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Korea’s reactions to Worlds Group Stage Days 7,8 & Playoffs Draw

LeagueofLegends11 - Korea's reactions to Worlds Group Stage Days 7,8 & Playoffs Draw

Hello everyone, I'm late as hell but I've been busy as hell so excuse the lack of these posts. Seeing as the times for playoffs are roughly the same, it might take a while for me to get the reactions, but not this late hopefully. As for the reactions for days 5&6, the games didn't have a Korean team playing (especially because they don't consider GRF as one of their teams anymore, but if the demand is high enough I'll do em. Anyways, enjoy. Wow I'm writing this while I'm doing the post and this is a lot of fucking salt holy shit I need to go get some water after this one.

Sources: http://www.inven.co.kr/board/lol/4625 https://pgr21.com/free2/0

Reactions to Day 7&8

13 슼14 삼화15 당시 대거 한국인들이 중국 가서 롤드컵 못 나옴16 슼17 슼18 퍽즈19 슼나틱 아니 김치맨들 몇 번을 앞길을 막냐 ㅠ

13 SKt 14 SSW 15 all the Koreans that moved to China 16 SKT 17 SKT 18 Perkz 19 SKT/FNC. How many times are Kimchi-men gonna block Uzi's road

오래오래 보면 좋겠어요. 더블리프트도 아직 뛰는데…

I hope I see Uzi play for a long time. Doublelift is still playing…

페이커 개새끼야 널보고 이렇게 환하게 웃던 우지한테 어떻게 그럴수가 있어

Faker you piece of shit how can you do this to Uzi who was so happy to see you

근데 우지는 진짜 미치긴했네 몰빵을 해주긴한다고해도 그만큼 능력을 보여주니까 몰빵 계속 받는거지 Rng 얘들 우지메이킹민 한 5년한 팀이짆아

Uzi really is crazy good though. Even if he gets all the resources, he does enough so that it's worth. RNG has been Team Uzi for like 5 years

진짜 눈정화 오지게했다

I cleansed my eyes so hard from this SKT RNG game

근데 저 우지가 지금 아픈거지?

You're telling me that that Uzi is injured right?

우지는 lck 올일없지? 돈 뭔수로 맞춤?

There's no way Uzi comes to LCK right?
Where would we get the money?

클러치 이정도일줄은 진짜 상상도못했다 최소1승이나 후니로또터지면 2승은 할줄알았는데 ㅋㅋㅋ 리라는 걍 못하고 다몬테 얘는 닉값오지게 키아나빼고다못함진짜 코디선도 롤드컵급원딜들한테도 택도없고리퀴드랑 5꽉가고 선발전 기적같이 다뚫는거보고 기대했는데 올해 lcs는다시 리퀴드빼고 옛날로 돌아간게 맞는듯

I did not imagine CG would be this bad. I thought they'd at least win one or 2 from Huni popping off something. Lira is just so bad and Damonte can't play anything but Qiyana. Cody Sun doesn't compare to other Worlds ADC's and I expected much more from a team who took TL to full 5 games but this year's LCS went back in time with the exception of TL.

방금 슼처럼 이기는 상상함ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

CG must've imagined winning the game like SKT did

이거진짜 페이커가잘못했다

This is all Faker's fault. He cost them the game

후니 게이밍이네

Huni Gaming

안본눈 산다

I'm buying eyes that didn't watch that game (CG vs FNC)

근데 슼 진짜 너무하지않음?치킨을 9시에 이미 먹었는데, 새벽 두 시를 단두대매치로 장식시켜버리네.. 만두 굽고있다… 딱 기다려라ㅠ 살쪄 고만먹어..

Isn't SKT just the worst? I already ate chicken at 9 but they made the elimination match happen at 2am? You just wait SKT.. I'm cooking potstickers.
Stop eating you're gonna get fat

브위포 너무 호감아니냐 작년부터 표정메소드도 그렇고 사람 자체가 너무 인생 즐기면서 사는거같네

Isn't Bwipo just so likable with all the faces he makes since last year.. he looks like someone who really enjoys living his life

리신 유죄 땅땅땅 하…….롤드컵보면서 눈썩는거 보기 정말힘든데 위협용음파 ㄷㄷ

Alex's Lee Sin is guilty for this game. Ha……It's really hard to have your eyes rot from watching worlds but this..
It was a zoning Q

너구리 미친놈 수확의 낫 ㅋㅋㅋ

Nuguri this crazy bitch bought Cull LOL

담원상대로 상체밴하기vs카이사밴하기 뉴클리어가 카이사 빼면 다른 원딜픽은 거의 못쓰는 수준이라서…카이사벤이 더 나을듯


What do you ban vs Damwon? Top mid or Kaisa
Nuclear can't play anything but Kaisa so probably Kaisa ban

