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Korea’s reactions to Worlds 2020 Semifinals Day 1

LeagueofLegends5 - Korea's reactions to Worlds 2020 Semifinals Day 1

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625

Game 2

G2를 너무 호구취급하고 피오라 뽑은듯1경기 압도적으로 이기고 상대를 너무 호구로 본건가 한타시대에 한타를 안하고 스플릿푸쉬로 풀어가겠다는건데…이게 돼?

The Fiora pick game 2 was too cocky. They dominated game 1 and I guess they thought G2 was easy to beat. Picking a split push champion in a teamfight meta… doesn’t work

또 카직스벨코즈 생각나네..

It reminds me of the Kha’zix Vel’koz picks…

피오라는 봉인하자..

Alright let’s seal Fiora..

마오라 스오라때랑 메타가다르다고…. 너구리야…………..

It’s a different meta than when MaRin and Smeb played Fiora….. Nuguri man………

레오나는 왤케 딴딴하냐?? 혼자 알리궁 패시브인 것 같음

Why is Leona so tanky?? Like her passive is Alistar R

Game 3

g2는 그래도 뭔가 아무것도안하고지는팀은 아님 뭐라도 시도하면서 역전각보려고함 그래서 좀 쫄림 ㅋ

G2 isn’t a team that just sits there and does nothing until they lose. They try things and look for a comeback so it’s always scary

G2도 잘하긴 진짜 잘하네 저 담원 상대로 저정도로나마 붙는거 자체가 대단해보인다

G2 is still very good. It’s amazing that they can put up that much of a fight vs that Damwon

룰루 삭제해라 그냥 아무리 못해도 걍 안죽으면서 향로성배가고 er만 써도 2인분이다

Just delete Lulu man. No matter how bad the player is as long as they build Athene’s Ardent and use E and R they’re doing 2 people’s worth.

사이온 받은 피해량 궁금하네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ라인전엔 내내 룰루한테 짤짤이 후드려맞고 한타때는 뭐 갖다박지도 못해보고 신드라애쉬한테 흥겹게 뚜드러맞고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m curious about Sion’s damage taken. He got beat up all lane by Lulu by a thousand tickles and got beat up in every teamfight by Syndra and Ashe LOL

3판 다 레오나 한 팀이 이김

In all 3 games the Leona’s team won


고스트는 진짜 보고도 못믿겠네 ㅋㅋ 신인도 아니고 나름 짬도 많이 찬 선수인데 저렇게 갑자기 전성기 찾아와서 미친듯이 활약하고 존나 잘해지는거 진짜 처음 봄

I still can’t believe Ghost right now. He’s not even a rookie and he’s played for a good while. I’ve never seen someone hit their prime late out of nowhere and play well like that

고스트도 애쉬 오지게잘하네 나도 애쉬 룰러,고스트급으로 해봣으면 좋겟다

Ghost is so good at Ashe. I wish I could play Ashe like Ruler and Ghost

이쯤되면 레오나가 사기챔같은데

Makes me think Leona is broken at this point

난 G2가 진짜 대단한게 웃음이 멈추지않는다는 점인듯… 이새끼들 지고 있어도 밴픽창에서 웃는거보고 좀 소름 돋음… 긴장감이란 걸 모르는 얘들 같아

What makes G2 is scary to me is that they never stop laughing. They could be losing and these motherfuckers would still be laughing in draft. They don’t even know what it’s like to be nervous

Game 4

아니 왤케 무력해졌냐 갑자기 g2

Why did G2 suddenly become so powerless

3셋에 멘탈 나가버렸나보다

I guess their mental was boom after game 3

g2 트위터 2주 압수

2 week timeout for G2’s Twitter account

캡스는 좀 아쉽긴 하겠다 여기까지 끌고온게 캡스인데 정작 오늘 경기에서 좋은 모습을 못보여줬으니

Caps must feel bad. It’s Caps who carried the team here and he couldn’t perform too well.

진짜 베릴은 마타의 재림이다 ㄹㅇ 오더 대부분 베릴이 한다들었는데 포지션 피지컬 판단 전성기마타 보는거같다

Beryl is Mata’s reincarnation. I heard he’s the shotcaller and his positioning, mechanics, and decisionmaking reminds me of Mata in his prime.

현 시간 부로 G2강점기 해방을 알림니다 lck 해방의 날을 맞이해 15:57에 묵념해주세요

Today marks the end of the G2 colonial period. To celebrate LCK’s independence day, please have a moment of silence at 15:57.

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