine how good he would be on a carry champion.

진짜 엄청 잘하느구나 TES

TES is really good.

플퀘는 대체 어케이겼지 북미매직

How did FlyQuest beat these guys. NA magic.

근데 갈리오 왜한거지

But why did they pick Galio

바드 왜그래…뤼마오였음 진작 끝났다

What is this bard… if it was LvMao the game’s already over

쵸비가 존나 잘하긴한다 진짜

Chovy really is so good.

대체 저 밴픽은 뭐냐 뭘까 대체

What is this draft. Really, what is that?

Quarterfinals Draw

LCS NA 의 올해 롤드컵 성적3시드 TL 3승 3패2시드 플라이 퀘스트 3승 3패1시드 TSM 3패 3패

NA LCS’s performance this year: Third seed TL 3 wins 3 losses, Second seed FLY 3 wins 3 losses, First seed TSM 3 losses 3 losses.

1시드만 잡는 리그.. 중국 1시드팀 TES를 박살낸 플라이 퀘스트 유럽 1시드팀 G2를 참교육한 팀 리퀴드 북미 1시드팀에게 패배만 안겨준 TSM 대 황 북 미

A region that only beats first seeds… FlyQuest crushes LPL first seed TES, TL tears LEC first seed G2 a new one, and TSM hands nothing but losses to the LCS first seed. N A

나도 지금 PTSD옴 제발 지투좀 잡아줘라 젠지야…

I have PTSD from last year please beat G2 for us GenG…

올해 g2는 안무서움g2의 무서움은 유연한 챔프폭에서 나왔다고 생각하는데 올해는 그냥 경직되어있음 좀 더 잘하는 프나틱 느낌?

문제는 올해 젠지도 안무서워

This year’s G2 is less scary. Their scariness came from their wide champ pool but this year they seem colder. Like a better Fnatic?

The problem is this year’s GenG is also not scary.

젠지 G2전이 핵심이겠네 젠지가 지투만 잡으면 LCK 결승은 확정이라 좋은데 지투 이놈들 솔직히 무섭다

GenG vs G2 will be a key match. As long as GenG wins LCK goes to finals so I don’t care but I’m scared of G2 to be honest.

오늘부터 프나틱 응원한다

Starting today I cheer for Fnatic.

가을의 젠지 vs LCK 카운터 G2

Autumn’s GenG vs LCK counter G2

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