DWG Ning 캐리 오진다. 라인 찾아다니면서 다 풀어주네 탑 완전 개씹 망했는데 닝이 탑 풀어주면서 미드한테 킬 먹여서 미드도 같이 풀어주더니 바텀가서 바텀까지 풀어주네 닝 존나 잘한다 진짜

DWG Ning is hard carrying. He's every where relieving every lane. Top was totally over but Ning relieves top lane, gives mid lane kill while also relieving that lane, and goes to bottom to relieve that lane too. Ning is so good holy

교촌 메뉴추천좀

Taking fried chicken recommendations

북미 이정도면 거의 lms급인데

NA is almost LMS' level

LCS, LMS, VCS가 3대리그에게 이긴 경기는 단 세 경기 뿐입니다. 갭 이즈 클로징인줄 알았는데 역대급 갭

LCS, LMS, and VCS only won took 3 games from LEC, LCK and LPL. I thought gap was closing but bigger gap than ever.

르블랑 ㄹㅇ 개못한다 똥 그자체

Leblanc is so fucking bad. Literally poop

북미 시드권 몇장이야? 리그 수준이 저정도 실력이면 1장도 아깝다고 본다. lms부터 빼야지

How many seeds does NA have? If their entire league plays like that even 1 is too many.
LMS first

아니 르블랑 원래 저리하는거야? 페블랑보다가 눈썩

Is Leblanc normally like that? So used to watching Faker LB and lost my eyes after watching that

트 리 플 리 프 트 3-3으로 매번 조별탈락

T r i p l e l i f t Knocked out in groups every year with 3-3 score line

그놈의 은신 ㅅㅂ 좆같은 은신챔좀 어떻게 해주면 안되나 누군 벽하나도 못넘는데 저새긴 벽넘고 은신에 속박에 스턴에 없는게 없네

Stupid fucking invisibility. Can they please do something about invisible champs like some champs can't even go over a wall but that broken fucking champion has invisibility root and stun. Dumb fucking champ

덥립은 얼굴만 봐도 그냥 ㅅㅂ 친근하냐 잘됐으면 좋겠다 ㄹㅇ

Doublelift's face is so fucking friendly
I really hope he has success

중국vs북미인데 한국인이 4명이나있네 ㅋㅋ 혼종

It's China vs NA but there's 4 Koreans LOL Hybrids

Reactions to the Draw

G2: 담원만 안만나게 해주세요 담원: 응 우리야 G2: ㅅㅂ Cute남: 제발 스플 제발 스플 제발 스플 IG: ㅎㅇ Cute남: 내 돈 야발년아 슼: 어? 스플이네? 꺼 ㅡ 억 스플: … 프나틱: 펀플? ㅋ 쟤는 내가 이기제 펀블: 프나틱?ㅋ 쟤는 내가 이기제

G2: Please just not Damwon
DWG: Hi it me
G2: Fuck

Cho: Pls SPY pls SPY pls SPY
IG: Hello
Cho: My money you fuck
SKT: Huh? SPY? Burp
SPY: …
FNC: FPX? We beat those guys if anything
FPX: FNC? We beat those guys if anything

딴건모르겟고 캡스는 뚝배기개박살나겟네

All I know is Caps is probably gonna get clapped hard

그리핀 다전제 이겨본적 있음?

Has Griffin even won a best-of-series before?

근데 스플 진짜 차라리 잘된거 아님? 솔직히 꿀조 걸려서 조별 패스한 느낌 씨게 나는데 스크 만나서 지면 보기엔 할만큼 한거같잖음 ㅋㅋ 이른바명예로운죽음인것이지 어느팀을만나도질것같은데ㅋㅋ ㄹㅇ 4강갈수있었는데 하필 상대가 슼이네

I think it's actually good for Splyce that they got SKT. Honestly they only got through because of an easy group and even if they lose it's to SKT so on paper it looks like they did well. It's like an honorable death cuz they were gonna lose to any other team anyway. "We totally could've made semis but we met SKT that's all." kinda thing

플레임 개사기네 얼굴 개사기 ㅡㅡ;; 존잘이네 ㄹㅇ로…

Flame is so broken.. Face is overpowered ㅡㅡ;; so damn handsome wtf

난 북미팬들에게 존경심 표한다 ;; 매번 떨어지는거보면서 계속 응원하는게 ㄷㄷㄷ 우리나라 국대랑 비슷한듯

I have so much respect for NA fans. Every year they watch their teams get knocked out early but still cheer
I think it's kinda like us with our soccer team

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